Participatory Development in Practice:
A Weekly Conversation Facilitated by
HAF President Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir
Peoples’ participation in development is the most significant determinant of projects’ sustainability. Let’s learn about it together and participate as colleagues and give honest expression to the thoughts and ideas that we have. I feel bound to do my utmost to draw out from all participants their immeasurable understanding and capacities that are within each of us, and therein help further all of our growth opportunities.
Conversation Outline:
Week 1: July 22nd at 4pm GMT+1
  • Definitions of development (i.e., community, participatory, and sustainable)
  • Features of the Participatory Development Method, Morocco’s Chosen Pathway
Week 2: July 29th at 4pm GMT+1                       
  • Critical perspectives on participatory approaches
Week #3: August 5th at 4pm GMT+1
  • Self-reliance, Federalism, and Morocco’s Decentralization Roadmap and Charter
Week #4: August 12th at 4pm GMT+1
  • The Regional Integration Approach (Blocs) and South-South Unity
Week #5: August 19th at 4pm GMT+1
  • Feminisms: Global Theories and Actions
Week #6: August 26th at 4pm GMT+1
  • Ethnic Identities and Conflict Management
  • Multiculturalism as a Bridge for Dialogue and Development
Week #7: September 2nd at 4pm GMT+1
  • Education and Participatory Action Research
  • The Role of the Facilitator-Researcher in Sustainable Development
Week #8: September 9th at 4pm GMT+1
  • Successful Nature Conservation-Development Programs
  • Adaptive Civil Society Organizations and Scaling-Up Their Programs