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albert bestard
landscape architects
Tree avenue
We have worked with FORGAS Arquitectes in the project to renovate the 'Avinguda d'Espanya' at Parets del Vallès, near Barcelona.

Fotomuntatge FORGAS arquitectes
It's a project where the existing trees are key to define the new section of the street: we have studied each tree according to its suitability.

Many will be removed and changed for other species that fit in the available space, in an exercise of modern, applied arboriculture.

Biel Llabrés
Meet Biel Llabrés, the new student in practice in the office. He's untdertaking the Masters Course in Landscape Arqchitecture in Barcelona, and during his stay he will be actively involved in developing design projects in the office.


Tree pruning and irrigation network courses in Badalona

Badalona City Council has asked us to organise two courses for their landscape division. Last year it was on tree pruning and this year it's about irrigation systems in public areas. 

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Music started...

We've had a spring full of projects and now the time arrives when all those hours of drawing and designing start to make sense.

It's time to build.

In Badalona, a square
Surrounded by green dunes

Planta peris+toral.arq

We have assisted the office peris+toral.arq  to develop the project for a pedestrian square in Badalona (next to Barcelona).

The new space builds an isolated island of greenery in the middle of three busy roads with the creation of green dunes, full of vegetation.


Also in Roses
The Square of Empordà gets green

Fotomuntatge exe.arquitectura

Just after the previous project, this time teaming up with EXE Arquitectura, we turned this car crossroads in Roses -that's the name of the town, not the flower- into a public urban space able to support social life.

The proposed paving is permeable and will support planting in its gaps.


Second phase at D38
Renovation of its square 
The central square of the busines park D38 needs some renovation: the vegetacion in the surrounding rooftop banks does not provide the desired effect and the square itself -unlike the buildings in the complex- lacks character.
We are renovating the banks, adding soil depth and improving drainage and irrigation, using a drip system. As for the square, a pergola and planters will be installed to create a welcoming place.

And we are adding plenty of vegetation!

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