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ISSUE 43  |  MAY 6, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 43.

For those of you lucky enough to live near a Baskin and Robbins ice cream parlour, you will be very familiar with the struggle of selecting which flavour to choose and narrowing your final taste sensation down to just 1, 2 or (if you are being really indulgent) 3 flavours out of their famous range of 31.

Needlework is a lot like that too… when you’re looking to start a new project or learn  something new, we are fortunate enough to have an embarrassment of riches in different techniques to choose from, each with its own unique designs, styles, colours and threads to entice us. 

Often we stumble across a project or design that draws us in, only to discover it requires a technique we haven’t tried before.  Ah the conundrum, do we jump in and give it a go, or stay where it’s safe and pass it up? 

And just like trying a flavour of ice cream for the first time that might have a funny name or be outside our normal taste bud range, we pluck up the courage to have a try and lo and behold, we love it! Next comes the lament of wasted years, wishing we had indulged in it sooner!

Over the next few weeks in Embroidery News, we’re looking at a range of different techniques featured in issue 90, starting with Crewel Embroidery so as always if you have something to share with the Inspirations community we’d love to see it!  Please email us at


We have a beautiful story of hope and faith in God from Luzia this week, as she shares how important needlework is to her at this difficult time in her life:

‘Good morning!  I am from Brazil and I want to thank you for the beautiful patterns available to purchase and download.  These projects have been somewhat of a salvation for me in the difficult times I've been facing. My husband has been hospitalized for more than 30 days battling pancreatitis.
We have kept our faith in God that everything will be solved toward healing and full recovery of his health.

During it all my embroideries have kept my sanity and they are my distraction as I don´t have the heart to watch TV and do not have the concentration to read a book.

I am sending some pictures of the project I just finished yesterday (see above).  Today is a new day, a new embroidery and with the blessing of God hopefully a day with good news in the hospital.

Thank you! Thank you very much!  Luzia Alves’

Luzia we pray your husband has a speedy recovery and no doubt your beautiful bright and cheery embroidery can help keep joy and peace in your heart through it all.

If you have a story about the benefits of needlework you would like to share, email us at

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Even before the excitement of Susan Porter’s piece ‘Windflower’ from the cover of issue #89 has diminished, we are spoiled again with yet another project from her to admire in issue #90.

Modern Crewel by Susan Porter – Inspirations issue #90

Modern Crewel’ is a contemporary spin on the traditional technique Crewel Embroidery.  Crewel embroidery, also known as Jacobean work, is characterised by designs incorporating sinuous lines, fanciful shapes and richly varied colour schemes.

Susan’s use of a contemporary palette consisting of fresh greens with turquoise and Wedgewood blues is what really puts the ‘modern’ in ‘Modern Crewel’.  It’s great to see how something as simple as changing the colour palette can bring a new angle to a traditional technique.

Did you know that the word' crewel' is thought to have derived from the Anglo-Saxon 'cleow', meaning a ball of yarn. It refers to a two ply worsted wool yarn which is a type of thread that is used which can vary in thickness and texture. This wool was also known as 'crule', 'crewle' or 'croyl'.  References to crewel are found in English records as far back as the 13th century. The Bayeux Tapestry, which was worked in the 11th century, is one of the earliest and most famous examples of crewel work still in existence today.

Here are 4 ways you can enjoy Susans’s work:

1/. – Projects from Inspirations Magazine

Printed copies of Inspirations Magazine featuring Susan’s projects are available for purchase as follows:

‘Sweet Violets’ from issue #82 - Purchase your copy HERE
‘Full Bloom’ from issue #85 (SOLD OUT)
‘Windflower’ from issue #89 – Purchase your copy HERE
‘Modern Crewel’ from issue #90 – Purchase your copy HERE

2/. – Take A Class With Susan At Beating Around The Bush 2016

Susan Porter is teaching two of her Inspirations projects, ‘Sweet Violets’ and ‘Full Bloom’ this year, as well as a gorgeous rose pin cushion.  Book your class with her today by clicking HERE.

3/. – Stitch Your Own ‘Modern Crewel’ With An Inspirations Kit

Inspirations issue #90 depicts Susan’s project ‘Modern Crewel’ inserted into the top of a wooden box, but it would look equally as stunning as a framed piece or could be used to create a superb cushion. 

The ‘Modern Crewel’ kit includes the fabric (unprinted), felt, beads, threads and needles.

Kits can be purchased HERE.


Thinking about buying a kit? Mary Corbett has written an excellent article about the pros and cons of buying pre-assembled kits which is worth checking out.  To have a read of it click HERE


What does it mean when an Inspirations Kit says PRE-ORDER?

When projects are so popular we can’t keep up with demand, rather than always being sold out, we offer the ability to pre-order a kit to ensure that when replenishment stock arrives, you are guaranteed not to miss out.  Buying a pre-order kit is exactly the same as any other kit, only there is a longer wait until your kit arrives.

Check out these extremely popular kits that are still available on pre-order:

‘Chatelaine’ (RED)
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Collection of exquisite sewing accessories in silk and gold, hung from twisted cords.

'Love Letters'
by Elisabetta Sforza

Elegant floral monogram on a pristine linen cushion.

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Last week we shared the incredibly varied and creative suggestions the Embroidery News Community offered Maureen as we helped her on her way to success with the ambitious stitching project she’s set herself in stitching the ‘Experiencing the Mighty Auroras of Jupiter’ poster. This week we unpack our next lot of conversation starters, so make sure you read on and email us with anything you can contribute

Suzanne Eder from the USA is hoping someone in the Embroidery News Community can point her in the direction of a supplier who sells Linen Batiste.

Linen Batiste from Burgundy Delights

Joan Lessard from Fairbanks in Alaska loves the technique of Thread Painting and has completed 15 projects in just the last year alone!

She discovered Trish Burr’s books and projects and is now looking for guidance, feedback and help in order to refine her technique. We’re hoping someone in the Embroidery News Community may know of an online thread painting class we can pass onto Joan.

Trish Burr’s superb thread painted study of sweet peas  ‘From My Garden’ is featured in Inspirations issue #84.

Printed copies of this issue are still available and can be purchased HERE.

Jenny Leigh’s next travel adventure is taking her to Japan, including Tokyo and Kyoto. Jenny, like many of our Embroidery News Community, has become entranced with the art of Temari. She is fascinated by the intricate designs, colours and with the skill involved in creating these Japanese thread balls. Jenny is hoping that someone in the Embroidery News Community will be able to point her in the direction of shops which display, sell and offer supplies to make them so her trip to Japan can become a true Destination Needlework Adventure!

Image courtesy of

Over to you Embroidery News Community . . . which conversation will you become a part of this week? Please email us at, we’d love to hear from you.



...the fabulous things you can do with embroidery! Need inspiration? Turn the pages of issue 90 to find enticing three dimensional work, a contemporary take on traditional styles of embroidery, and beautiful
pieces that keep time-honoured techniques alive.

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Printed copies of Inspirations issue #76, featuring this crisp white tablecloth stitched in traditional Mountmellick embroidery by Deborah Love, are now available for purchase.

There are so many inspiring projects in this issue including a sweet scissor fob, dainty snowdrop embroidered in stumpwork by world renowned designer Jenny Aiden-Christie, a velvet scarf perfect for Christmas, a captivating life-like study of a family of superb fairy wrens, a striking applique cushion, a classic blackwork pincushion, adorable cushion decorated with teddy bears, a beautiful goldwork piece and an exquisite thimble holder.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #76, click HERE


by Robyn Rich

Sewing tidy featuring a pretty parterre garden.

Hugs & Kisses’
by Libby Vater

Basinet rug with a cute appliqued rabbit in a cottage garden.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE

Beautiful Needlework. Sold Here.


Our ‘What Are You Stitching’ shout out for Crewel Embroidery this week’s comes to us courtesy of Manda Kent Burns from the UK who has sent in her own modern twist on crewel:

‘Hello there 'Down Under'!  I have just finished this project above which is a cover for my A5 notebook and it's my version of a design from a Jacobean stitch book (see below).  I have made a diary cover every year for the past three years but this one will hopefully be usable for more than one year!

While I am not an embroiderer in the thread and yarn sense, I do so admire people who are.  A few years ago I was doing a lot of networking with other businesses and had to carry business cards.  The standard business card holders available were very boring and masculine with the only feminine alternative being pink leather - and I am so not a pink person! 

At the same time, I was bored with making just bead woven jewellery (following other people's patterns) and thanks to Mary Corbet became inspired with the Jacobean style of embroidery.  These three things made me experiment making a business card holder in a Jacobean style using beads. 

I have since gone on making a range for the Business Woman and a Chatelaine collection, with miscellaneous items such as Christmas decorations, boxes and balls.  I wallow in your magazine every time it comes through the letterbox and then I have to go through all the back copies - so that's a whole day gone by being inspired!  Thank you for all your work getting such a wonderful product out to the world.  With best regards, Manda Kent Burns’

Manda, combining a Jacobean design with the razzle and dazzle of bead work has really come together nicely for you in this piece, it looks amazing.  For those interested in seeing the business card holders and other items Manda references, you can check out her website HERE

Next up we move from Crewel Embroidery to Stumpwork with this standout piece from Rosemary Greaves in Englefield Green, Surrey, UK:

‘Hi Inspirations team, I thought I would share with you my finished Bauhinia from issue 75.  It's taken a while but the end result is worth it.  Best Wishes, Rosemary Greaves

That is really stunning Rosemary, congratulations on persevering and getting it completed, it was well worth your efforts.  We know the designer Nikki Delport-Wepener will be really proud of your achievement. 

Now Christene Thurston from Rexford in NY, USA shares with us her recently completed project:

‘Hello, I always look forward to receiving my issues of Inspirations Magazine and Embroidery News because they have such wonderful projects to inspire me and interesting articles to read.  I love reading about what other stitchers are doing and where they are from.

I started to embroider “seriously” when I discovered the Embroiderers’ Guild of America and became a member 15 years ago.  Through my membership with them I have learned about new techniques and have had the opportunity to meet many new and wonderful friends who share my love of embroidery.  The piece I am sending is based on a blackwork pattern from Tanja Berlin - “Fuchsia."  I love Tanya’s designs and was fortunate to attend a thread painting workshop with her a couple of years ago.  

I wanted to finish ”Fuchsia" in some other way than as a framed piece and thought up this design for a pillow.  It’s a little bit “quirky,” but I wanted something that would reflect my own originality.   Thank you, Christene Thurston.’

Good on you for being unique and adding your own originality Christene.  We love it when someone takes a design and makes it their own by tailoring it to suit their own vision.  Nice one.

To finish up we have Halina Staniszewska from New Jersey in the USA who has created this beautiful piece:

‘Hello, I want to share with you the final result of my “Secret Garden” project.  I bought Johanna Basford’s book “Secret Garden” for embroidery inspiration. There are several drawings that would be perfect for stitching but the ring of leaves and flowers was my first choice. I really enjoyed this project. Best regards, Halina'

Wow Halina, what an extraordinary job you have done here, it’s just wonderful.   A combination of a simple elegant design with a perfectly chosen colour palette finished off with faultless needlework.  It really is a stunner, thank you for sharing it with us.

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to


‘Garden Of Earthly Delights’
by Margaret Light

Crewel Bag and Cushion

‘Jacobean Leaves’
by Anna Scott

A richly coloured crewelwork cushion

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‘Woodland Berries’
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Charming crewel needlework accessories

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Digital Patterns Recently Added:

‘Fruits of the Hedgerow’
by Carolyn Pearce

Scalloped blanket embroidered with a profusion of fruits and flowers.

‘Market Day’
by Jenny McWhinney

The warmth of wool is the perfect backdrop for these whimsical little creatures designed by Jenny McWhinney.

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Beautiful cushion


Perfect gift


By Trish Burr


" Busy fingers are happy fingers."
~ Woody Allen on Parkinson Show, 2002 ~


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When: 29 May to 3 Jun
Details: Click HERE

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Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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