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Satsang Meeting
with John David

Meet John David in Kiev

Thu 30th Sept & Fri 1st Oct at 7:30pm

You are warmly invited to Satsang with John David, spiritual teacher from England, author of books and films. He has been holding meetings and retreats since 20 years across Europe and in India.

His meetings are an opportunity to get answers to your most profound questions. Discover a new quality in your life!

With his inherent humor and passion, John David expresses timeless non-dual wisdom in a simple but deep form and brings you into the present moment. Being in the moment your mind becomes strong and clear. You feel nourished, your heart opens up, you can just enjoy the flow and celebrate life.

Чайний Клуб (Tea Club)

Бульвар Дружбы народов, 7, Киев


Contribution 200 UAH

Sangha Weekend

2 - 3 October

Spend two magic days in the presence of an awakened master, find answers to important questions. Enjoy communicating with like-minded people, the energy of inner silence, get acquainted with your true self! Sangha - a spiritual family.

The participants of the Sangha meet four times a year with the Master, and under his leadership they move to the knowledge of their true nature, liberation from conditionality and fear, to a genuine opening of the heart. The Sangha invites you to be Yourself!   

Open Sky Retreat Center


Fee 150 €  
Guest 100 €

Retreat Center "Open Sky"


Tripillya near Ukrainka / Kiev


More Information


 Arjuna  +38 (098) 087 84 43  



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