A tiny great hinge that will open, close, damp and stay
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Do not be deceived by the diminutive size. In terms of functionality the HG-VH8 is a titan among motion control hinges. Designed for smaller doors and hatches it is ideal when used for equipment or inspection hatches. It's key feature is its flexibility as it can be ordered in any of the following variants or combination of variants giving a complete family of motion control hinges:
  • A free swinging hinge
  • A torque hinge with free stop - It'll stay open where you leave it
  • A self opening hinge
  • A self closing hinge
  • A soft-closing hinge
It's so flexible it might just change the way you think about hinges.

Free swinging

Pretty much a butt hinge as we know it, happy go lucky, it goes with the flow but it looks smart in black or white and forms the perfect passive partner to its more active brethren.

Torque hinges

Applying friction to the rotation of hinges makes them more manageable, the torque can be adjusted so that the flap or door remains in the position it was left in. Sugatsune calls this feature 'Free Stop'. For one handed operation or where there is vibration this can be more than convenient, it can contribute to safety. The HG-VH8 comes in two optional torque ranges which are fully adjustable.
The torque clutch on the HG-VH8-T15 and T35 is fully adjustable with an allen key

Damped motion

This is where Sugatsune came in really, as they introduced the concept of motion control for domestic interiors to the world three decades ago. Reliable damper technology still lies at the heart of many of their products. By adding one or two HG-VH8-D3 hinges soft-close or soft-opening can be achieved.

Self Opening

A self opening hinge can be a boon when your hands are occupied. Combined with a push latch the HG-VH8-OP will self open using strong internal springs. Add a damper hinge and you have a soft-opening solution, the added value wows consumers and keeps the silence when used in medical or research situations.


Some doors just need to be kept closed and the strong springs in the HG-VH8-CL do just that. Two of them will snap the door shut and when combined with HG-VH8-D3 damper hinge the door will silently soft-close with purpose.
Sugatsune likes to offer complete solutions. These hinges can be used in combination with each other to be a complete solution for motion controlled small doors, flaps and hatches. The are also part of the larger family of damped hinges like the HG-JHM16 and motion control stays like the NSDX.

Why not ring up the attentive customer services team at Sugatsune and discover how the HG-VH8 could add to your projects?
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