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Welcome to the Fall 2010 Issue of the Simple Marketing Now e-newsletter!

In this issue, I explore the role content plays in making your marketing work harder for you to connect with potential customers.

Social media and content marketing in themselves won't make your marketing work harder. But, done right, they will.

Read on to find insights, highlights and resources to simplify the process of implementing social media and content marketing.


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Simple Marketing Insights about Social Media & Content Marketing for Business...

Lately, what comes up consistently in conversation is making better use of existing resources. I think of it as "making your marketing work harder". Time is precious; we can't do it all, how can we be smarter about our resources, and particularly the content we create, and ultimately do a better job connecting with customers.

Is that true with you, too?

I love hearing how companies go about making their marketing more effective and I appreciate that it begins with being clear about what matters to customers, and then providing them with useful content using the online or offline tools best for them.

During the Canada Nufloors Group annual meeting in September, the subject came up as Cynthia Dean, Nufloors Coquitlam general manager, shared her perspectives on connecting with customers [see Connecting With Customers: Nufloors Advice]. Simple ideas are effective in delighting customers!

As a contributor to the Content Marketing Institute, I've been participating in several blog series.  The most recent, about engaging content, has had me thinking intensely about the content I encounter. Content takes many forms. Some grocery stores are rethinking produce display to engage and encourage healthier eating. Many companies provide illuminating content to inform their customers' buying decisions. What have you encountered?

WFUV, one of our favorite public radio stations in the NYC area, uses a combination of fantastic music programming interspersed with live musician interviews/performances as well as digital communication tools to sell their services to the public. In this case, the content itself is being purchased!

Whether online, offline, whether it consists of words, songs, images or objects, your content must relate to you and your business and be useful to those end users or customers you want to engage with. It must tell your story in terms that those customers can relate to, and in a way that establishes your credibility and builds trust in you over time.

As several friends have mentioned lately, the rules have changed. It's no longer a matter of putting an ad out there and waiting for people to call you. You have to be online, you have to be consistently visible to potential customers, you have to  make sure your marketing works harder for you. Offering interesting and useful content is a good way to do that and in many markets will distinguish you from your competition.

How have you been making your marketing more effective? How are making use of content to connect with customers? I'd love to hear your story.

In Recent News...

Bathroom Blogfest 2010 just ended.  Here's a recap of the posts that ~ 40 bloggers created based on the Mad Men inspired theme "Stuck in the 60s?".

I've been immersed in LinkedIn lately. You might enjoy 8 tips for Content Marketing with LinkedIn podcast with Find and Convert's Bernie Borges as well as my 3 part interview series on LinkedIn and social media marketing with TalkFloor's Dave Foster.

If you are interested in mapping social influence and monitoring social conversations, you want to explore the Social Flooring Index analysis created with eCairn Conversation.

Curious about the role listening plays in social media marketing? Check out the AMA Podcast Series: Social Media Marketing GPS.

Honored to be recognized...

Social Media Marketing Resources from The Simple Marketing Blog:

Retail Experience Resources from Flooring The Consumer:

Are you thinking about making your marketing work harder? Curious about how to integrate content marketing and social media into your marketing mix? Would you like more resources to refer to? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!


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