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A word from the President :

It has now been one year that we are in a new period every week, and often every day. All over the world, people understand better what a new period means.

It means the necessity to be prepared as far as it’s possible to be, and the capacity to understand what happened, without forgetting why it did.

In these rare times, our European Network is in a deep renewal process. It was a need, it became an emergency. We have adopted new statutes, national networks are now ready to join us, and we got foudings from the European Commission to do what we decided to do.

From where, according to wich knowledge, do we have to treat this situation as an emergency ?

I may have an answer, a first one, but we need to give our answer together.

We have to develop national and local networks, we have to expose from which knowledge we speak from an emergency, and that means the involvment of all our territories, of Universities, and of researchers also.
I want here to thank  Luis Mesquita for the opportunity he gave to our associaion to be involved in the S2CENE. The first period of the project has started, pushed by Vania Bozhilova from St Klement University of Sofia, with the help of Petra Katana. Congratuations to them! I also thank prof. Eric Brunat from USMB for representing the European Assciation in these very efficient think tanks.

When I say that we are now concerned by an emergency, « we » means first our young people, so called NEETS, who are between 7 and 8 millions in the EU, and they will be much more in the next months. Then, it means the political authorities, because they have to anticipate, and will have to decide. And finally it means us, the organised civil society, able to build answers in time.

Let’s be together, let's build this "we". Let’s gather the strengths of our territories, of our spaces.


We will work on a new project that will need you to get your cameras ready !

It will take the format of a 3-in-1 video featuring :
  • A testimony of a youngster who succeeded in your school, showing their path, how they overcame difficulties, how it’s going for them now, etc.
  • A « city tour » led by a current trainee taking us to visit their town, what’s interesting about it, what places they like, what is a must see...
  • A « good practices tips » video made by a teacher who will also show how the SCS mobilizes the local stakeholders (companies, associations, etc.).
Of course, we can adapt, taking into account the current state and record videos from home. Don't hesitate to be creative !
Interview with a S2CENE researcher 

We wanted to dive a little bit in the S2CENE project, which will be the main point of interest for us for this year but also for the 3 years to come. This ambitious project is mainly run by 3 countries, Bulgary, Croatia and Portugal, and is represented by Vania Bozhilova, Petra Katana and Luis Mesquita, who we thank for being the S2CENE kickstarters. It consists in developping the SCS in theses countries.

Today, we invited Eric Brunat to talk about his role in this project.

M. Brunat is a French prof. of economics at Université Savoie Mont-Blanc, specialist of regional economics and regional governance; he's also deeply engaged in the world of Second Chance Schools, as a member of the Board and the Steering Committee of the SCS Savoie, and as a member of E2C Europe as well.

Regarding the S2CENE project, he joined the Work Package 1 as a member of the Scientific Committee. While this is only the premises of the project, his mission is to contribute to build a literature review about SCS in Europe -with a focus on the French network of SCS and to supervise some key interviews with historic figures of the Second Chance devices such as Madam Edith Cresson i.g. on one hand, and with field operators of SCS in the several EU countries targeted by S2CENE on the other hand. He will also contribute on the political and institutional cooperation between the actors of socio-economic development at the local level.

He will be a scientific bridge between the French and European networks and will provide resources for the Second Chance Schools to come.

We need you !

We will need to get new fundings soon if we want our association to grow. In order to do that, we need to appear as a strong and united SCS training system. Thus, we worked on a small Google Form to help you giving us some data about your own school.
Please click on the link below and fill the survey !
European Second Chance Schools Data
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