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Why I Love Loquots But Not to Eat
There's ripe loquots in the trees down my street and each year they bring me great joy.  Although I'm not into eating them, with their massive pips, furry skin and watery flavour they're kind of behind the eightball as a fruit*.   And it's not the fond memories I have of the massive loquot tree in our front yard as a kid and the satisfying splatter of our neighbourhood loquot wars.  No, it's not what loquots are, it's what loquots say.  And they're saying in an encouraging "you can do it" kind of way that apricots aren't far away and behind them are the nectarines, peaches and plums and somewhere in between there will be cherries.  Because each year November is a desperate fruit time and it seems that all that's left in the fruit bowl are valencias and bananas.  But there, hanging in a neighbourhood tree like a little furry yellow beacon saying in its plain tasting, big pippy way, "hold on fruit lover you're almost there".

Joe and Vince's Broad Beans Saved Our Spring
As the broccoli shortage dragged on and the asparagus crop and Victoria's salad greens were being beaten up by hail stones, broad beans have been standing tall - saving spring dinners.  Vince from CERES' Merri Creek Market Garden tells me that this week is almost it for our broad bean crop.  It's been one of our best ever seasons and this week is the one to put Joe's variety to the test - Joe reckons these beans that he's been growing since 1945 are sweet till the end of the season (unlike some others).  To test them eat your broadies raw by peeling the outer pod and then skinning the bean of it's pale outer skin to reveal the bright green inner bean - let us know how you go.

We're Delivering Melbourne Cup Day - we didn't before but we do now

Fair Food hasn't done it before but this year we're delivering to Food Hosts on Melbourne Cup Day just like any normal Tuesday - the only difference is the office won't be attended on Tuesday although we'll check the email from time to time.

Get Dirty Down on the CERES Farm on Sat Nov 9th -

Get you hands dirty and a fine feed down on the farm at CERES
Bookings close 11:59pm on Thursday 7th November.
Booking link <>

Fair Food is Looking for a new Kensington Food Host.

If you or someone you know might be interested, drop our Food Host coordinator a line at

*Apologies to loquot lovers - forgive me, I've tried to embrace them, I really have.
For Tuesday and Wednesday deliveries, order by 11:59pm Sunday night - yes, that's tonight!
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