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From The Musician's Way Blog

The 3 Components of Deep Practice. Proficiency with each one optimizes learning and creativity.
Don't Be Like Your Teacher. 7 ways that music students can foster authenticity.
10 Reasons to Pursue a Graduate Degree in Music. Make smart choices and avoid common mistakes.
4 Rehearsal Challenges & Ways to Overcome Them. Boost collaborative creativity!

Essentials of Interpretation

Pablo Casals famously told a student, "Don't give notes. Give the meaning of the notes." In my post "7 Essentials of Artistic Interpretation," I show how musicians can take Casals' advice and infuse every phrase with life.

Thanks to Music Students!

In the New York Times, Anthony Tommasini recently spotlighted the many contributions music students make to local culture. 

Hi-Res Audio

Puzzled by the talk about Hi-Res Audio? The Music Business Association published an infographic to help untangle the technology and terms.

Streaming to the Rescue?

Two board members of Rhapsody posit on the Hypebot Blog that developments in music streaming can contribute to growth in the music industry.

Core Values

The retailer Zappos has published the core values that contribute to their success, and the concepts seem custom-made to help musicians thrive.

Career Tips for Singers

In her new book, The 21st-Century Singer, author Susan Mohini Kane guides young musicians to transition from music school “into the world.” The For Singers page at MusiciansWay.com compiles additional artistic and professional resources.

An Ideal Hall?

A new concert hall has opened in Paris, and with lofty ambitions. More in The Guardian.

Get More out of Lessons

My article Making the Most of Music Lessons guides students to maximize what they learn from teachers. The Musician's Way provides guidelines on that subject and much more.

Classical Stats

BachTrack compiled 2014 classical music statistics showing that change is afoot in the classical music world.

Innovating via Analogy

Are you striving to move your music making in new directions? Try the creativity techniques summarized in an essay published in the Wall Street Journal.

Non-Compete Claws

If you're offered a contract, maybe to teach or perform, and the document includes a non-compete clause with claw-like restrictions, the guidelines on the GG Arts Law Blog can help you negotiate favorable terms.


The Philadelphia Orchestra is experimenting with an app they call LiveNote, which streams program notes to listeners during live concerts. 

Shrinking Orchestras

Michael Cooper points out in the New York Times that US orchestras are employing fewer full-time players, and my article "Orchestras Contract, Opportunities Expand" shows how independent musicians can respond by supplying more music to their communities.


Although it's a visual medium, musicians can tap Pinterest to help reach new audiences and gain fans. An introductory article on the Business2Community site helps us do so. 

Market Your Recording

25 music marketing experts offer ideas to market a new release in this article on Solveig Whittle's blog. Visit the Music Careers page at MusiciansWay.com for more career-building ideas.

Solving Problems in Practice

Facility with a 3-step process empowers any musician to overcome problems in practice. Read more on The Musician's Way Blog.

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  • Streaming to the Rescue?
  • Core Values
  • Career Tips for Singers
  • An Ideal Hall?
  • Get More Out of Lessons
  • Classical Stats
  • Innovating via Analogy
  • Non-Compete Claws
  • LiveNote
  • Shrinking Orchestras
  • Pinteresting
  • Market Your Recording
  • Solving Problems
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