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Recent Development Activity

Some words by DokuWiki developer Adrian Lang:

For the ICKE 2.0 project, I recently worked on the email subscription feature. DokuWiki already had a subscription feature, but it was very basic and barely usable: For every single edit on a subscribed page or namespace, an email was sent. This could easily result in mail flooding and thus reduce attentiveness, interrupt people, and even obfuscate changes.

The necessity for less obtrusive email notifications was obvious. For this purpose, two additional subscription styles were introduced: digests and lists of changes. Both types of mails are not sent immediately after a page edit, but aggregate changes for a fixed time before notifying. Digest emails are sent for every single page that has been changed. They summarize changes since the last digest email was sent. List emails are only valid for namespaces. They list pages in the subscribed namespace which were changed since the last email was sent.

The new subscription feature available in the current devel version additionally provides a management interface for subscriptions and plugin events for other subscription means.

Meet With Other DokuWiki Users

Meeting in real life is both important for building a community and FUN! It doesn't have to be a big conference or a BarCamp event, an informal get together of DokuWiki users is all it takes. Did you know that a lot of registered users of the DokuWiki forum can be seen on the world map? Visit and see if there are any users in your neighborhood.

world map showing DokuWiki users

Then follow these easy three steps
  1. Announce the date of event in the user meeting forum about two weeks in advance and maybe contact a few people through the forum's PM system.
  2. Check out a nice place to be in, coffee and wireless is a plus. Could be at your company, university or a quiet café. Add this information to your forum thread ;-)
  3. Greet your fellow DokuWiki users (and developers with at little bit of luck) and share your experiences with DokuWiki.
"DokuWiki get together in Strasbourg" is a good example of how easy it can be.

Export Special - Part 2

Continuing from previous newsletter, here is the last part of the Export special.

DokuWiki is designed for easy collaboration around on-line documentation. Wikis are ideal for maintaining up to date information about products, organisations or just anything. However there might be occasions where you want to export a snapshot of all or part of the current wiki. Here are some more methods:

Scenario 3. Wiki namespace as static HTML

Use the siteexport plugin for making an off-line copy of all or part of your wiki. When installed, it's just to login as manager, then go to the admin menu and click "Site export". When generation finished you will get a download link. Besides being able to restrict export to a namespace the plugin supports using a different DokuWiki template for the exported site.

Be aware that exporting your web site may have security side effects. The static HTML will not have any access control logic and is generated from an admin account. With this in mind siteexport's limitation that it can only export pages without login may not be an issue. Restricted pages are not supported.

Another feature of the siteexport plugin is the ability to generate Eclipse Help/JavaHelp Output. But if you rather have your wiki transferred to HtmlHelp, check out the Delphi tool DokuWiki2HtmlHelp.exe.

Scenario 4. Live wiki page export to another site

Inclusion of a wiki page into another web site is possible with the help of the do=export_xhtmlbody action. It will return your page rendered without any <head>/<body> tags or the table of contents, just the content. This is one of the default export actions available.

Scenario 5. Wiki book

A wiki is not the tool you should use to write a lengthy novel. Take some time to think about the power of wiki's non-linear documentation versus a classic book with chapters. But there are cases where a wiki would be of use, to facilitate this demand there are at least three ways with different pro and cons.

First you can use odt plugin, easy to install and makes post-wiki adjustments possible in for example OpenOffice before publishing or PDF-generation. It also able to integrate your content into OpenOffice templates. The drawbacks are that your syntax plugins must support the ODT renderer, many but not all do. And to compile more than one page you must use the include plugin. Unfortunately pagebreak plugin does not support ODT.

Secondly there is the dokutexit plugin which is trickier to install due to the LaTeX dependencies, actually heartbreaking in Windows. The plugin generates LaTeX and PDF files from DokuWiki format with an interesting recursion option, making appendixes of internal linked pages. This alternative has the same drawback as above, your syntax plugins must support the LaTex renderer. You can try it out before installing on the authors homepage.

At last we should mention the HTMLDOC mod based on an Open Source HTML to PDF converter called HTMLDOC. This is not a plugin, you have to modify the DokuWiki core to interface HTMLDOC. Another installation issue might be building the HTMLDOC binary if you are not willing to pay for it. There are several mods suggested but most interesting is the htmldoc recursive variant, this means that any internal links will be followed and converted to PDF too.

DokuWiki on Social Networks

The newsletter isn't the only way to stay up to date on what's happening in the DokuWiki community. DokuWiki is also present on various social networks like Facebook or Twitter, where you can learn about the new links, plugins or other developments in real time. We have an "official" Social Network Team and your participation and help is always welcome. For example you could write an review and vote for DokuWiki at ohloh.

Faster Than Fast
DokuWiki user Daniel Wessel, was kind enough to share his thoughts on how to get more done with DokuWiki. Some time ago he introduced Ferret, which displays DokuWiki in a browser frame with an additional tool frame to manage page creation, tag setting, logbook diary and much more. 
screenshot of Ferret

Japanese DokuWiki UG
Are you looking for information about DokuWiki in Japanese? A substantial part of the DokuWiki documentation has been translated into Japanese and now there are also both a forum and the Japanese DokuWiki User Group.

Plugin Download Button
A new system making it easier to find the plugins bug trackers, source code, download link and a donate button has been launched. Plugin authors are encouraged to update their plugin pages. For an live example see the wikicalendar plugin.
here is how the buttons looks like

Feedback Wanted
Are we doing great or are you missing anything? What topics should we cover in future newsletters? Did you like the Export Special? Please post your feedback in the Newsletter feedback forum.
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