Happy Summer!
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[Photo: California Wolf Center]
Hello Everyone,

Summer is here! Warm weather is upon us, vacations are being planned and wolf pups are venturing out of their dens. For many of us, summer is the season to recharge and 'hit the re-start button,' as a friend of mine calls it.To kick off the season, here's a message from our friends at the Endangered Species Coalition


Some in Congress have made it a top priority to weaken the Endangered Species Act this legislative session. The latest cynical attempt to strip endangered and threatened species of protections is the Energy Bill. Both the House and the Senate have passed differing versions of this legislation. The House version contains a mountain of proposals that would put wildlife in peril, in particular.

Tell your senators to oppose efforts to "conference" the Senate's bill with the House's version of the Energy Bill.

Included in the House of Representatives passed bill are measures that would make efforts to crack down on the illegal ivory trade more difficult and push elephants closer to extinction, language that opens up millions of acres of protected habitat to wolf and bear hunting and trapping, and an attempt to kick wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming off of the endangered species list. Congress is once again attempting to usurp the expressed will of scientists and the courts by turning wolves over to states intent on hunting and trapping them. If senators agree to "conference" the bills (meet to combine the two, different bills together), it is highly likely that some of the House's outrageous proposals would be in the final legislation. 

The Senate must hold strong and refuse to conference the Senate and the House Energy Bills.

The stakes could hardly be higher. Wolves, elephants, and millions of other species on federal lands could suffer and the Endangered Species Act will be further weakened by allowing legislators to play scientist and determine which species deserve protection. Please tell your senators you expect them to refuse to conference the Senate and House Energy Bills and TAKE ACTION!

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places!

[Photo: California Wolf Center]
This month, we'd like to highlight the work of the California Wolf Center, another member organization of the Pacific Wolf Coalition:

Established in 1977, the California Wolf Center is dedicated to the recovery of wolves in the wildlands they once roamed. We envision a landscape where wolves thrive in healthy ecosystems and wolves and people successfully coexist. Our conservation center is located in San Diego County, where we host several packs of critically endangered Mexican gray wolves who all have the potential to be released into the wild. Journey’s landmark step into California in 2011 sparked the establishment of our Northern California Chapter, making us a statewide organization. We currently have two committed staff members leading the recovery of wolves in our state and we are a founding member of the Pacific Wolf Coalition!
Our vision of successful coexistence led us to create the California Wolf Fund with the sole purpose of providing education on the use of and implementation of nonlethal, proactive solutions to wolf-livestock conflicts in Northern California. Our philosophy is “We don't want to see livestock die because of wolves and we don't want wolves to die because of livestock. Our shared love of animals and our shared value of open space promote collaboration between our organization and the American ranching community.”
Last April we hosted six ground-breaking coexistence workshops to ranchers throughout Northern California's wolf country. We were honored to work with renowned wolf biologist, Carter Niemeyer, leading wolf-livestock coexistence expert, Timmothy Kaminski, and long-time rancher who has successfully learned to live with wolves, Joe Engelhart. These progressive workshops focused on implementing Range Riding, the best option for successful coexistence between wolves and livestock. As wolves are inherently shy of humans, providing a human presence through Range Riders deters wild wolves from approaching the area and they can move cattle if needed.
Recently, we offered Northern California ranchers the opportunity to participate in Range Rider training held in Montana.
 We received a heartwarming thank you from one of the ranchers who participated: “I wanted to take the time to personally thank the California Wolf Center and their supporters for opening the door of communication and giving the local community that will potentially be living with wolves a chance to be heard and tools to live with them during their recovery.” With this training under our belt, we are confident that the inaugural California Range Rider program will be launching very soon. It is perfect timing as any breeding wolves in the Golden State will currently be denning - a critical time to prevent interaction with livestock. [Christina Souto, California Wolf Center]
Potential evidence of at least one additional wild wolf in northern California
June 23, 2016:
Another apparent wolf sighting in California brings delight, fear
[San Francisco Chronicle]

June 22, 2016:
Wolf News: Potential evidence of at least one additional wild wolf in northern California
[CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife]

Press Release: State Evidence Suggests New Wolf May Be in California's Lassen County
[Center for Biological Diversity]


As always, we’d like to express our continued gratitude to you for your interest in wolf recovery and your commitment and dedication to this cause. Be sure to visit us on Facebook and via our website: Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter and action alert.
Kind regards,
Coordinator, Pacific Wolf Coalition
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