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Crow Wood - Finals Day winners

The weather was kind last week for Finals Day, with a number of new winners, including the Gents Club Champion.

A massive congratulations go to all the winners, as well as the runners up, for even getting to the finals.

Left- The first tee awaited the finalists at 8am.

The winners will now be invited to the Crow Wood Annual prizegiving on Friday 21st October, to receive their prizes. Tickets for all other members are on sale at the bar, priced £20, for what should be a wonderful evening.

Club Championship  Winner -  Craig Taylor (right), Runner-up Darren Corr
Ladies Club Championship – Winner Debra Kelly                                                             Runner Up Fiona Uzar

Sprot  Winner - Scott Martin,  Runner Up - Colin Logan

Sir John Hunter Shield –  
Winners - David McKechnie & Ian Baird  
Runners Up -  Derek Noble & Ray Hammerton

Crow Wood Quaich 
Winners - Ian McIntyre & John Smith  
Runners Up -  Michael McCormick & Peter MacAskill

Senior Club Championship 
Winner -  Alex Haddow, Runner Up - Stuart Clayton

Medal Competitions

Last Tuesday’s Medal (20th September) was won by Robert Jenkins with a, wait for this, stunning Gross 65. The round included 7 birdies,and 7 holes with a 3 or better, so its safe to say it wasn't too shabby a round of golf. 

There are only two Medal Competitions left in the season, starting on Saturday 23rd Sept with the September Monthly Medal.

This is followed by the Medal & Medals Final on Saturday 1st October. 

The Presidents Putter (Lowest Net score from qualifiers of Medals Final) and the Mike Weir Trophy (lowest aggregate score in four of five medals, viz Spring, Summer, Autumn, July and August) will be awarded after that date.

Stars in Their Eyes

Tickets are now on sale for Stars in their Eyes on Saturday19th November

Tickets are priced at £12.50 for David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Mick Hucknell, Rod Stewart and many more, and includes a buffet and DJ thrown in for good measure.

Don't hang around as this is one of the most popular events in our calendar!

Hogmanay Party

Tickets will soon be on sale for the very popular Crow Wood Hogmanay Party.
Tickets are priced £10. Dates to be announced. (?)

Ready Golf

In a bid to speed up the pace of play on the course, without ruining enjoyment, the Committee have decided to adopt the philosophy of “Ready Golf” with immediate effect.

This has proven successful in other clubs, and many members of Crow Wood already use this method. Trials have shown that approx 30 mins can be taken off a typical round of golf, without affecting the quality or enjoyment of the game.

“Ready Golf” is a term used which indicates that players should play when they are ready (and it is SAFE to do so), rather than adhering strictly to the”farthest from the hole plays first” stipulation in the rules of golf.

If you are playing a STROKEPLAY or a BOUNCE match, we would encourage you to play to the “Ready Golf” philosophy.

Examples of “Ready Golf” are
  • No Honour (except in Match Play), the first player ready plays
  • Play your shot when ready and it is safe to do so if a player farther away is taking time to assess their options.
  • Play your own ball before helping others to look for a lost ball
  • When not playing your shot, you should be preparing to play your shot
  • Shorter hitters play first from tee and fairway if longer hitters have to wait for the group in front
  • Putting out if another player is delayed raking a bunker
  • Putting out even if it means standing close to someone else’s line (BUT NOT ON IT)
  • Playing your shot to the green if another player has played through the back and has not yet reached his ball
  • Marking scores immediately you arrive at the next tee, except the first to tee off marks their card immediately AFTER teeing off
The Committee hope that using this philosophy will help speed up the pace of play on the course, especially during Competition play, and will significantly enhance your playing experience.

We look forward to your co-operation in this matter.

The Committee
Crow Wood Golf Club

Do you know the rules?

Everyone knows the rules of golf, or so they think, so for a bit of fun, we thought we pose a few teasers over the next couple of weeks. Good Luck, and we'll post the answers next week. 

We thought we'd start from the beginning.

You are playing the Medal, with a tee time of 9:00. You arrive on time, and tee off on time, but your partner arrives as 9:02, after you have hit your tee shot. They play their shot immediately. What is the ruling?
  1. They incur a penalty of two strokes for failing to start at the right time
  2. You incur a penalty of two strokes for starting early
  3. There is no penalty to either player
  4. They are disqualified.

Question about the Course? - Contact e-mail address

Just as a reminder, a direct email address is available for any concerns, queries and suggestions for improvements on course related matters. ( ).

Please also use it also to volunteer any of you, or your companies services, which will always be welcomed. Remember that we are a members club, so any help is appreciated.