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2016 Annual Prizegiving

The annual awards night will be held on Friday 21st October, starting at 6:30, where all the Crow Wood prizes will be presented. 

The evening, with tickets priced £20 includes an after dinner speaker, the highly regarded and entertaining former Scottish Professional Sprinter, George McNeill.

The evening also includes a meal, a charity raffle, some competitions and a little secret suprise entertainment. 

This evening has been growing in stature over the last few years, so we hope this will be the best yet. Tickets are available from Sharyn at the bar.

Course Updates

No-one can have missed the excessive rainfall we have had over the last week, which has amounted to approx 2 inches, resulting in soft conditions and some local flooding. Can we ask anyone using buggies or carts to be sensitive on where they take them, and avoid as much as possible, areas around the greens.

The Autumn maintenance program is about to get into full swing, starting with clearing the remainder of the branches removed from the dead tree at the 12th tee, the branches as a result of pruning back of the large trees at the left hand side of the 10th next to the burn, and the removal of two trees at the side of the 16th green. The repair to the collapsed drainage on the 15th green was completed last week.

Right- Looking back down the 11th

Work then begins with coring and topdressing to the greens, and terra raking all the fairways and rough areas. Vertidraining and slitting the whole site is also in the plans, but of course this is weather dependent. 

These works are critical to the improvement and sustainabilty of the great playing conditions we have had this year. It should be noted that these tasks take a lot of resource, and the daily upkeep of the bunkers will be reduced to allow the labour to be focussed on these tasks.

The drainage and construction works in the three year plan will begin as soon as possible after this. This includes areas such as repairing the main bridge and surrounding area at the 7th, installation of further drainage in the wettest areas of the course, such as the areas surrounding the 6th and 10th greens, and of course further greenside bunker refurbishments. 

We appreciate your patience as we strive to keep improving the course year on year.

Just as a reminder, a direct email address is available for any concerns, queries and suggestions for improvements on course related matters. ( )

Competition Results

Monthly Medal & Autumn meeting - 24th September 

The standard scratch for the day was 73. This wasn't suprising given the constant rain and very high winds.  Well done to everyone who took part, and especially to the winners below.

Below Right- Stunning view to campsies on 3rd Green, with a putt for birdie. Nice.

Division 1 

  • 1st David Barrie 71 (Handicap 5)
  • 2nd John Dennis 72 (4)
  • 3rd Ronald McIntosh 73 (6)

Division 2 Result

  • 1st Stephen McMenemy 74 (12)
  • 2nd Angus Graham 74 (11)
  • 3rd David Dunsmore 75 (13)

Division 3 Result

  • 1st Alex Fairbairn 78 (21)
  • 2nd Brian Grant 81 (19)
  • 3rd John Smith 81 (20)

Congratulations also goes to Scott Dunn who won Tuesdays Medal (27th September) with a 71 with a handicap of seven.

Do you know the rules?

Not that anyone at Crow Wood doesn't know the rules of golf, but this week's teaser is as follows.

Question- You take a swing at your ball, but unfortunately miss altogether. 
Before trying to take another swipe you notice that it isn't your ball. What is the ruling?

  1. There is no penalty
  2. You incur a penalty of two strokes and the missed swing counts in your score
  3. You incur a penalty of two strokes and the missed swing is disregarded in your score

The answer to last weeks question is-

Your partner incurs a penalty of two strokes for failing to tee off at the designated time. You teed off on time, so you incur no penalty

And Finally ... Date for the diary.

This years kids Christmas party is on Sunday 18th December, with a 2pm start.

As always there will be some entertainment, and of course a visit from a very special guest.