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May 06, 2016

In the most recent episode of the Reboot podcast entrepreneur Mary Lemmer shares her story of seemingly everything working against her over the last 18 months – her body giving in, her relationship ending, her business coming apart, and losing her Dad’s approval. These are physically and emotionally painful experiences, and yet what if they are exactly what she needs?  What if she was only waiting for this moment to arise?

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METRO Accelerator kicks off second round together with Techstars

METRO Accelerator, powered by Techstars, is commencing the application process for its second program for startups, whose digital services and companies could give a direct boost to the commercial success of restaurants, hotels and catering businesses. From now until June 20, interested startups from all over the world can submit an application for the program on

Silicon Valley Has a Vulnerability Problem

This is what authentic leadership looks like. 

Open Up, Close More Deals

This is a great week for authentic leadership articles. In this post Heidi Isern shares on how a vulnerable blog about her personal life has created deeper, more human AND more successful professional partnerships. 

Why the Butterfly Died: The Hazards of Wrong Help

“Sometimes our attempts to help another person can actually do more damage than good.”

My wife is a founder. Here’s how she has helped me become a better investor.

"My biggest learning in all of this is the impact of listening and supporting over fixing and controlling. That’s what entrepreneurs need more than anything."

Lead, Follow or Get the Fuck Out of the Way

No one has ever accused Mark Suster of being too warm and fuzzy and this piece is no exception. But there is a lot of practical advice here for every leaders, followers and everyone in between. 

Infinite Presence

A refreshing meditation on time and presence from Umair Haque. 

This Minor Work Habit Is Burning You Out For No Good Reason

Have you ever had a conversation with your team around your expectations around email? Many leaders take evening, late-night,  and early morning hours alone to catch up on their inboxes, but this can create a cycle of burnout for employers if you have not communicated that you do not expect them to respond. 

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