The well-forested Northwest is ready to break into the tall wood building club in a big way.
Working Forests Action Network

You know what it’s like to be the only one left out when a great thing happens, like being turned away from a sold-out hot ticket concert or hit movie that everyone’s talking about. 

For years, Americans and most residents of the well-forested Northwest have been out-of-the-loop while other countries have been sharing good stories about the benefits of using a new generation of sustainable, carbon-friendly wood products in the construction of tall wood buildings.

Modern wood technology such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) is giving architects new freedom to construct taller buildings with sustainable, carbon-friendly wood while meeting or exceeding building codes for earthquake preparedness and fire survivability.

Now, the U.S.---and specifically the well-forested Northwest---is ready to break into the tall wood building club in a big way.

Our status of bystander is rapidly changing to that of a participant and perhaps a leader.

Use smarter, buy local, and live better. City-dwellers in Seattle to Spokane and across Washington state care about these things. Whether the motivation to conserve emerges from material or moral desires, resource responsibility is a value that surfaces in our individual buying decision as well as debates over public policy.

That’s why we know that our working forests in Washington state have a role to play in this wood building revolution. There’s no more responsible and natural resource than wood, more so because of the sustainable forest management practices embraced by private forest landowners that make Washington’s working forests the most environmentally friendly in the world.

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