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July 01, 2016

Happy Friday!
This week I've dabbled in a bunch and given you some great articles from all the areas of making. 3D printing food, Radio Shack is back, and a really interesting video about China's Maker Scene from Wired Magazine. Enjoy and as always, happy making!

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Thanks again and have a great 4th of July Week!

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How do you setup your FabLab?

Quentin Chevrier - Makery

How do you set up a new makerspace or fablab? This is a great article with a lot of thoughts. From setting it up in 7 days and $5000 to taking your time and ordering just the right equipment, this article will give you a lot to chew on.

3D printed food: a growing market

Danielle - FabLabConnect

3D Printed food? Yep it's out there and with increasingly cheaper 3D printers it has a growing market too.

Nation of Makers -Intiatives

The White House

Last week I shared a link on the Nation of Makers initiative. Here is the full .pdf as many have requested. Ask and you shall receive ;) Keep those Qs coming!

A Radio Shack Remake

Lou Frenzel -

Though Radio Shack went belly up? Think again. With the upswing of DIY, Making, and Drones, Radio Shack is trying to make a second go in the hobby Maker industry.

Video: China and the Maker Movement

Wired Magazine

Sit down with your weekend Cup-o-Joe and watch part2 of the Maker Movement in China. Very interesting thoughts. Can a maker movement happen in China where people make as a job and not a hobby? Watch, Learn, enjoy!

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