"Pressing" forward with the important book work!
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We hope to have the above books printed in the next few months. 
From Tamara Schoch (assistant publishing director):

A lot has happened since my last report in September of 2015.  I was still trying to learn my job (and I still am in many aspects), but I have learned a lot.  Things are progressing.  It is actually nice in some ways taking on a job that you have ZERO experience in.  It has made me VERY consciously dependent on my Leader and Teacher.  God has helped us move forward in the important work of books.

Our three containers of books arrived in December much to the joy of the colporteur (literature evangelist) program, students, staff and many others.  People were crying out for books.  They are so happy to have books available again.  

Our translation and editing team has had its challenges, but we have gotten one new health book finished, and several other books are very close to being completed.  We have also re-translated many older books to be easy-to-understand.  Along with this, we have translated and edited the GLOW tracts and some of the Pocket Signs.  As soon as we have the presses back up and running when we get the generator challenge overcome, we will have LOTS and LOTS of Bible Studies and tracts available.  The demand for these tools is very high.  We are looking forward to helping people have these tools that they may share the simple messages of Salvation, health, and more.

In my last report I wrote that we had about 37,000 books that were distributed in 2014, and I hoped we would meet that or surpass that amount in 2015. Praise the Lord, we did.  Since the containers came in before the end of the year, we ended up with 219% of the previous number of books going out!  We had 80,521 books distributed in 2015 (not including tracts and Bible studies!  God is amazing. I just pulled up the numbers for 2016, and just through May of 2016, we have already distributed 85,073 books!

We have a shipment of 120 Bible Commentaries that will arrive this week. We have another full shipping container with four Swahili titles that is expected this month to arrive from Poland (my guess is that it might be August, but please pray that it will arrive sooner).  We are already in the process of filling another container from the presses in Poland.  

We are in the final phases of getting a huge printing of Steps to Christ (re-edited for correctness) this year also.  It was a huge learning process to put together the text and covers.  I made lots of mistakes and had to redo a lot of work, but I have learned a lot from it all.  I am thankful for the email support I continue to get from Jean-Luc even though he has been gone for a year and is in Europe.  All the staff has been very supportive, and together we are pressing forward to get books out while we can. 

With the way things are moving in this world, "TRUTH" is becoming very unpopular and in many places even illegal.  We still have the window of opportunity to freely distribute books.  Please do pray that we can press forward to get the right books into the hands of those who are hungering and thirsting and perishing for lack of truth. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  The silent messengers continue to do their work.  I have been hearing testimonies from several people locally, even staff, that came to know the Love of Jesus through books just like these!  Books have a important role in our work.

We have a fund in place to receive donations to provide Bibles for newly baptized people. Bibles often are a large expense for many financially challenged people in this country.  We feel that it is important for those who have decided to follow Jesus to have the opportunity to read His Word on a regular basis.  You can help make this goal a reality.  At the current exchange rate, every $5 USD will provide a Bible for someone that will might have no other chance to have one.   Currently our goal is to receive enough donations every year to give out at least 600 Bibles.  If we exceed this goal, we will give out more Bibles!  Please consider helping in this area.     

THANK YOU FOR THOSE WHO SENT FUNDS FOR BIBLES SINCE THE LAST REPORT!  We have received three donations that should purchase another 175 Bibles to give away!   
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Checks can be written to “OCI” and specify “Kibidula” as the project you want to support.   If you wish to support a specific project within Kibidula, please ALSO specify which project such as “Kibidula: Lay Evangelists”.  Then send your check to:

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Thank you for your support.

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