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METS 2009 - a new direction?

HG-JHM16 - soft closing hinge, now a standard fitting on many superyachts

NSD-X soft down stays

LL-66 gives a positive lock for doors and drawers

EN-K and EN-R latch hooks

HES-3D heavy duty hinge adjustable on three axes

SDS-100TV - a short arm soft-down stay for smaller flap doors

IT-S M Torque hinge

LFS350A locking stainless steel lid stay
Sugatsune METS 2009 report

Sugatsune warmed to it's new home in Hall 11 near the entrance which brought a continual flow of interested parties. Although visitor numbers appeared down the quality of visitors was high so overall this was seen as a good result by Mike Rogers and Thomas Bourdene who manned the Sugatsune stand.
"Some of our competitors have chosen not to be here this year" Mike Rogers told me "but we felt it was important to maintain the presence we've established over the last four years."

More active networking 
Other exhibitors we spoke to were very happy with the attendance levels and for our part we met many new customers and enjoyed meeting established partners again. Whilst everyone is aware of the economic climate most chose to respond by being more active in their networking, making greater effort to visit their suppliers and customers. This lent a genial yet business like air to the event.

Faster, lighter, more fuel efficient yachts
Mike Rogers, Sugatsunes marine specialist reported that "the noticeable trend in the industry from our perspective is the move towards lighter panels for interior fit outs with 15mm fast becoming an upper limit. Composite and honeycombed panels are beginning to appear as yacht builders strive for better performance - or fuel economy depending upon your perspective." This change may cause buyers to review many of their established fixtures and fittings.
Soft-down and technical doors
This year Sugatsune was showcasing more soft-down and technical door solutions in contrast to last year where a wider range of catches and latches were shown. The look of the stand reflected this with demonstration products built into a large wall unit acting as a backdrop to the stand.
Sugatsune has long been known as the company that introduced soft down technology to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market with it's Lapcon brand of hydraulic dampers and associated products. Until recently yacht manufacturers have been fairly cool around such embellishments but now the market is expanding sharply as designers look for the competitive advantage.
The SLS-ELAN, a lift-assist soft down stay with a stop anywhere feature for up opening flap doors is popular in domestic interiors but still a new product for marine fit outs. The clean lines and reduced size help it to fit in. Another advantage is that often only one stay is needed for average doors. 

The LIN-X is a space saving design which allows a door to open out and to the side so that it does not block a gangway when open. It has a soft-closing finish to the movement and works well in blind corners. Although it is a sophisticated design it snap mounts on standard concealed hinge mounting plates.
The Short-arm SDS100-TV stay for drop down flap doors is a small soft down stay originally designed for media units. It works well in yacht interiors and will give a soft-closing movement to much smaller downward opening flap doors. 
The HG-JHM-16, already gracing Princess yachts continued to create interest. A hinge and damped stay in one discrete unit it finds application in vanity units and chart tables. the soft-closing feature is a boon which prevents counter tops from slamming shut. The fact that the UDH damper cartridge within the hinge soft closes millions of loo seats around the world is a source of reassurance (rather than mirth) for those seeking a robust and time proven solution.
Many designers complimented us on the torque calculator on our web site. Whilst it is intended as an aid to purchasing Sugatsune Lapcon products it's a useful gadget in and of itself. Enter the material and dimensions of the door and it will give you the torque moment - and will link through to appropriate Sugatsune products if you choose. 
Torque hinges prevent slamming but have the added benefit of keeping a lid open. Hinges like the stainless steel HG-IT-M70 are always popular for controlling doors and hatches.
A positive lock on a stay is often very important in the marine environment and the stainless l-FS350A with it's sliding lever release is ideal. Used in counter tops or chest freezers, chart tables or cooker covers.

"A good husband is healthy and absent" Japanese Proverb
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