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John David




Free Daily Satsang in Rishikesh, India

24 February ‑ 5 March 2020
11am - 1 pm and 5 - 7pm

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For twenty years John David has been dedicated to guiding hundreds of sincere seekers of Truth to Freedom. His clear message is not only in his words but also in his strong energy and presence and in his daily life. Through his example, he shows us that there is no 'spiritual life'. There is just life, and the whole focus is simply to be present for every moment.
In Satsang we come in contact with the silence in us. Out of this silence comes the experience of a deep sense of peace and bliss that just pours out from within. Without any special reason.
Satsang is experiencing that we are all uniquely connected to everything. There is no separation. We are one with the whole existence.
In the retreat John David and the group energy field support you to reconnect to your inherent joy, peace and love. If you let the mind go and sink deeper into the vast simplicity of your true being, a space opens and you are just there.

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