This is a trend that is becoming a craze.
Unlike some crazes out there - this one is actually good for you.
Some people can't wait to get into the ground each Spring.
When touching the earth, and paying attention - there is no denying our primal connection - 
and the profoundly
Artists who are also Gardeners - know this.

Cincinnati Artist, Amy Bogard
has designed a collection of sublime Terrariums
to celebrate the coming of Spring at HighStreet.
Tiny terrains
Little worlds
Your own precious landscape
under glass.
So if you are neither gardener -
nor artist -
you can still escape 
into your own little world
with its own perfect climate
and your benign neglect
will perpetuate the magic
rather than erase it.
Introducing the wonderful little micro-climates and hand-made

worlds of  
Amy Bogard - right now at your favorite store. 

1401 Reading Road
First Floor. Downtown
Cincinnati Ohio 45202


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