Saturday in St. Charles

Officer Friendly is playing this Saturday night, September 18th at East Side Pub in St. Charles. It's the official bar of the Chicago Blackhawks, so put in your fake teeth, grab your Cup, and come out for some live music and explain to me what the hell "icing" means anyway!

There is one catch - it's just Ryan and myself for 2 long acoustic sets. The good news is that we have added a handful of new songs and we are going to play some original songs we have written over the years. This is how Ryan and I started playing together back in our dorm rooms while attending The University of Iowa, so I am really looking forward to playing these songs. It's going to be fun show for sure and not your typical "train wreck" full band gig you've come to know and warn your girlfriends about. I'm not saying we won't get rowdy (that's always going to happen), but you may find it a little "Storytellers" at times. Hope to see you there!

East Side Pub
9:30PM - 1AM
2400 E. Main St.
St. Charles, IL 60174

Also, we have an "unconfirmed" show with the full band in Oak Park on Sunday. So it's like this - Ryan know a guy that knows a girl that heard from his cousin that heard Ferris Bueller wants Officer Friendly to play at a street festival in Oak Park off Harlem by his parent's house around 5PM. Hey - that's solid enough for me to haul gear and rock out with the full band! Just give one of us a call and we can help you find your way once it's all set. If not, we will probably just throw a house party at Ryan's. [private conversation with Ryan's wife: Ummmm, sorry Jess, is it OK that I invited the entire Officer Friendly email list to your house on Sunday? Oh, it's OK? Great! I probably should have called you first right? Mmmmm. Ok. I'll help clean up.] Seriously, call us first so she doesn't kill me. There is no house party....yet.

Upcoming Shows

Saturday, October 23
9PM - 1AM
Gruben’s Uptown Tap
Plainfield, IL

We are still working on Katie O'Connors gigs and may have something in Wrigleyville in Chicago. We'll send details once everything is in place. Well, please send this along to anyone I've missed or have them join the mailing list. Catch you laterhosen!

Your Best Friend in the whole world,
Officer Friendly

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