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October 21, 2016

Hey you.

Did you watch the last presidential debate? Out of 300+ million people, we have a system that ultimately produced a megalomaniac clown and a career criminal as our presidential candidates. 

Pure comedy.

Sometimes I wonder if Mike Judge's Idiocracy was a movie or a documentary.

But, I digress...

Back to 3D Printing..

In this week's edition of the digest, we will be covering:

1.) A young girl helping to bring low cost prosthetics to the masses
2.) A prototype for a "factory in a box"
3.) The release of the new Ultimaker 3
4.) An Interesting product called the ColorPod
5.) How to use 3D Printing if you are an educator
6.) The smartphone 3D Printer 
7.) ...some fun DIY projects

That's about it.

Hope you are doing well!

Presuming I don't get hit by a school bus, I will see you next week. 



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[NEWS] - Girl who lost arms to crippling meningitis helps develop prosthetic limbs

Oliver Mline -

Last week, we mentioned Open Bionics - a company developing cheap bionic prosthetic limbs with the aid of 3D Printing.

This is a story of a young girl (Tilly) who is helping with the process of developing these prosthetic limbs so that they are effective and comfortable for others like her.

Quite cool. :)

[DIY] - Maker Starter Kit


During Maker Faire Rome, a company offered something they call the "Maker Starter Kit". It's a container that has a giant 12m 3D Printer. The goal is for someone to be able to create a small self producing village with just the contents of the starter kit. Which means, you could theoretically 3D Print a small enclosure for housing and other necessities.

A bunch of inventors even 3D Printed a house for less than $100: -- it ain't pretty, but should still have great applications for charities.

[NEWS] - Ultimaker 3 Released

Ultimaker -

The much anticipated Ultimaker 3 was released this week. The website itself is a bit slow, but the printer looks pretty damn sexy. It goes for about $3300.

[PRODUCT] - ColorPod

Color Pod -

I don't fully understand what this is all about, but it looks like an add on modification that converts your existing 3D Printer into a powder based printer. Allegedly, it also allows you to print edible stuff X_x

[EDUCATION] - How to use 3D Printing as a Teaching Tool

Formlabs -

If you are an educator, this is for you. A lot of folks ask me how they could incorporate 3D Printing into their lesson plans. This is a good guide that will help you get on the right track. Also relevant if you are a parent wanting to teach your child about 3D Printing.

[PRODUCT] - ONO: The Smartphone Based 3D Printer

ono3d -

Sleek looking product. Not sure about the efficacy, but it's definitely well designed. Essentially, you are able to 3D Print stuff directly from your smartphone. This product has not yet been released though. 
If you aren't in the loop, these guys ran a very successful Kickstarter a while back:

[DIY] - UV Retractable Sunglasses

Andre -

A fun DIY Project.

This redditor built a arduino powered UV Triggered retractable set of sunglasses with the help of 3D Printing.

In short: Based on sunlight the sunglasses either retract or not.

[DIY] - A walking robotic table

Josh Mings -

This is for the advanced DIY'er. It's a robotic, walking table that maintains stability. This means that you could theoretically put a full wine glass on top of it while it's moving without the risk of a spill. 3D Printing the parts is probably the easiest part of the entire project.

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