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From The Musician's Way Blog

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Invigorating Orchestras

Will American orchestras continue to sink into bankruptcy? Michael Drapkin, writing on Polyphonic.org, offers a compelling indexed financial model that “allows orchestras to remain fiscally healthy.”

More Zenph, Please

Zenph Sound Innovations offers breakout products that extend the boundaries of technology-assisted performance. Extraordinary!

Music Therapy Success

People worldwide are inspired by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ rehabilitation. Did you know that music therapy was central to her recovery? More at Discovery News

Revenue from Recordings?

An article on Digital Music News titled "What an Artist Really Gets Paid" breaks down the disparate earnings that musicians derive from selling recordings.

Abreu Fellowships

Through January 9, the New England Conservatory is accepting applications for the 2012 Abreu Fellows Program, which equips musicians to become leaders in the El Sistema movement.

Nab More Googlers

Search engine optimization strategies keep evolving. The article "6 Best Practices for Modern SEO" on Mashable.com offers must-know information.

Generate More Ideas

Cheryl Craigie, in a post on writetodone.com, offers four strategies that help unlock the brain's creative potential.

Music For Food

A group of musicians in Boston has put together a four-concert series to raise donations for a local food bank. Titled "Music for Food," the series aids the community and attracts new audiences.

Don't Cancel: Reschedule

On her blog on the Musical America site, Edna Landau suggests tactics to reschedule a performance when a more lucrative one comes along.

Copyright Reform

Ever feel frustrated by the intricacies of copyright law? If so, you're not alone. In "How to Reform Copyright," Lewis Hyde proposes practical changes.

Ringing Between the Ears

Many musicians deal with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as a result of music-induced hearing loss. A recent study shows that the ringing originates in the brain, not the ears. See MusiciansWay.com for extensive hearing conservation resources.

Convert More Visitors

In marketing speak, "conversion" refers to "the completion of a desired action by an individual," e.g., a visitor to your website. Learn ways to achieve more conversions using the tips in "A Beginner's Guide to Successful Conversion" on the TutsPlus website.

Musicians & Beta-Blockers

Are the drugs know as beta-blockers safe, effective, and appropriate for nervous musicians to use? Decide for yourself using the information in one of the most-read posts on The Musician's Way Blog: "Musicians and Beta-Blockers."

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  • Music Therapy Success
  • Revenue from Recordings?
  • Abreu Fellowships
  • Nab More Googlers
  • Generate More Ideas
  • Music For Food
  • Don't Cancel: Reschedule
  • Copyright Reform
  • Ringing Between the Ears
  • Convert More Visitors
  • Musicians & Beta-Blockers
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