Follow-up recordings and slides for the 2015 CSS Summit.
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Now that the CSS Summit has come and gone, we want to make sure you have all the follow up information you need!

And please drop us a line at if you have other questions.

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Let Us Know How We Did

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to fill out our feedback survey for the 2015 CSS Summit. Your opinions help us make our events better.

This is also your chance to let us know what topics and speakers you'd like to see in the future. We love a challenge and we look forward to bringing you great content you can really use! 

For Your Reference: Slides and Recordings 

To watch the recordings listed below, you will need to enter the email and password combo you used on the during the Summit—you may have to refer back to your invitation email. If you were a meeting room attendee, contact your meeting room coordinator for login and password Information.

If you purchased only the recordings and did not attend the live event, you will need to use your email address (the one at which you are reading this message) as the login name, but click the "forgot your password?" option and choose a password you will remember from now on. Once you have that squared away, you should be able to click on the recording links below to watch the recordings.

photo: watching the Summit on a laptopDay One:

  • Designing with Progressive Enhancement presented by Jason Garber
  • SVG for Everyday Use presented by Wendee Fiorillo
  • HTML Tables to SVG Pie Charts by Chris Scott
  • Creating SVG Polygons by Dennis Gaebel
  • Fun with the Animation API by Dan Wilson
  • SVG Sprites for Animation by Sarah Drasner
  • Content-out Layout with Flexbox with Chris Sauve
  • Interactive CSS in Email with Mark Robbins

Day Two:

  • The Next Steps in RWD presented by Justin Avery
  • Gulping Your Broccoli presented by Alex Jegtnes
  • Naming Things by Ethan Muller
  • Writing Modular CSS with Sass by Guil Hernandez
  • Sass Map Magic by Eric Suzanne
  • Designing Web Systems (Not Pages) by Sam Richard
  • The (Far) Future of CSS with Tab Atkins
    • Slides (HTML, best viewed in the most recent version of Chrome)
    • Recording (Adobe Connect)

Day Three:

  • Sass for Fun presented by Una Kravets
  • CSS & Sass Color presented by Clarissa Peterson
  • CSS Workflows from the Ground Up by Jonathan Snook
  • Styleguide-Driven Development by Chris Coleman
  • Making Template Site Systems by Jess Lissy
  • A Designers Guide to Angular JS by Kevin Lamping
  • Using Angular JS for Data Visualizations with Nick Moreton

That should be just about everything. Please let us know if you have trouble accessing any of the recordings or if you need help resetting your password. Enjoy!


photo: a T-shirt that reads "You are the CSS to my HTML"Special Thanks

Special thanks to Mijingo, and O'Reilly Media for our door prizes. It means so much to share these great resources with our attendees!

And thanks again to all of you for your thoughtful participation during the conference and onward. We hope to see you at future E4H events! And as always, send your questions to

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Although the conference itself is over, social media can help us maintain the connections we made at the Summit! Let’s keep the conversation going on Twitter & Facebook. You can also find us on LinkedInflickr, and Lanyrd, too.


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