The Art of Wolf
Conservation and Recovery
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Wildlife Ambassadors and Artists:
“Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to 
understand art more and more.”
  - Vincent Van Gogh
What better way to represent nature than through an expression of art? Experiencing nature and all its beauties and complexities through our own eyes, our own lens, if you will, is a powerful tool. When we’re unable to experience nature but can be a part of it through the lens of another, an artist for example, it helps create a meaningful connection for us.

Building connections with the gray wolf pack families in the Pacific West states of Washington, Oregon and California is the focus of the Pacific Wolf Family project. As part of the Pacific Wolf Family project, we held a student (Kindergarten through High School) art contest from July 21 – August 21 to collect artwork from young wildlife ambassadors and artists. The submissions we received are spectacular! We are incredibly grateful to these students who participated and committed their hard work, time, energy and passion into creating these exceptional pieces.
Join us in celebrating and honoring these amazing works of art by taking a look at the student entries below. Enjoy!


Camouflaged Wolf by Linus B. (3rd grade)

Water in Journey's Eyes by Genevieve L. (5th grade)

Wolf of Mount Shasta by Genevieve L. (5th grade)

The Pack by Kaitlin M. (8th grade)

Wolf Roar by Cassia B. (8th grade)


Meet the Pacific Wolf Family
Have you had a chance to explore this new resource, the Pacific Wolf Family? Be sure to check it out! You'll find all sorts of information and details about the gray wolf pack families in the Pacific West, and stay tuned for a wolf video to accompany this project, coming soon!

Another wolf pack anniversary to remember: On August 20, 2015, the state of California confirmed the first gray wolf pack in nearly a century. Say hello to the Shasta pack! Learn more about the gray wolf packs of Washington and Oregon by visiting the Pacific Wolf Family, a project of the Pacific Wolf Coalition.
Critters on Camera: Trail Cameras Show New Wolves in Oregon

In mid-July, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service confirmed OR-3 and OR-28 have paired up and produced at least one pup this year. They’ve been dubbed the Silver Lake wolves. Trail camera footage also confirms 2 new pups in the Rogue pack of SW Oregon. Check out the photos:
OR-3 and Silver Lake wolves, July 2016 (Photo: ODFW)
Rogue pack pups 2016, SW Oregon, July 2016 (photo: ODFW)

Here’s the statement from ODFW:
Updates and Announcements:
The Pacific Wolf Coalition is comprised of over 25 member organizations throughout Washington, Oregon and California. There are times when our views and strategies differ between organizations, and we continue to collaborate together to ensure wolves’ long term recovery in their home territories. Here are some updates and announcements from this past month:

In Washington:
The state’s determination to lethally remove wolves from the Profanity Peak wolf pack resulted in a range of views and responses:
In Oregon:
Two public events were held in the last week and a half:

'Howling Mad' was a forum on wolves, politics and restoring Oregon’s environmental leadership. One forum was held in Eugene at the University of Oregon (on 8/16) and the second was held in Portland at Portland State University (on 8/24).

Groups involved included: Oregon Wild, Cascadia Wildlands, Oregon Chapter Sierra Club, the Endangered Species Coalition, Predator Defense, University of Oregon’s Natural Resources Law Center and Portland State University. Check out an overview of the event:
 You can also visit Oregon Wild’s Events page for more information as well:

Stay tuned for more developments and more news updates regarding wolves in the Pacific West. Don't hesitate to get involved and learn how to be an ambassador for wolves by visiting our Action Toolkit online.

As always, we are grateful for your interest in wolf recovery and your commitment and dedication to this cause. Be sure to visit us on Facebook and via our website: 
For the wolves,
Coordinator, Pacific Wolf Coalition
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