We are seeing great results in our primary school education program!
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Our standard-seven graduates during graduation day 06 October 2016
The Primary school offers education to children ranging from age 6 to 14 years old. Currently we have seven full-time teachers and 130 registered pupils, after the eight standard-seven students graduated successfully with all qualifications to join secondary schools.
Pupils and some teachers listening to a lecture at SIDO hall on Entrepreneurship during a visit.
Workers from Uganda putting down cement walkways connecting school buildings
The prepared school field ready to be planted
Pupils at Ruaha National Park watching different animals at Ruaha River bank
Excited pupils watching the dyeing process in one of the workshops at Neema Crafts
Pupils listening attentively in Chief Mkwawa Museum at Kalenga

We praise the Most High God for His great plan of Education. In the beginning of this year, we started with great expectations of accomplishing many things concerning true Education.  Little did we realize that we are in a serious battlefield. However, the obstacles and challenges we met in the process of implementing the principles of true education gave us a precious experience.  Through this experience we learned how to avoid many challenges. We strongly believe we will have success by carrying the three aspects of true education, which are Physical, Mental and Spiritual education.

Realizing the importance and the need of physical development, we give the full consideration that our pupils should not miss this aspect. We took over the labor for the cornfield behind the school building, which parents formally cultivated. This piece of land is about two acres and serves as a class outside the classroom walls.
Boys and girls enjoy the (physical) useful labor. We also believe that apart from growing crops, we will be able to develop useful knowledge of account keeping of the income and use of what comes from this physical labor. Extending to other useful manual labor like tailoring, carpentry, cookery, housekeeping, laundry, environmental safety and first aid, we put a strong emphasis in harmonious development of these three aspects.

In connection to physical labor appropriate for each one's age, previously we excluded standard seven from physical labor during their final classes, to allow extra preparation for examinations. This year we tried involving this class in manual labor.  As a result we found that the classroom mental activities were improved, and never boring to them. Truly, these things belong together.

The Spiritual aspect is the central aspect of the whole program.  It is our genuine focus that by the time the pupils leave our school they have known God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent to the world as their personal Savior. Moreover, they must have the message to tell others about our Savior who was born in the flesh, died for our sins, was resurrected and His soon coming. 
We are planning to have careful Bible study leading to baptism and training to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. How can that be done? We propose the following ways to carry the Good News to the world:
For efficiency we focus on a small number of pupils per class in all aspects of education development.
We offer careful Bible study.  Instead of just Bible reading and picking some important Spiritual lessons, we cover a series of Bible studies like the ‘Discover’ studies in last two years before they leave the school.

Training pupils principles of personal evangelism.
We are training pupils in ways to prepare the hearts of people to accept Jesus as their personal savior by rendering helpful service, health education and first aid as we take them for outreach.
The main idea is to prepare these young people for heaven and help them understand that God wants them to be His instruments to save others.
This year we had an outreach which was not very successful for witnessing because of some restrictions from the government. This in turn gave us lessons on how to do it differently next year.

This year we had the opportunity to visit Ruaha, the second largest national park in the country, for our students to see God’s creation in nature.
Another interesting place we were able to visit was the Mtwa Mkwawa (famous chief of the Hehe), Museum, at Kalenga near Iringa town. Also Neema Crafts in Iringa town is an interesting place.  Our youth were inspired by the way people with physical disabilities can get engaged in different productive activities.
As we thought of how to engage our young people into useful labour, we also saw the need of visiting the Regional Small Industries Development Organization located outside Iringa town where our pupils had the opportunity to get advice on running businesses as young entrepreneurs.

Ongoing programs.
Our students are getting ready to plant maize in the school field for the new season.
We got a favor from a friend of Kibidula, who is also a producer of One-Day Churches, a business man from the United States, Mr. Garwin McNeilus. He sponsored building cement walkways between our school buildings.  This is a huge blessing!

Report submitted by Julius Kirway, Head Teacher of Iva Werner Primary School, Kibidula
This year (2016) our school focused more on implementing the principles of True Education (as found in the book Education and explained by Joshua White).  Our test scores reflect that God truly blessed as our school's test results were greatly improved!
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