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Best Ever Chocolate Cake
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Many thanks go to Raven Cretney for submitting this winning recipe for our chocolate cake competition. With so many cake options it was hard to call it, but we did and with no regrets. Thanks Raven! She writes: "I just love this recipe from Chelsea Winter - a baker from my home Aotearoa New Zealand. The cake is just perfect - it's dairy AND egg free but you would never know - it's soft and fluffy and perfectly sweet - not too much, not too little! It's also such a stunningly simple recipe. I share it with everyone I can and I definitely second the recommendation to use dark cocoa powder - I've never had such a chocolatey cake before." Well, indeed. A cake that is moist, fudgy, super chocolatey and whisked together in 5 minutes flat. Thanks so much to everyone who sent in their wonderful favourite cake recipes, we hope you enjoy this one too.

Item 1
Like flannies, vinyl and 60’s Finnish enamelware, cauliflower’s fortunes have come full circle recently. After a series of over-boiled supporting vegetable roles cauli has ascended to become a fine dining favourite appearing in daring pairings with fennel and scallops in guises from a playful cauli snow to a brooding, smoky puree.

Whole $4.95

Item 2
Possibly the most underrated fruit going around today; juicier than most, wonderful sweet/tart balance and an intense fiery orange skin. Ask any fruiterer worth their salt and they’ll scratch their heads and tell you they don’t understand why tangelos don’t get more public recognition.

500g $3.20
1kg $5.95
2kg $10.95

Item 3
Celery has had a curious association with soccer and the Chelsea Football Club in particular. Fans once brought celery to wave around at matches, sing ribald celery songs and occasionally throw celery sticks at players or officials to signal their displeasure. And although there were never any celery related injuries recorded the club decided to ban the vegetable after four fans were arrested for celery throwing after losing a FA Cup semi-final in 2002.

Half $3.50
Whole $6.50

Ask not

To the Aztecs cacao was money; in 14th century Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City, one cacao bean would get you a pretty decent tamale while for 100 beans you could pick up a turkey. Cacao beans were made into xocoatl, the local drink of choice, thought to impart good health and virility. When the invading Spanish turned up in the 1500’s however, they didn't rate it at all. Conquistador chronicler, Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo, who was the first to introduce the words hammock, pineapple and tobacco to the West despised the chocolate drink, though to be fair he did hate pretty much everything the Native American’s had to offer – except their silver and gold of course. When the Spanish did finally cotton on to drinking chocolate, by adding sugar and spices, they liked it so much they kept it a secret from the rest of the world for over a hundred years. Hence in 1579, when English pirates captured a Spanish ship loaded with cocoa beans, they burned it thinking it was sheep poo (clearly an easy mistake to make for the uninitiated). Of course all that has changed now and chocolate is truly the global sweet treat of choice, aptly illustrated by this week’s winning chocolate birthday cake entry. The recipe originated in Italy where it was served up to travelling Kiwi chef, Chelsea Winter, on her 31st birthday. Winter’s Tuscan hosts adapted the cake to local conditions using olive oil and balsamic vinegar (no really). Back in New Zealand Kiwi’s embraced the cake and thankfully one (Raven) brought it over to us in Melbourne. Our resident cook, Liz, baked it this week and I can tell you the cake fitted so well into its new environment that it lasted about five minutes when put in front of the Fair Food international tasting panel (read: warehouse crew) for our sixth birthday celebrations.

Powlett Hill biodynamic wholegrain flour 1or 3kg
Powlett Hill biodynamic wholegrain flour 1or 3kg
Like the story of The Little Red Hen, the Fawcett family grow the wheat themselves, tend and harvest it and then they mill it on the farm on their granite stone mill – but unlike The Little Red Hen they’re more than willing to share their work with anybody who wants to bake with some of the “wholest” whole grain flour around.
1kg down from $4.95 to $4.45, or buy in bulk 3 kg down from $10.45 to $9.45
The Milk Thief Organic Butter
The milk thief organic butter salted 250g
Butter brings out our basest of human reactions; I’m convinced that when we eat butter there are specific butter reward receptors working in the primitive limbic part of our brains. And like another layer of emotional filo enhancing butter’s appeal is its mysterious alchemic creation; churning and churning liquid cream until, like magic, all that remains is a block of solid gold.
Down from $5.20 to $4.95
Loving Earth organic cacao powder
Loving Earth raw organic cacao powder
It was a Dutch chemist in the 1820’s who discovered how to powder fermented cocoa bean by pressing out cocoa butter from the bean pulp – hence Dutch cocoa. But it took another 20 years before failed English banker, Joseph Fry, discovered if he melted the cocoa butter back into the powder it would create chocolate!
500g down from $17.95 to $15.95, and 1 kg down from $26.95 to $22.95
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