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FDR's Grocery Buying Guide

I bought a history's great speeches book from my son's school book fair before the holidays. Its very short chapters suited my reading style i.e. it was perfect for contemplating while on the loo. This week I finished Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous "The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself" speech.  It's one of those timeless addresses that could have be given as easily in the years following the Global Financial Crisis as in the darkest days of the Great Depression. Roosevelt spoke that; 

"Happiness lies in not the mere possession of money, it lies in the joys of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.  The joy and moral stimulation of work must not be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits...If I read the temper of our people correctly, we now realise as we have never realised before our interdependence on each other; that we can not merely take but we must give as well..."

It got me thinking about what we all do together each week - almost 1000 households pooling their money to buy food with a purpose beyond getting the cheapest prices, beyond satisfying our desires for produce no matter what season and beyond what's most convenient. Buying food this way does require giving a little extra money, a little more creativity to cook our meals and a little more effort to pick up groceries from a Food Host.

But buying food this way is a recognition of our interdependence, a recognition that supports farmers throughout the growing season, that gives people who have come to Australia looking for a secure future their first jobs in our warehouse and creates a network of Food Hosts where people see the faces of their neighbours and importantly where all the profits go to support environmental education programs at CERES. The other question the speech raised for me, especially after this past Sept 7, was "where's our FDR?"

Please Accept this Asparagus...

It's 2nd week of school holidays - which from personal experience of week one can be tough going.  So for the second week we're trying to help sooth ragged nerves of all parents out there with a calming bunch of Maurie & Maria Cafra's asparagus in every order over $30.  Make sure you get the biggest helping.

Have a great week


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