The big mistake is not checking that your supplier can provide both hardware and locks
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Picture this. Your customer has trusted you to build glass showcases to display their most esteemed products. Theatrical lighting highlights the gleaming treasures placed carefully within and everything looks great. But what's this, the lock does not match the hinges and no, no, no it all looks wrong!

A surprisingly common scenario unfortunately and a big mistake that many of us make. This is because lock manufacturing is tricky so the guys that do it stick to it and the guys that make the hinges stick to what they do and nothing ever matches.

Sugatsune, being a Japanese company, love visual harmony. So when it comes to their XL-GC range of glass cabinet hardware it includes everything you need with a consistent look, including the locks.
The XL-GC04 Glass cabinet pivot hinge
The style is contemporary and unfussy, mirror finish chrome with a feature bevel. This not only catches the light to enhance glint and glitter but makes cleaning easier with no edges to catch lint. 
Hinges are available for glass/wood and glass/glass use in inset, overlay and pivot formats.
The XL-GC09 is a catch assembly for glass cabinet doors
The XL-GC09 above is a magnetic catch with a firm closure to keep glass doors closed. It could be used with or without the lock below for swing doors. The XL-GC. has an ingenious keying system where the key is merely inserted into the slot on the side of the lock body to unlock. This keeps the lock very low profile and as it's not really obvious that it is a lock, can help in preventing tampering.
The XL-GC02 glass swing door lock - low profile and discrete.
Many showcases have sliding doors so a lock like the XL-GC03 is what is required, specifically designed for sliding doors, it retains the low profile looks with a non handed push key.
XL-GC03 sliding door lock, same look as the XL-GC08 bottom bracket
The XL-GC06 and XL-GC08 top and bottom brackets complete the look for sliding doors with the recommended slide rails also from Sugatsune
The XL-ELU-SD is part of an electronic locking system for glass cabinets
These days active systems are becoming more popular and the EXCELOCK system from Sugatsune brings the convenience and flexibility of electronic locking to showcases. The locking system can be triggered by a card being waved in front of an RFID scanner pad invisibly located inside the cabinet. Slide and swing single and double doors are provided for.
So for a coherent look throughout a glass showcase the XL-GC range is definitely the way to go. If you'd like to learn more about how Sugatsune products could work for you why not ring our customer services team, they're there from 8.30am and keen to help.
Japanese saying

Japanese "Koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu"

Translation If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub. 

Meaning Nothing ventured, nothing gained

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