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ISSUE 48  |  June 10, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 48.

In the kitchen at the Inspirations office we have a white board.  Rather than use it for boring things like writing ‘Need Milk’ or ‘Toastie Machine is Not Self Cleaning’ it gets covered with inspirational quotes, clever quips and a few humorous cartoons.  It got updated this week and our favourite newly added quote is ‘None of us is as smart as all of us.’  When you think about it, that is a lovely truism for our needlework community on the whole – just consider how much amazing input this newsletter alone receives from all you wonderful stitchers.  Where would we be without your answers to the Can You Help questions? How about the creative solutions and clever ideas everyone shares when telling us about what they’ve been stitching?   We really are a resourceful, industrious and imaginative bunch us needleworkers and it’s our great joy to be part of the clan.

This week in EN we feature a project from manbroiderer Gary Clarke, uncover the best places to buy quality linens, marvel at some wonderful needlework in ‘What Are You Stitching’ and provide plenty of projects, patterns and kits along the way to inspire and motivate you. 

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Without getting carried away with political correctness, it’s hard to argue the fact that needlework is predominately a woman’s world.  And that’s OKwe’re happy to own it! That said it’s always refreshing when a man does step into the world of needlework and this week we’re taking a look at the project ‘Blossom’ by Gary Clarke from Inspirations issue #90.

‘Blossom’ by Gary Clarke – Inspirations issue #90

Gary first appeared in Inspirations issue 83 with his exquisite project ‘Humming Bird’, however he has been very much involved in textiles and needlework since a teenager.  Born in Tasmania, Gary’s embroidery journey began at Petit Point, Launceston’s first embroidery store, where he worked firstly as window dresser then store manager. Having discovered a passion for stitching, Gary began producing embroidery designs and books. Popular in both Australia and overseas, these books lead to work in the craft show industry, lecturing and teaching.

The three most prominent styles in Gary’s needlework are Whitework, Embellishment and his signature work on Organza.  To learn more about how Gary uses these techniques, check out the article ‘Meet Gary Clarke’ in Inspirations issue #83 (Issue #83 is available for purchase HERE). 

With his latest project ‘Blossom’ Gary has developed a stunning repeating motif that can be used singly or multiple times to great effect.  Stitched here in its single form and using a gentle, monochromatic colour scheme, the stylised flower sits at the centre of a delightful, small, zipped bag.

Worked in a grid of three by three, the linking designs would make a beautiful cushion and could be stitched in a variety of colours and threads.

Our favourite Gary Clarke quote would have to be:

‘A well-designed piece of work can survive poor workmanship but rarely is poor design saved by good craftsmanship.’

Here are 4 ways you can enjoy more of Gary Clarke:

1/. – Stitch Your Own ‘Blossom’ Project With An Inspirations Kit

Enchanting whitework bag with repeating motif.

‘Blossom’ kit includes:
fabrics (unprinted)

Subscriber price: AU$33.15.
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2/. – Purchase a copy of Inspirations issue #90

Inspirations Issue #90 includes ‘Blossom’ by Gary Clarke as well as the following projects:

Resting Place
Modern Crewel
Small Change
Honey Bee
Tea for Two
Garden Fresh

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3/. – Take a Class with Gary at Beating Around The Bush.

Gary is teaching three sensational projects this year in both surface embroidery and his trademark organza technique. 

Book a one, two or three-day class with him today by clicking HERE.

4/. – Visit Gary’s Website

Check out more of Gary’s work and browse his range of kits available for sale on his website HERE.


As Meghan Trainor would say ‘It’s all about that lace, ‘bout that lace, ‘bout that lace….

Add some luxury and beauty to your world with these two fabulous Inspirations kits featuring projects that resemble lace:

by Kim Beamish

Charming Hardanger mat with castellated edge.

by Christine P Bishop

Exquisite Hedebo sachet in white linen.

Kit includes:  ZWEIGART Fabric, Threads & Needle.


Kit includes:  Fabrics, Ribbon
Embroidery Threads & Needles.

Subscriber price: AU$28.05


Subscriber price: AU$29.75

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Browse our complete range of Inspirations Kits HERE.


After continuing to point Isabel in the right direction for her upcoming trip to France and then pointing Mercy and Marietta in the right direction in Florida last week, this week we point Patrina in the direction of heirloom quality linen.

image courtesy of the

You may remember Patrina’s conversation starter that first appeared in Issue 45 of Embroidery News . . .

‘I have Susan O'Connor's book ‘Monograms The Art of Embroidered Letters’ which is very inspiring. I am endeavouring to embroider white linen napkins that can become an heirloom for the family. I would love some advice on thread counts and linens that would be the best for this.’


Patrina, no doubt the comprehensive list below that The Embroidery News Community have generously offered will point you in the direction of what you’re looking for!

Rosemary Graham suggested Bustle & Bows which can be found in Surrey Hills, Victoria Australia.

‘This shop is a real delight stocking everything the embroiderer might require, plus loads of beautiful completed work to inspire! They also offer some really interesting classes. I would be surprised if they didn't have the requested linen as I bought something similar some years ago, but if it's not in the shop, they will know where to get it’.

Roberta Kenney suggested Zweigart as a supplier of table weight linen.

Jessica Grimm suggests ‘that Patrina contacts Weberei Weddingen in Germany. They are one of the last small family companies to weave fine church linens. I've already pointed Trish Burr in their direction and she now uses their linen for her beautiful needle painting. Weddingen does many different types of linen and are happy to send you sample cards. Unfortunately, their website - - is not very good, so it may be best to contact them by email, or even better, by phone’.

Many of you know Mary Corbett from Needle ‘N Thread. Well, as Mary knows from personal experience ‘what it's like to search high and low for quality linen, only to come up disappointed with each trial purchase’, she generously took the time to respond to Patrina with the following :

‘Access Commodities in the US distributes several weights of linen in their Legacy Line that are perfect for heirloom quality work. Depending on the weight of the fabric that she wants for her table linens, Patrina might check out their following linens for fine embroidery:

- Their Alba Maxima linen, a closely woven medium weight linen, ideal for a heartier table linen
- Their Ecclesiastical Linen, is slightly finer with a higher thread count and a smooth, crisp finish, reminiscent of antique linens
- For something very fine, delicate and sheer, their Linen Cambric, is a gorgeous light linen with an excellent drape and a beautiful hand

These linens are all heirloom quality, produced from the ground up in Europe, with needlework and fine textiles in mind. She couldn't really go wrong with any of them, especially for surface embroidery and monogramming. I use them all the time for just such work and can't recommend them highly enough. She won't be disappointed with these! I'd suggest purchasing the smallest increment she can, to test the fabric weight she likes, before she invests in a larger quantity for her heirloom project.’

These linens can be found through retailers in the US like Hedgehog Handworks, or, in Australia, you could try All Threads Embroidery which can be found just outside of Brisbane in Norman Park, Queensland. Both retailers can also be found online at  Hedge Hog and Works and All Threads Embroidery

Not only do we love the fact that we get to be a part of such a generous and engaged community and help to point people in the right direction, we love that the internet has made it so we can now share information across the globe in such a timely fashion and all access the same suppliers online. It really is a small world after all!

‘It’s a Small World’

Next week, we unpack our next lot of conversation starters, but if you have anything else to add to Patrina’s conversation, or a conversation you’d like to start, please email us at


Inspirations Issue #64 Now Added

‘Cupcake’ by Anette Drysdale – issue #64

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #64, featuring a gorgeous blanket decorated with cupcakes by Anette Drysdale, are now available for purchase.

Issue 64 celebrates Grannies, Babies and Afternoon tea! Discover pages filled with fascinating articles including the introduction of a new contributor, suggestions for embroidery on a budget, letters from readers around the world, an inspiring article about using embroidery as meditation and much more…

To purchase a printed copy of issue #64, click HERE.


‘Graceful Butterfly’
by Tanja Berlin

Stunning blackwork butterfly.

‘A Touch Of Beautiful’
by Johanna Rahkala

Striking silk ribbon embroidered bag.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE

Beautiful Needlework. Sold Here.


The project ‘Winter’s Song’ by Trish Burr which adorned the front cover of issue #88 has been extremely popular and to kick start this week’s ‘What Are You Stitching’, Joanne Crane from Massachusetts USA sends in her delightful version…

‘Hello, here are some of my recent projects. I fell in love with the robin on the cover of issue #88 and also did the butterfly curtains. My curtains are very much like gauze so I had to trace the butterflies on water soluble stabilizer and baste them to the curtain in order to stitch them. Took forever!

At present I’m working on finishing stitching the project "Harmonies" also from issue #88 and have to wash/press/make the pillow and now, I just received Susan O'Connor’s book Monograms – The Art Of Embroidered Letters. Oh-my! I'm going to petition for an extra day in the week.

I'll have to live forever just to keep up with the magazines you've already put out. I don't know what I'll do if you continue with all this excellence. Joanne’

Wow Joanne, we adore your curtains – what a clever, clever idea. How magical it must be to have the sensation of butterflies fluttering in the sunlight as your curtains dance in the summer breeze. Brilliant!

Joanne mentioned how long it took her to stitch all the butterflies on her curtains and up next is Harjot Kaur from Mumbai in India whom we first meet in EN issue 31, and she also has been toiling away at a very time consuming project:

‘I am Harjot and I hope the exciting work continues at Inspirations and best wishes for the same. I thoroughly enjoy each day looking at the fine work uploaded on your Facebook page. So here I am back again with my new stuff that I have been working on.

It is a beaded table top/table runner that i made, hand created with immense labour put into it. Though it still requires a final touch, I was so excited to share my work I couldn’t contain myself any further. So here you go... Loads of love and respect, Harjot’

Harjot your enthusiasm is so infectious, we get excited about your needlework just by reading your beautiful emails, let alone actually admiring the photos. Your beadwork is fantastic and your hard work has most certainly paid off – we too are excited to see how well this project has come up, well done.

Kathleen Klein is a regular contributor and her projects have featured in EN 7, 14, 28, 32 and 37! Well there is just no stopping this lady and she’s back again with more of her mesmerising needle-art:

‘I have enjoyed sharing my previous projects with you and have recently finished several more Steampunk CQs. There is silk ribbon work, shibori silk, beaded Russian leaves and Brazilian embroidery. Hope you enjoy them. Kathleen Klein from Michigan, USA

Lovely Kathleen – using gold leaves to create the ears for your pig was a nice touch and the turtles in your underwater sea scape are wonderful.

To round out this week’s gallery, Anne Bruce has picked something fresh and healthy for us from her garden in the picturesque city of Wellington, New Zealand:

‘Good Day all at the Embroidery News, I began my Cauliflower last year whilst in Melbourne, Australia something to fill in my evenings. It took me a while to finish but I must admit every stitch was enjoyable. My cauli was photographed in our garden, on top of a brussell sprout plant.

The only deviation I did to the instructions was the wire bending. This was just too hard so traced the outline and pinned this to my sleeve form (for sewing). As I bent the wire on this I inserted a pin at each concave and convex curve. This gave a brilliant leaf shape and I will use this method for ensuing projects of this kind. Thank you Inspirations for being there.’

Isn’t amazing what can be achieved with our needle and thread! Anne you have just nailed that project. For those not familiar with ‘Nature’s Bounty’ it was Julie Kniedl’s’ first project to appear in Inspirations back in issue #75, and has been extremely popular ever since. You can read all about Julie in the current issue of Inspirations, or familiarise yourself with more of her work as reviewed in EN42 (to view click HERE).

Anne your cauliflower looks right at home in your garden there, if you’re not careful someone might try and cook it! We love your ingenuity when it came to solving your wire bending problem and your finished piece is superb, thank you so much for sending it in.

What Are YOU Stitching? We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to

Does your garden need some cauliflower? Printed copies of issue #75 featuring Nature’s Bounty are available for purchase HERE.

Alternatively, you can purchase a digital pattern of the project HERE.

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #88 featuring ‘Winter Song’ by Trish Burr are available for purchase HERE.


STITCH YOUR HEART OUT 2016 – Entries Now Open!

The biennial “Stitch Your Heart Out” needlework challenge is open to ANY SKILL LEVEL, ANY TECHNIQUE, USING ANY MATERIALS and you don't need to attend Beating Around the Bush to enter – it’s for everyone!

Whether it’s your own design or someone else’s and with amazing prizes on offer, this is a needlework challenge for every stitcher and their needle. New or existing projects, there is a category just right for you.

GRAND PRIZE - A full set of magnificent Au Ver à Soie, Soie d’Alger silk threads valued at more than AU$3,500 will be awarded to the overall winner.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your talents with fellow stitcher’s so don’t be shy – we want to see your work!

For more information, including how to enter, download the entry form HERE



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Inspirations Issue #69 Now Added

‘Prized Possessions’ by Julie Graue – issue #69

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #69, featuring this stunning monogrammed jewellery roll by Julie Graue, are now available for purchase.

Beauty, elegance and charm are all to be found in the pages of Inspirations issue #69. From a woven silk ribbon needlecase to a tablecloth featuring traditional Schwalm embroidery, there are numerous projects to delight embroiderers of all skill levels.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #69, click HERE

Inspirations issue #90 Kits

Do you use a credit card? Who doesn’t right? Looking for something stylish to keep all your fantastic plastic? Hazel’s Blomkamp’s project ‘Small Change’ is a perfect solution and kits for this terrific Crewel work project are still available.

Delightful purse with Jacobean motif. Kit contains: fabrics; purse frame; threads; ribbons; beads and needles.

To purchase the kit ‘Small Change’ click HERE

Garden Fresh’ as featured on the front cover of issue #90, is part of a needlework botanical collection Julie Kniedl has created.  It all started with a Cauliflower back in Inspirations issue #75, then a group of amazing succulents in issue #85, a beautiful rose in #87 and now a fabulous corn cob.  You can see pictures of the grapes and apple Julie has created in issue #90 as well.  How is your collection coming along?  Purchase your kit today….

Lifelike corn cob that looks good enough to eat.  Kit contains: fabric; felt;  beads; wire; embroidery threads; needles

To purchase the kit ‘Garden Fresh’ click HERE


Creature Comforts
by Heather Scott

Beautiful wool-embroidered rug lined with a floral print.

Good Medicine
by Jenny McWhinney

An adorable child's blanket.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE


How beauitful


By Di van Niekerk


Beautiful design


" I keep my end tables full of needlework and quilting so I don’t have to dust them."
~ Author Unknown ~


What: The Embroiderers Guild of WA | Stitch in the City
Where: Woogies Espresso | King’s Square, Perth WA
When: Tuesdays 11:30 to 1:30
Details: Tracey Hollands – or 0478 635 850

What: RSN | Peacocks & Pomegranates Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When : to 22 Jul
Details: Click HERE

What: Wollongong Group of the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition | Through the Eye of the Needle
Where: Wollongong Art Gallery | Burelli Street Wollongong
When: to 11 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Embroiderer’s Guild of Queensland Biennial Exhibition | A World United in Stitches
Where: 149 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley Queensland
When: 4 to 11 Jun
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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