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Weaver's Wanderings
June 2008

Dear <<First Name>>,
As we move into summer we wanted to give you the highlights of our life and what's coming up.  If you know someone who is not currently getting this newsletter and might be interested please click Forward to forward a link of this newsletter to them.  Thanks!!

In This Issue:
We're Going to Duvall, WA - Sept. 6th to 14th 2008
What's Next?

Check Out Our New Website!

Prayer Partners Needed   

Candy's Update

Tim's Update

Calendar of Events & Links
We're Going to Duvall, WA - Sept. 6th to 14th 2008 
2 year reunion trip:
After two years in Boston we have the opportunity to visit Duvall, WA.  Thanks to some expiring airline miles we have inexpensive flights to Washington.  We hope to connect with as many friends as possible while we are visiting.  Please Click Here to schedule time with us on our online scheduler.  We already started to fill time slots with people so please let us know soon, and feel free to double up with people you know!  We also hope to borrow a vehicle while we are there for the week.  If you are able to loan a vehicle for a week please contact us so we can get that organized.  We look forward to seeing everyone and also the new church building!

What's Next?
With Candy graduating in June 2009, people started to ask what's next?  Are you staying in Boston, moving back to Washington, or whatever is behind door #3?  While we are not exactly sure what will be next, we are starting to think about it.  For now here is what we are thinking and would ask for your prayers!  After Candy graduates we plan on taking some time just to be.  2009 has some significant milestones.  Candy's graduation, our 15th anniversary, and Candy turning 40 in December.  With all those milestones we set a goal to visit Ireland sometime next summer/fall for our 15th wedding anniversary. 

As we look beyond that we are seriously considering joining ELIC (English Language Institute China) to teach English in China.  They have a program that allows you to get a masters degree while teaching over a three to four year period.  I would pursue a master's degree in Intercultural Studies (ie missions) and Candy would look into a masters degree focused on TESOL (Teaching English to  Speakers of Other Languages).  Since 1995 we supported different friends who have been a part of ELIC, and visited Brian (one of those friends) in China back in January 2002. We are still not sure if this is the next step, but it is one we are considering. We would ask for your prayers as we continue to look for the Lord's leading.  A praise is that one of Grace Chapel's missionaries is a key person in ELIC and will be in the Boston area in late June.  We will be meeting with her to talk about the opportunity.

Check Out Our New Website!
We have launched a new website that will hopefully aid us as we try to keep in contact with an ever increasing number of people.  Check it out at  We have a blog there as well that we plan on updating at least weekly!  We love to hear what's going on in your lives as well. Email us any time at either or  

Prayer Partners Needed
We have at different times tried to create an ongoing group of people that would be willing to pray for us on an ongoing basis.  As we look to the future we realize that we really need to make a concerted effort to make that happen.  If you would like to receive more frequent (bi-monthly) short updates with prayer and praise items please click here to be added to our prayer partner list.

Candy's Update
WOW! Spring semester flew by and now it is summer time! To date, my gender class and positive psych. class were the highlight of my time at Harvard! I am beginning to think I’ve finally adjusted to working and college life just in time for my last three semesters. My upcoming summer class is Linguistics and is a 4 week intensive - all the work and no time to do it. I have classes 4 days a week for 2.5 hours a day and problem sets due everyday. A bit daunting, but as many of you out there know I wouldn’t be “Candy” if I wasn’t running full-tilt from time to time.
Our summer is shaping up quite nicely. We spent a few relaxing weekends between Maine and Rhode Island. Our time in Acadia, ME was really nice. Soon we’ll be traveling to PA to catch up with ACF’ers and family. I really look forward to making some connections with old friends and seeing new faces.
And for those of you who know I can’t seem to go a minute without thinking about something horse related, I am getting some riding in this summer. Last weekend I took one of the horses out and rode down the street to a pond, trails, and a bike path that connects with the next town over. The extreme heat cut my ride short, but regardless it was a great time getting an inexperienced horse used to the rules of the road and enjoying the shaddy trails. The family who owns the horses is gone for the summer, so the 4 of us gals are on exercise duty… suffering all the way – NOT!! I just can’t believe how the Lord brought such incredibly generous people into my life.

Tim's Update
Life at MIT continues to be interesting!  We are in the process of relocating offices on campus to have all the fundraising and development groups in one building.  The positive is that the building has been entirely renovated inside and will be a great space.  However, it is on the exact opposite side of campus and further away from public transportation.  I also recently recieved a "cubit award" for some of my work in helping craft the strategy of a major donor for the energy initiative.  It was a great honor and I received a $50 gift certificate to Legal Seafoods! 

At Grace Chapel I am fully involved with the IMAC (International Missions Advisory Committee).  I helped organize a global awareness luncheon where we had a missionary couple that is leaving for Tajikistan come and share about their ministry.  We also had tables set up representing the six regional teams that our missions program is divided into for people to interact and ask questions about the missionaries serving in the various regions and how they might become involved.  Overall it was a great event with about 150 people in attendance.  A quick praise!  The missions budget for the next fiscal year was increased by 3%.  That will allow us to provide for some increases for missionaries that are hard hit by the devalued US dollar.  Continue to pray for us on the committee as we navigate how to effectively engage the congregation and the world!  We have our Global Awareness Week (missions conference) in late October and are beginning now to plan and prepare for that week.

Candy and I are also involved in teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL) at the church.  Over the summer we have two 13 year old boys (one Chinese and one Korean), along with one of the boy's father.  They are in the very beginner level, so they know very little English, and we obviously don't know Korean or Chinese.  That has made it very interesting in communicating and trying to teach them, but so far it has been a great experience.
Prayer Requests & Praises!
  Praise we had a great trip to Acadia National Park with Tim's parents!
*  Praise for the blessing of free airline miles to visit Washington!
*  Pray for Tim's move to the new office space at MIT.
*  Pray for Candy as she takes a 4 week intensive linguistics course at Harvard this summer.
*  Pray for the IMAC committee at Grace Chapel as we navigate how to engage the congregation and the world.
*  Pray for future direction and guidance as we look into ELIC.

Porcupine Islands
The Porcupine Islands in Acadia National Park (ANP)

Tim & Candy with Tim's Parents in Acadia National Park
Tim, Candy, & Tim's parents in ANP

ANP Shoreline
Shoreline at Acadia National Park

Sunset at ANP
Sunset at Acadia National Park

Lake in ANP
Lake in Acadia National Park

Tim & Candy at ANP
Tim & Candy at Acadia National Park

Shoreline2 - ANP
Shoreline at Acadia National Park

Sunset - ANP
Sunset at Acadia National Park

Rocks - ANP
Rocks in a stream at ANP

Rocks in a lake - ANP
Rocks in a Lake - ANP

Camp Life
Campsite at Acadia National Park

Valentines - Gamers Group
Valentines Dinner - Gamers Group

Valentines - Gamers Group2
Valentines Dinner - Paul's B-Day

Calendar of Events  
*  June 21st - Gamers Group - NH
June 27-29th - Lacaster, PA for ACF event
4th of July weekend camping in W. Mass.
Labor Day weekend in Lancaster, PA
Sept. 6th - 14th trip to Duvall, WA
Christmas in Lancaster, PA

Grace Chapel
ELIC - English Language Institute China
Candy's Work
Tim's Work
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