Will you send a word of encouragement to your state legislators as they prepare for the 2015 legislative session that begins Monday?
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Will you send a word of encouragement to your state legislators as they prepare for the legislative session that begins Monday?

Working forests form the foundation of a timber and wood products industry that supports more than 107,000 workers and generates more than $4.5 billion in wages annually.

Our working forests sustain the 3rd largest manufacturing industry in Washington.

The forest is always growing, and so the important work of planting, harvesting and producing wood products never stops.  Sustainable forestry promotes revenues, taxes, jobs and produce renewable wood products across Washington State.

The Washington State Legislature has done excellent work over the years to ensure that working forests continue to be able to support jobs and play a positive role in protecting our region's healthy and prosperous environment.  There are prospects to do even more that lay on the road just ahead.

Carbon-neutral biomass energy production, improving the health of our federal forests to reduce catastrophic wildfire, and the use of sustainable, low-carbon wood in the construction of taller buildings are opportunities the Legislature can support.

Will you join us in sending your legislative representatives a thank you note?

By doing so, you will help support sustainable working forests and a stronger Washington State.


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