Help us spread an important reminder: forestry is still an important part of the economy of Washington

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We’re asking you to help us spread an important reminder: forestry is still an important part of the economy of Washington.

Our shareable graphic has a simple message: forestry generates good jobs for real people across Washington.

We’ve placed it on Facebook and Twitter to make this good news easy to share.

Why is a reminder needed? Because what is out of sight is too often out of mind.

Forestry isn’t “in view” the same way it was during most of our state’s history. (We only need to go back a few generations to a time when logs were skidding down the hill where Yesler Way now runs in downtown Seattle.) But today it’s rarer that people in Seattle or other metropolitan areas --- the bulk of Washingtonians --- ever see forestry’s true size and impact.

The truth is that even as our state economy has evolved, the jobs that are created when our forests are working still represent a large chunk of Washington’s workforce --- more than 105,000 family wage jobs statewide tied to forestry.

And the actual work being done has evolved, too, because over the centuries there’s no doubt that we’ve learned a lot.

Every day, the 105,000 men and women tied into the forestry economy are planting, harvesting, milling, pulping and manufacturing modern wood products that our society needs. And they’re doing it responsibly.

Principles of sustainable forestry guided by science are S.O.P. (that’s standard operating procedure) in Washington’s working forests. It’s why we can say with pride that the wood we grow and harvest is our most natural renewable resource.

So, please take a moment to share this graphic on Facebook or Twitter to make sure your friends are reminded that forestry is still a big part of our economy and an even bigger part of making a better world. 

We thank you in advance and we know your friends will thank you, too.

-Your Friends in Working Forests
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