Gov. Inslee's proposed budget funds adaptive management, but maintaining our dedication to science-based forest practices is far from being a done deal.
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Washingtonians got an early gift this holiday season---a commitment in Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed 2015-2017 budget to fund adaptive management and ensure that science governs our forest practices.

But the decision to maintain our dedication to science-based forest practices is far from being a done deal.  The Legislature will try to reconcile a dizzying array of complex fiscal choices and priorities when session commences in January.

Your voice will need to be heard to ensure that lawmakers in Olympia don’t leave us holding a rain check on their promises to fund adaptive management.

Adaptive management is a low-investment/high-return piece of our state’s program for monitoring and validating the effectiveness of salmon and water quality protections.  As we’ve told you before, without the observed scientific data gathered through adaptive management, the state would fall short of its commitment to ensure that forest practices are meeting the goals.

The benefits of adaptive management and the message it sends about the value our state places in allowing science to guide environmental policy instead of politics are clear.

But we all know that it’s very easy for a great idea to get lost on its way through Olympia.

Earlier this year, the state Senate passed adaptive management funding by unanimous vote and there was overwhelming pledged bipartisan support in the state House, but legislation funding for adaptive management didn’t make it to the Governor’s desk.

That’s why it is vital that the Legislature hears from you---with the rest of our Working Forests Action Network at your back---on why adaptive management is a priority worthy of public spending.

As the debate unfolds, we’ll keep bringing you the information you need to be a difference-maker on this critical issue.


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