People are becoming well, physically, mentally AND spiritually.
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The "new" Wellness Center vehicle and Medical Missionary Department staff (and family except Helman who is pictured below) with Wellness Center in the background.

Medical Missionary work reaching hearts and bodies!

In addition to ministering to daily issues around us in the village and around our campus in regards to health, our Wellness Center has a constant flow of visitors needing help.  Below is an abbreviated recent story from our Center as given by our Wellness Center Manager, Kori Butts.
Mikidadi, a 45 year old man businessman, came to us for 12 days in August 2016.  He had diabetes for the past four years.  His blood sugar level was 331 when he arrived, and his physical stamina was very low.  In Africa it is still considered a status symbol in many places to be overweight whether male or female. Eating high fat foods and gaining weight are a sure combination to contribute to diabetes.
He uncomplainingly accepted the need to exercise to become healthy.  He worked diligently on his assigned exercise program, so much so that staff was offering praises about it during our weekly prayer meeting.  They said that he was an inspiration in how humbly he took instruction.  He has taken all the life style training and spiritual instruction humbly and with an attitude of amazement, because he had never come across this information prior to visiting Kibidula.  We learned that he was raised a Muslim but changed religion to be able to marry his wife (she refused to marry him otherwise).  
He even chose to attend the Kibidula weekly staff prayer meetings, Sabbath School, and Church services during the one week and five days that he was with us.  His comment after one Sabbath was, “I don’t know why I didn’t get to know Seventh-day Adventist before this.  I am inspired by what I am learning with them!  When I go home I will attend the Adventist church in my area.”
AND YES, his blood sugar levels quickly normalized as he cooperated with the eating and exercise program.  He was planning to let a lot of people know about how they also can benefit, just as he has, by making good choices for health.  Please pray with us that Mikidadi will be able to encourage his wife and family to change their life styles as well.    This will be very helpful to him so that he can maintain his improved blood-sugar levels around 98, as it was during most of the 12 days he was with us.  You can see that God blessed the education and efforts to bring it down from 331 to 98 very quickly!   Also please pray that the local church will be a blessing to him and his family when he shows up at their church!
Since the opening of the Kibidula Wellness Center in September 2014, we have not put out any “advertising”, but we speak to many people daily asking about health concerns, as people hear the powerful testimonies shared by those who have experienced God’s blessing at our Wellness Center.  Truly God’s Word will not return unto Him void.  These testimonies have made many people aware of this part of Kibidula’s ministry.  

We ask for prayers that God will continue to bless us with His wisdom to help people, and that He will send those whom He would have come here.  We are still in great need of more workers in our Wellness Center, too.  Truly the harvest is great and the workers are few.  Please pray that God will help us have the exact right people to do this very important work.

Helman one of our Wellness Center staff, and our health guest, Mikidadi.
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