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My Next Two HCG Books
Are Available On Amazon!

After six long months of writing... :)

Hi guys, exciting news! After burying my head for half a year writing the second and third book in my "HCG Holistic Series", they are finally finished! As of today they are live on Amazon. Yay!

As I promised, YOU are the first to know! :)

I decided to release both my 2nd and 3rd books at once, since I was writing them simultaneously. Here's what they are about...

BOOK 2: "Emotional Essentials!" 

      Advanced Preparation To Guarantee Yourself HCG Diet Success 

"Emotional Essentials!teaches you how resolve all your underlying emotional issues with food and body weight. So when go on HCG, you will liberate ALL your fat and keep it off for good!

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Deal with the stresses of life without resorting to emotional eating.
  • Understand the nature of emotions & deal with them more effectively.
  • Analyze the patterns in your body weight history to see WHY you are overweight.
  • Examine how your body fat has served you in your life & what it represents.
  • Feel your feelings & express your anger in a mature way.
  • Set boundaries & speak your truth with power. 
  • Examine your masculine/feminine behaviors & balance your body's energy system.
  • Face your deepest fears & addictions.
  • Resolve your body distortion & see yourself as you really are. 
  • Call a truce with your body, so it can work WITH you to shed fat. 
  • Become an empowered, self-loving, self responsible, emotionally mature Fat Liberation Goddess!
"Emotional Essentials!" is a very rich, deep, profound book and I am very proud of it. It will completely turn around your emotional eating habits and help you heal the emotional issues that caused you to be overweight in the first place. So when you get slim on HCG you will stay slim and won't put the weight back on for emotional reasons.

It is a very important book to read if you want to be successful on your HCG Journey!


BOOK 3: "Body Basics!"

           Practical Tips To Prepare Your Body & Your Life for HCG Diet Success

"Body Basics!" teaches you how properly prepare your body and your life before you start the HCG Protocol so that you can lose a huge amount of weight easily on it, without stress or side effects.

In this book, you will learn how to:
  • Educate yourself about exactly what is required of you on the HCG Protocol.
  • Prepare your body properly for the very taxing journey it is about to go on, so that you will be able to shed the most fat possible with minimal side-effects.
  • Set up your kitchen efficiently for your HCG Journey.
  • Find a support team of people to help you through your entire HCG experience. 

If you do not prepare your body properly before you start the HCG Protocol, you may find it to be an uphill battle… with little fat burning and lots of side-effects. If you don’t set up your kitchen for maximum efficiency then you might find your HCG journey very exhausting. And if you don’t find the right support team for your HCG Journey, then it may be a very lonely and depressing experience.

That's why this short, practical book is a MUST READ for anyone doing the HCG Protocol. 


The first three books in my HCG Holistic Series are my "Preparation Guides." Once you have read  "Mindset Magic!",  "Emotional Essentials!" and "Body Basics!", you will know how to prepare yourself at every level - psychologically, emotionally, physically and practically - to ROCK the HCG Protocol!

These books will be helpful for you whether you are about to start your HCG Journey or whether you are gearing up to start a new round. So go get reading!


You guys are my personal fans, and I'm so grateful for your support!

I'm relying on YOU to help me get the word out about these books. So make sure to tell all your HCG friends about them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MyFitnessPal and on all the HCG Forums online. Thanks so much!

And I would be SO grateful if you could write me a short review on Amazon, after you've read the two books. That will really help to spread the word and encourage other HCGers to read the books. They trust you!

To leave your review, just click HERE for Book 2 and HERE for Book 3.  

Thank so much!

Love and hugs :)

HappyConsciousGal xx
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