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Entries open from 5 January 2014 – 20 Jan 2014. You must enter the coupon code
GOODGUT at checkout to enter. Only orders over $30 will qualify. Only one Good Gut pack per customer and you may receive any two 250g variety of Pat’s Veg.

Your Good Gut pack will automatically be added to your order at zero cost on your fourth week of consecutive ordering over $30.


Congratulations to everybody who has signed up to the Unglut Your Gut Challenge - there's over 200 of you!   If you'd like to sign up and give a little back to your microbiome the challenge runs for one more week.  And if you've just got back into town here is the story again......

....Went too hard at work wind ups? Ate and drank things you'd never usually put in your body, and in worrying quantities? What about your stress levels? By the time Christmas rolled around were you already strung out from the end-of-year rush at work, traumatised by Christmas shopping, or mentally and emotionally “just hanging on” around family members you may have moved interstate or overseas to avoid? And after it was all done, during some reflective New Year's resolution type moment, did you find yourself asking, “how badly did all of this affect my intestinal flora!?” Hmm, maybe you didn't.

And yet, deep inside all of us exists another world, a microscopic world made up of 10 times more bacteria, fungi and other organisms than we have cells in our body. It's called the human microbiome and most of it lives in our guts. Anyway there are 10 trillion friendly bacteria in there and it's like its own ecosystem.
Our microbiome is doing a whole lot of essential jobs we can't do ourselves. Not only are they're aiding our digestion, they're also producing essential substances we can't make. They’re regulating our appetite, controlling our moods, teaching our bodies not to overreact to harmless intruders (read allergies!) and most importantly they're helping our immune system defend us from infection.
You might start to wonder who's in control here - them or us? But that's a whole other conversation. The rub of all this is that a happy gut equals a happy life. And after the festive season your microbiome has just gone through, we'd like to help!
In January, Fair Food is teaming up with master fermenter Pat from Pat's Veg to bring you the Unglut Your Gut Challenge!

Just plug in the coupon code GOODGUT at checkout, and order over $30 worth of clean, green 'n' fair foods over four consecutive weeks and we'll send you a FREE Good Gut Pack with your fourth order!



You might have heard it's going to be hot this week, really, really hot. And to minimise the impact on your Food Host and Home Delivery orders obviously the sooner you get your food inside and into the fridge the better.  So for Food Host customers we're going to Text your mobile as soon as your orders arrive at your Food Host so you can collect asap and  if you are at home listen out and get those boxes inside quick.



CERES has a new bun in the oven: A free book swap! This permanent-and-free book exchange will soon be nestled in the bread oven annexe next to the CERES Organic Market place. To get it up and running, we need your help! We’ve started gathering books, but we need a bookshelf. Do you have a bookshelf that you no longer use? Something in the neighbourhood of 1.5m high and 1.8 metres wide? Email and we’ll organise to pick it up and put it to work.

Ps. Soon, we’ll be asking you for book donations, so start checking your collections!

May your house stay cool this week



For Tuesday and Wednesday deliveries, order by 11:59pm Sunday night - yes, that's tonight!
For Thursday deliveries, order by 11:59pm Tuesday night.


If you ever miss cut off, or experience any difficulties with payments, simply email us BEFORE 10AM the following day and we'll pop through a sneaky manual order for you. You can reply to this email or send your late order to
5% DISCOUNT FOR ALL NEWBIES! Did you sign up with us, but never got around to ordering? Got a friend you'd like to introduce to seasonal organic eating? We'd like to give you and your friends the gift of Fair Food with a 5% storewide discount on your first order!
To redeem this first order discount, at checkout enter the coupon code: JOINUS
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