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People's Party of Washington #PPOW Press

Issue No. 16 - November 3, 2021

People Before Profit
About PPOW
We are People of the State of Washington and volunteers who have come together to build a new, major party of the people here in Washington State and nationwide, a party built and funded by regular people, not wealthy corporations.

Press Release
  • Please read and share our full-length press release here.

Our Vision

  • We envision a future in which every human being is empowered with the freedom, the opportunity, and the resources necessary to achieve their full potential on a flourishing planet Earth where all beings thrive.  
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  • To build a strong People's Party of Washington #PPOW donate here,  
Upcoming Events

Seattle COVID Relief Fund for Low-Income Residents

Oppose Kshama Sawant Recall Efforts
Mega Canvass Event November 6 10am-12:30pm

  • On December 7, District 3 Seattleites will vote on whether to recall Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant.
  • Volunteer: Mega Canvassing Events, November 3-6. Learn more here.
  • PPOW's Official Statement in Support of Kshama Sawant - here.

General Strike Planning Summit - 3 Day Event, Online
Friday / Saturday / Sunday November 12-14

  • The #GeneralStrikeSummit (GSS) is NOT a General Strike.
    The General Strike Summit (GSS) is a 3-day live event streamed on multiple social media platforms.
  • Streaming all 3 days, 7am - 7pm PST. Learn more here.
  • Hosted by Fred Hampton Leftists
PPOW State Call - All are welcome
Monday December 6 - 6pm
  • December's call speakers on "Party Commonalities" will feature Bunchy Carter of the Black Panther Party of WA and Ryan Cooper of the Libertarian Party.
  • Join our call here.

  • In 2022 our State Calls will be moving to the 2nd Monday of each month.
  • January 10 speakers on "Progressivism v. Populism" featuring Timothy Zahn of PPOW and Ivan DelSol of People's Party of Oregon.
  • February 14 speakers from Black Voices Collective will present "A Case for Reparations."

More Events?

  • For more information about upcoming events, go here.
  • We post events aligned with PPOW values. Send event information and links to:
Newsletters & Podcasts We Like...
  • A media project devoted to thinking about how we can imagine and build a better world than the one we currently live in with an equal mix of anger and humor. Recent topics: Friends with (Public Health) Benefits, Defiance and Disorder, Our Climate Ourselves, The More Climate Changes, Lights Camera  (Labor) Action!, Taking Housing Stock. Subscribe here.

DoubleDown News
  • The life-changing story of how milk and cheese killed a river. Watch George Monbiot's video here.

PushBlack Now
  • In a world of 24/7 breaking news and never-ending social media news feeds, it is easy to get caught in the moment forgetting that many of society’s “new” challenges have actually been successfully overcome in the past. However, today’s current events do not exist in a vacuum. So PushBlack was created as a unique space to focus on the intersection of news and history. Recent topics: Black Incarcerated People Aren’t Getting Mental Healthcare, New Information Comes Out About Oscar Grant’s Killing. Need a Daily Dose of Black History? We’ll Message You Daily. Subscribe here.

Who Gets the Bird
  • Jonah Furman is a labor movement organizer and writer. One of his many writing projects is his newsletter, Who Gets The Bird. Jonah has graciously allowed PPOW to publish excerpts from his newsletter. 
  • Excerpts and subscription info here.

Glen Greenwald, Rumble
  • "The Mountain of Data Showing How Authoritarian Democrats Have Become," October 18. "“Civil  liberties are being trampled by exploiting ‘insurrection’ fears. Congress’s 1/6 Committee may be the worst abuse yet.” Watch here.


People's Party of Oregon Newsletter
  • October 2021 issue topics include Portland Rally for Basic Income, Visualizing Wealth Inequality, STRIKETOBER 2021: Take this Job and Shove It!, Steven Donziger, a Victim of the Corporate Capture of American Justice, A Declaration of Interdependence. Read here.

Featured Articles
The Social Security Crisis Is a Lie
By Shannon Skinner, PPOW Media & Messaging
  • "Social Security trustees in 2021 claim the Social Security trust fund will be exhausted by 2034. We’ve heard this dire warning for decades. Don’t fall for it. The US Social Security System suffers from inequity, not insolvency..." Read more here.

Beyond Trump and Biden: A Progressive Party Can Rise
By Jonathan H. Martin, Core Team Member, Progressive Party Builders
  • "Both parties have had a hand in leading us here, through largely favoring the privileged and disregarding the common good. But if our nation had had at least one major party clearly committed to social, economic and environmental justice (i.e., real progressive change), we would not be in this situation. For  decades most Americans have supported many progressive policies, and for years the majority has wanted a new major party. That’s not surprising, given the impact of half a century of increasingly pro-corporate Republican and Democratic rule—often referred to as U.S. neoliberalism..." Read more here.

PPOW Blog, News and Articles
Get Involved

PPOW Cards

  • WHAT? You don't have a pile of our spectacular PPOW business cards yet? Post them on bulletin boards at work, in stores, libraries, restaurants. Hand them out wherever you go. Let people know we are building a party of, by and for the people right here in Washington State!
  • Send your name, how many PPOW business cards you want and mailing address to Thank you! 


PPOW Needs You

Calling all awesome, passionate political junkies! PPOW has gathered together a vibrant coalition of people actively working to build a new kind of political party; a party that truly is of, by and for the people. Sign up to volunteer here

Thank you in advance for volunteering!

Contribute to PPOW

As we grow we need to pay for special election finance compliance software and other administrative costs. We are all volunteers. Your money goes to directly support our infrastructure, not to pay staff. Please contribute with a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation of any size at Thank you!

PPOW believes in People Before Profit. And we believe in you.

PPOW Twitter Team

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Ally Organization
  • Whole Washington Are you passionate about bringing healthcare for all to Washington? Check out Whole Washington
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Why the People's Party?
Our supporters want you to know why they support The People’s Party of Washington

Steve C. - Mount Vernon: "This country has never needed the People's Party more than it does now. I believe this can be an important offering or alternative to the present situations. The Democratic Party only continues to get worse. There seems to be no one with any moral or ethical behavior left in our present leadership. The Republicans ram everything through and the Dems can't seem to get even lunch money OK'd. It's been that way since Reagan. They are all only 'actors on a stage.' While we drown, each member of the Dems seems more concerned with making a headline than doing real work for the people. Meanwhile horrible, tragic and terrorist acts continue to be used against the people by our own government. Massive amounts of our monies are being shuffled to Wall Street. This is truly a fight for the country against corporations set on making slaves of us all - slaves without the benefit of our 'masters' having to feed, clothe, educate or tend to our wounds. What we're seeing now seems to be a return of the Dark Ages and not the Enlightenment.These leaders have sold off so much of their power to the corporations, they've become foolish actors and powerless puppets, all dangling under the strings of their masters. And they are not ashamed of what they have become. They all know better, still they just don't care. It's time for a real party of the people, The 'People's Party.' It's time to say, 'I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore!'"
Why the People's Party? Please send your response to
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