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We said farewell to 22 beloved second-year students as they graduated this last June.  It was a very happy day with some sad feelings mixed in as we have grown to know and love these students. The students were very excited to be the ones that did the final preparations on our "multi-purpose building" so that they could be the first to  use it for their graduation.  It was a very beautiful setting for such a special day for them. 

We are thankful for all the support, work, and advice that went into having this building for this use and many additional future uses.  All of us are really enjoying the ability to use this fine building for various worship services and events such as this graduation.

Please do pray that God will bless and use them for His glory as they have returned to their home villages to continue life with what they have gained while here for two years. 

Things are a bit quiet today as students are on a short vacation until January 5th.
We give our deep appreciation to REACH Switzerland for sponsoring this program that touches so many young people's lives each and every year for the here and now, and also for eternity.
Seventeen of the graduating agriculture students participated in QT tests (qualifying test - high school equivalency test) after completing studies here as a new program that was started this year.  We are seeking to give our students who show high aptitude the opportunity to further their education if they desire to do so.  So in addition to learning about the gospel and real life skills (vocational, English and others) they are also given this opportunity.   

Currently there are 62 first and second year students studying at Kibidula in the agriculture school program. 

This year we have added the building of several more classrooms (One-Day School Campus), and we are currently building staff houses for teachers.  We hope that the Lord will soon send us inspired teachers that we help us to expand the opportunities for our students to have additional studies in these new buildings.

Please do pray for our school, staff and students.  According to the leadership of the school, the weather this year is the worst in 10 years.  The rains came late and have not been consistent.  We need good rains on a daily basis, consistently for many of the crops to flourish.

It is our passion not only to improve the lives of these young people for the here and now through agriculture training and other life skills they learn here, but also to make heaven a happier place forever because they found Jesus at Kibidula. 
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