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15% Off UFO & Celestial Jewelry

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Our 'Interplanetary Games' are about to begin!  Hitch a ride on a Flying Saucer, make friends with an Alien or get high along side our Flying Toaster. Even Godzilla, the King of the Monsters is positioned to face off with Zombies and Cyclops. Our Celestial collection shines with temptations. Embrace the endless possibilities of our universe and beyond.

Choose your Magic...

Raven Skull Treasure Pendant

Alisha's new Raven Skull Pendant is now available both with and without gemstones. The substantial  piece is 1.5" long with a tribal design carved onto the birds skull. Take a peek at the first three available with opal treasures.  Each Raven Skull Treasure Pendant will be unique. Ravens are mischievous and intelligent birds that love to feather their nests with treasure. Complex and diverse symbolism and mythology surround the Raven throughout history and culture. 

In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

Cosmic and Spiral Galaxy Jewelry 

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Swirling into the Marty Magic universe are two new Spiral Galaxy designs and Cosmos Ring. All have allowed me to think in the abstract and create wearable sculptures without the confines of replicating nature. Fire, water and wind are the elements at play in Cosmos, a sculptural tempest of a ring. My Spiral Galaxy designs are boldly geometric. These designs were inspired by the pen and ink drawings from my mothers epic doomsday poem, Cataclysmania. Here are just a few lines from her poem. "A few folks prophesy a flood, in place of slowly creeping mud; or else an earthquake; others fear a hostile Mars invasion here."

Take a Walk on the Wild Side...

Jungle Jewels

I'm excited to present my new Jungle Jewel Collection! One of my favorite habitats is the rainforest and the misunderstood and exotic creatures and plants that live there. Pictured here are my original green wax carvings of the iconic tropical Monstera Leaf along with several tiny jeweled accent charms. The various designs will be available in sterling silver by the end of July.  Pre-orders are available for sterling silver only.  In September, the tiny accent jewel charms will also be available in 14K gold. 

A New One of a Kind ...

Pictured here is the original green wax carving for my new one of a kind 'Fire and Ice' Dragon Pendant. This is the first time that I have combined both a Mexican Fire Opal with an Australian Crystal Opal. I love the contrast between warm and cool colors of these intoxicating opals. 

The unusual shape of 'Fuego,' a 6.5 ct. Mexican Fire Opal with two lobes of fiery iridescence is in striking contrast to the intense and varied blues of 'Bermuda,' a triangular slice of Australian Crystal Boulder Opal.  The dragon's tail slips nicely between the two lobes of 'Fuego' and secures 'Bermuda' without covering any of its deep ocean magic. This One of a Kind Dragon will be cast in 18K gold and available for adoption by the end of July.  A pre-order is welcome.

King of the Monsters...


This classic fire breathing lizard is inspired by the infamous Godzilla. The detailed and three dimensional pendant stands 1" high. Godzilla loves to destroy tall buildings with a flip of his monstrous tail or with a blast of his fiery breath. Good thing that in this Summer's blockbuster, Godzilla is on our side! 

Temptation awaits...

2019 Show Schedule

Our first show is the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival on Washington and Murphy Avenue, Sunnyvale, California.  Or come walk the plank with us Father's Day Weekend at the Vallejo Pirate Festival.  Click here to see all of our upcoming festivals. We hope to see you at one of these upcoming shows!

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