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Actress's gutsy pro-life tweet

Australian actress commits suicide after abortion

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Texas maintenance worker Carlos Michel heard faint whimpering sounds coming from a dumpster at a nearby apartment complex. Michel said that what he thought he heard were the muffled cries of a kitten or perhaps a dying animal. As he neared the dumpster, the man was sure that whoever or whatever was whimpering inside was struggling.

Leaning into the blue dumpster, Carlos grabbed hold of a white plastic trash bag, pulled it out, placed it on the ground, and ripped it open to find a newborn baby boy inside. The infant, with umbilical cord still attached, was cold and purple, but still alive. “I almost had a heart attack,” Michel said. Read more...

Bad marketing move: Planned Parenthood sells baby onesies

In a remarkably baffling move, Planned Parenthood is selling baby onesies in its online Marketplace.

The abortion giant writes:

Care for your little one in this adorable 100% combed ringspun cotton onesie. Featuring our tagline, Care. No matter what, in an adorable heart design, this onesie is designed to handle everyday knock around. Read more...

Would Personhood make Colorado the next El Salvador?

According to El Salvador’s high court, “the rights of the mother are not privileged over those of the unborn child (who is to be born) and vice versa.” Every person has an equal right to life. Shouldn’t every country extend equal protection to all human beings?

Some abortion activists don’t think so. In last Friday’s Denver Post, Kathy Bougher vilified El Salvador’s pro-life laws and suggested that introducing a similar equal rights approach in Colorado would create an invasive regime where women are investigated for miscarriages on a whim. Read more...

Debunking Rolling Stone's "Seven most common lies about abortion"

Rolling Stone’s Lauren Rankin recently wrote about “outright lies told by abortion opponents.” She claimed the goal of these “lies” is to “dissuade women out of seeking safe and legal abortion care.”

But just because something is “legal” does not make it wrong to convince someone not to do it. In Kenya, rape is widespread and treated as culturally legal. Would it be wrong to convince men to stop raping women? Read more...

Black babies make up 72% of Mississippi abortions

On the heels of the recent bombshell reports showing that more black babies were aborted in New York City in 2012 than were born there, another report is now showing that in Mississippi, where the white population outnumbers the black population by more than 1.5 to 1, an astounding 71.67% of the babies aborted between 1995 and 2010 were black. Read more...

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