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ISSUE 84  | APRIL 7, 2017

Hi <<First Name>>,

Over the past 8 weeks we have showcased projects from Inspirations #93 and just like that, it’s nearly time for issue #94 (out April 27th) to arrive already!

But what to do until then…?

Well firstly we know that stitchers have the patience of a saint, right?  Otherwise we couldn’t do what we do!  If nothing else stitching = patience.  In fact patience is the cornerstone to both needlework itself and the virtue of love.  If we borrow some text from the Bible and switch the word Love for Needlework, this is what you get:

‘Needlework is patient, needlework is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast,
it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered.’

How apt is that!  This passage of text beautifully describes what we stitchers do don’t you think?

Now the good news is, while we all practice our patience waiting for the next issue of Inspirations, over the coming weeks we have some very special projects to share which we know you’ll love, plus a bumper Easter issue of EN for next week.  In the meantime, enjoy all the wonders of needlework we’ve selected for you below…

Share your needlework journey with us at


1 x Prescription For Needlework Please…

We truly appreciate the inspiration your letters in Embroidery News generate and we especially love the conversations they inspire, as each of us in the Embroidery News Community find a personal connection in someone else’s story and in turn are inspired to share their own journey.

Such was the case with Sheron Wood from Perth in Western Australia. Sheron has been fortunate enough to find a way of indulging her passion of needle and thread full time as on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays she works in a beautiful store in Perth called ‘Stitchers Corner’ and is then home stitching on Mondays and Thursdays!  Here is her story:

After battling for years with doctors that I was not imagining my aches and pains, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The worst part about it is that there is no cure, so I turned to natural medicines like turmeric for the pain, but found it only had a marginal affect. What does help fully though, is my Cross Stitch and Embroidery. I get so lost in my work that I completely forget I am in pain. I become so immersed in my embroidery that I am jolted back to reality by a simple touch or by my son and husband calling out ‘Mum’. I can vouch whole heartedly that embroidery is my sanity and my pain killer.’

We love that needlework can be a completely guilt free ‘drug’ of choice, with all of the benefits, but none of the side effects of prescription medication! Now if we could just find a few more hours in the day to make up the time spent with needle and thread...



Having the pleasure of speaking to many stitchers over the years, we know there are some of you who like to re-create a project verbatim, faithfully following each step of the instructions to a tee, some prefer to adlib and bring their own flair when creating an interpretation of the original, and others enjoy designing and creating their own piece entirely.

Woodland’ by Jo Butcher from our recently launched book ‘Inspirations | A Passion For Needlework’ is an exceptionally versatile project which has something for everyone.

Depicting a gorgeous lush meadow of ghostly white silver birch trunks rising above a sea of pink foxglove spires, this spectacular vista is worked in a range of simple surface stitches over a printed or hand painted calico background.  And it’s the background that is one element that opens the door to creativity – you can either use a pre-printed canvas or tap into your inner Monet and use water colours to hand paint your own.


Pre-printed Fabric Included with Kit

Verbatim Stitchers – Looking to create your own Woodland without breaking out the paints?  No problems, just purchase a ready-to-stitch kit which comes with pre-printed canvas (pictured above), follow the instructions in the book, and you’re away.

Part Verbatim / Part Creative - If you have never tried a mixed media project before, now is your chance.  There is something very satisfying and enjoyable about painting your own background and then embellished it with stitching.  It’s a lovely creative process combining two art forms.  The painting process is very simple, using the template provided in the book. just mark out the area to be painted and using blue and yellow water colours, create your own cloudy sky and a green backdrop for the grass and flowers.

Once the painting’s done, don’t let the creativity end there.  When it comes to the stitching, rather than being restricted to a stitching chart, this design gives you the freedom to feel your own way through the blending of colours and placement of highlights, flowers, leaves etc. Give yourself permission to take some artistic license and try experimenting, you never know what fun you might have!

Woodland really is the prefect project to start you on your way to creating your own designs.  The stitching difficulty has been dialled back using only 5 different well known and straight forward stitches, to give rise to stretching and strengthening your own creative muscles instead.  Rather than a stitching challenging, this piece for you might be a creative one.

So what will it be… create your own individual interpretation of Woodland, or follow the stunning photos and use pre-printed fabric to match the original stitch perfect?  Whichever you chose, one will never tire of enjoying this serene outlook.


Step 1 – Purchase
‘Inspirations A Passion For Needlework’ Book

A Passion For Needlework’ includes all the information you need to make your own ‘Woodland’ along with step-by-step instructions, requirements list, embroidery key and a painting guide template.

> Inspirations | A Passion For Needlework - Available In Print HERE

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The ‘Woodland’ Ready-To-Stitch Inspirations Kit includes everything you need to re-create your own serene meadow, including: pre-printed fabric, threads and needles.

> Woodland - Ready To Stitch Kit Available HERE


Here are some other ways you can enjoy more of Jo’s delightful designs:


Two Hearts’ by Jo Butcher from Inspirations #85 features two dainty hearts which are ideal for a beginner or anyone looking for a gorgeous, quick to stitch project.

Pretty, white daisies and tiny blue forget-me-nots are worked in stranded cotton onto a background of natural linen.

> Two Hearts In Digital – Pattern Download Available HERE


To find out more about Jo, her designs and products she has available, check out her website HERE.


FINAL CALL – Tall Year Square Kits

We are now taking pre-orders for the final 50 units of the Tall Year Square kit from Inspirations #93.  To reserve a kit for this extremely popular project, place your pre-order today.

> Tall Year Square - Ready To Stitch Kit Available HERE

NEW! Jo Butcher Kits Now Available

Just this week we have added two of Jo’s very own kits to our website.


‘Jug of Roses’ by Jo Butcher is a just that, a jug full of gorgeous bullion roses.  Kit contains all you need including linen with pre-printed design, Liberty fabric, bondaweb, threads, needle and easy to follow step-by-step instructions by Jo.

> Jug of Roses Jo Butcher Kit Available HERE


‘Cow Parsley Meadow’ by Jo Butcher is a stunning thread painted scene with delicate flowers and layered grasses.  Kit includes linen with printed design, threads, needle and step-by-step instructions by Jo.

> Cow Parsley Meadow Jo Butcher Kit Available HERE


Open our book ‘A Passion for Needlework’ and you’ll find this statement: ‘We delight in inspiring stitchers the world over, from beginners to those who have accumulated a lifetime of experience.

What Are You Stitching takes this one step further in that we delight in sharing what has inspired stitchers the world over and we love that we have a forum where the work of beginners right through to those who have accumulated a lifetime of experience can be published and honoured together, celebrating a unique community who have been inspired, empowered and encouraged to stitch their very best.  Here are just a few of their stories…

TANYA | Minnesota, USA 

‘Hello, my name is Tanya and I started to embroider about a year and a half ago.  What inspired me to start was that I was cleaning out my closet and ran across my wedding gift from my grandma.  She had embroidered me and my husband pillow cases with flowers and doves holding ribbons.  I remember she had made this for me and my sisters before she had passed.  When I opened it at my bridal shower I was overwhelmed with so many emotions.  So I decided I wanted to learn and keep the tradition going.

 I now make and sell my own patterns and it has brought me much delight. I just hope that someday I will be able to touch someone's heart like my grandmother did for me and my sisters. Tanya from Minnesota.’


‘Dear Inspirations, you really do live up to your name!  I have been inspired anew by your newsletter and have rediscovered the joy of needlework.  I have always loved the craft but had been seduced by Paper Craft and strayed from my real roots.  Well now I am stitching again and there aren't enough hours in the day for me to try all the fabulous projects in your magazine.

I was lucky enough to find some back copies on eBay to add to the issues I purchased 20 years ago.  I think you are to be congratulated on maintaining the high standard over all these years.  Thanks to you my Friday mornings start with wonderful images of needlework created by very gifted people and I am so grateful.

I have attached a photograph of a handkerchief case which I made many years ago designed by Barbara Jackson.  It is my pride and joy and when I saw something very similar in one of your magazines I was thrilled to bits. Pat Hill.’

LOUISE HOSKINS | Denmark, Western Australia

‘I have just read EN and was once again inspired by all the work your followers have done. My 5th year of embroidery with the Denmark Group has been wonderful.

I have surprised myself with my achievements. Thank you for the encouragement received through the friendship felt from the weekly EN and the Magazines. Happy stitching to everyone. Louise.’


‘Greetings to everyone at Inspirations Magazine and my stitching friends all over the world! Honestly, I never paid much attention to the projects that Jenny Adin-Christie featured in Inspirations Magazine. I admired them, but that's as far as it went. All of that changed when I was at Beating Around the Bush and met her and saw her kits. I could have purchased 10 of them, but managed to keep it to just two. New Mexico is a mecca for fibre art and every other year, we hold the Fibre Arts Fiesta, which is a huge show of fibre art.

I'm entering this piece with high hopes for a ribbon. What's not to love about a castle in the sky? Vaja con Dios (Goodbye), Kathleen Weston from New Mexico, USA.’

Tania, Pat, Louise and Kathleen – we love that each of you has been inspired, empowered and encouraged to stitch your very best! More than that, we love that each of you has been inspired by something unique that makes each of your stitching journeys a one of a kind and personal to each of you.

What has inspired your stitching journey? We’d love to hear about it and see what stitching you’ve accomplished along the way. Email details of your stitching journey together with photos of your accomplishments to

A little birdy told us that his fine feathered friends will be featured in next week’s EN, so if you’ve got a stitched bird you’re yet to email us, today would be a great day to do so!



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If you enjoyed Betsy’s project ‘Tall Year Square’ from Inspirations #93 (picture above), here is some more of her delightful needlework to admire:


Sweet Treats’ by Betsy Morgan are cute little pincushions showcasing a variety of counted thread designs.

> Sweet Treats In Print - Inspirations #92 In Print Available HERE


To coincide with ‘Seasons’ by Betsy Morgan starring for the month of April in the Inspirations calendar, this stunning project has just been released as a Digital Download project.

> Seasons In Digital – Pattern Download Available HERE
> Seasons In Print - Inspirations #87 Available In Print HERE


Tiny Treasures’ by Betsy Morgan is an exquisite cross stitch etui, stitched in a rainbow of silk threads and filled with a collection of dainty sewing accessories.

> Tiny Treasures In Digital – Pattern Download Available HERE


Meadow Sweet’ by Betsy Morgan is a beautiful stumpwork study of a dragonfly.

> Meadow Sweet in Digital - Pattern Download Available HERE



By Nicola Jarvis



By Trish Burr


Some eye candy


" The pursuit of needle and thread uplifts, relaxes and calms. Its meditative rhythms soothe the soul and enhance and enrich the lives of those who dedicate themselves to it."
~  Inspirations - A Passion for Needlework ~


What: International Quilt Festival | Chicago
Where: Donald E Stephens Convention Center | 5555 N River Road Rosemont, Illinois
When: to 8 Apr
Details: Click HERE

What: London Calling – Quilts at the Library | An Exhibition by London Quilters
Where: Swiss Cottage Library | 88 Avenue Road London
When: to 15 Apr
Details: Click HERE

What: 2017 Scarf Festival | Galaxies – A Textile Journey to Infinity & Beyond
Where: The National Wool Museum | 26 Moorabool Street Geelong, Victoria
When: Entries Close 30 Apr
Details: Click HERE &

What: Jeanie Baker’s Circle Exhibition
Where: Royal Botanic Gardens | Domain House | Dallas Brooks Drive South Yarra Victoria
When: to 14 May

What: The Language of Flowers | The Embroiderers’ Guild of SA Museum Team Exhibition
Where: 16 Hughes Street Mile End, South Australia
When: to 30 Jun
Details: Click HERE           

What: Inspired by Gardens & Landscapes of Tatton | Altrincham, Chelford, Manchester & Warrington Branches of the Embroiderers’ Guild
Where: Steward’s Room, Tatton Park| Knutsford, Cheshire UK
When: to 30 Jul
Details:  Click HERE

What: RSN | Stories in Stitch Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When: to Aug
Details: Click HERE

What: The Artisans of Geelong Inc Exhibition | The Fabric of our Community
Where: The Bostock Gallery | Corner Gordon Ave & Fenwick Street Geelong, Victoria
When: 8 to 9 Apr
Details: Click HERE

What: Needlework & Textile Exhibitions | Festival Fleurieu
Where: Fleurieu Coast, South Australia
When: 14 to 30 Apr
Details: Click HERE

What: Exquisite Needlework |
Exhibition by Barossa Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild of SA

Where: CWA Hall | Murray Street Tanunda
When: 19 to 23 Apr
Details: Click HERE

What: The Australasian Quilt Convention
Where: Royal Exhibition Building | Carlton Gardens Melbourne, Victoria
When: 20 to 23 April
Details: Click HERE

What: South Coast Embroidery Exhibition | Silver Threads
Where: RSL Hall | 10 The Strand Port Elliot, South Australia
When: 22 to 23 April
Details: Click HERE

What: Embroidery at Sunnycroft | Jacobean Flower Workshop
Where: 200 Holyhead Road Wellington, Telford, Shropshire
When: 23 Apr
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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