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The world, our actions and experiences change constantly, but at our core there is something that never changes
How many times have we tried to change our lives to become more happy or find more inner peace? But true happiness we never will find on the outside, as the key is within ourselves.

For this we need to go beyond our usual experience of ourselves as a man, a woman, mother, doctor or gardener. We need to go beyond happy or unhappy, successful, unsuccessful, angry or loved and find out who we really are.

In this retreat John David will guide you to a deep meeting with yourself beyond roles, thoughts and feelings. He will guide a journey into your heart and into your essence. This space will transform your life. You will find unconditional love and peace so that life can be enjoyed in every moment as it is, with nothing standing in between.

This 16 day retreat will be held in the Open Sky Villa in Denia, near Valencia in Spain. The location is a stunning old villa situated in a lush and spacious tropical paradise with palm trees and a huge swimming pool only a 3-minute walk to the Mediterranean.
We will have daily Satsang with John David. In the morning Yoga, Meditation and Mantra Singing with Live Music. The afternoon is free to relax and enjoy the palm tree garden, have a swim in the pool or in the Mediterranean. In the evening we come again together for Satsang, Meditation or Theatre.

The Retreat also includes:
Born to be Free – Birth Workshop with Mishka (4th - 6th September)
Experiencing your own birth, being able to look through the eyes of a new born child again. Find your own innocence, freshness, a gravity that is anchored somewhere else. The place we all come from and will return to.
    Through connecting yourself with this space again you can walk the path of your life with courage, vitality, authenticity and inner strength.

Authentic Theatre with Indira
An experimental space to follow your intuition, curiosity and innocence in a playful way. Out of your spontaneous liveliness and in contact with the other players, surprising and unique plays will arise.

Free Public Meeting
28 August, 8pm

Retreat Costs

  1.090€  whole retreat
     870€  Concession*/Sangha
     660€  Student
   590€  1 week
   220€  Birth weekend
   165€  1 weekend
It is possible to book only a weekend or a week of this retreat. Scholarships available. Private rooms available for extra cost by prebooking.
There are cheap flights to Valencia and Alicante. From there you can travel cheaply to the Open Sky Villa by public transport or rental car.
*Concession price is given to all people who have financial difficulties to pay the full amount.
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Open Sky Villa Denia

Carrer Lleó, 11, 03700 Dénia, Alicante

Contact Indira

Phone +49 2173 40 99 204
Mobile/Whatsapp  +49 178 289 08 14


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