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From The Musician's Way Blog

10 Affirmations that Energize Music Practice. When we generate positive emotions, we ignite creativity.
How Not to Talk to Audiences. 10 lighthearted examples that help performers speak effectively.

3 Elements of Showmanship. The most important ingredients of stage presence.
Scheduling Practice Sessions. 5 principles for wisely managing practice time.

Zooming to Better Practice

With the release of Zoom's new digital recorder the H6, the terrific Zoom H4n is now available at historically low prices, and the H2n is also being heavily discounted.

Moved to Tears

How does music affect us so deeply? For insights into the process, watch the video "The Science of Opera" with Stephen Fry.

Openness to Experience

A key personality trait of creative people is their openness to new experiences. A December article in Fast Company sums up how openness works.

Time Management

Chamber Music America has been posting free workshop videos including one from November titled, "Time Management for Creative People."

Music & Empathy

The Boston Children's Chorus was recently awarded $35,000 worth of funding and facilitation services to "integrate anti-bias and empathy training" into their music education programs." A great example of a music organization building character in children.

Choosing Music

Marisela Sager, Assistant Principal Flutist with the Cleveland Orchestra, shows that musicians can rise to the top of their fields and still enjoy balanced lives. Read more in a January piece in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Ultimate Guide to Singing

TC-Helicon just released a landmark book, largely geared to non-classical performers, with brief articles by 136 contributors. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Singing. Complementary resources are posted on the For Singers page at MusiciansWay.com.

$500B from Arts

A new publication from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Endowment for the Arts estimates that arts and culture add more than $500 billion to the US economy, as reported in The Wall Street Journal.

Obscure Facts about Jazz

Mervyn Cooke's newly updated book The Chronicle of Jazz compiles fascinating details about the evolution of jazz. For a sampling, read his post"Ten Obscure Facts about Jazz."

Differentiate or Disappear

Audiences support new artists who are distinctive, yet music schools churn out thousands of undifferentiated graduates each year. Shape your unique musical identity using the 7 tips in my post "Differentiate or Disappear."

Topic Creep

Musicians who work in small groups or with governing boards know how challenging it can be to stay on topic during meetings. Mark Suster provides tips for avoiding topic creep in an article on Inc.com.

Getting Better

On the Harvard Business Review Blog, Heidi Grant Halvorson coalesces "9 Things Successful People Do Differently," all of which can apply to aspiring musicians, e.g., No. 5: "Focus on getting better, rather than being good."

Marginal Gains

Speaking of getting better, Noa Kageyama illustrates the value of making steady small improvements on his superb Bulletproof Musician Blog.

Practicing for Recording

Planning to make a studio recording? Ensure success by following the 8 guidelines in "Practicing for Recording Sessions" on The Musician's Way Blog.

Get a Visa!

Foreign musicians who perform in the US sometimes believe that they can enter the US as visitors and then play concerts under the radar, but the Law and Disorder blog shows why the O-1 visa is essential.

Let's Get Unreasonable

Daniel Epstein, Founder of Unreasonable Group, describes in this video how creative people in diverse fields are solving seemingly intractable problems.

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  • Moved to Tears
  • Openness to Experience
  • Time Management
  • Music & Empathy
  • Choosing Music
  • Ultimate Guide to Singing
  • $500B from Arts
  • Obscure Facts about Jazz
  • Differentiate or Disappear
  • Topic Creep
  • Getting Better
  • Marginal Gains
  • Practicing for Recording
  • Get a Visa!
  • Let's Get Unreasonable
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