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ISSUE 56  |  August 5, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

A very warm welcome to Embroidery News Issue 56.

By now you have probably worked out that Inspirations Issue #91 is big on giving a warm welcome.  With half of the projects dedicated to that incredible moment when we welcome a newborn baby into our lives, this week we explore ways to further celebrate with some super cute bears to stitch. 

How did you go with World Embroidery Day?  Did you show the world what they’re missing out on if they are not part of the stitching community?  We have our first post-event report below, but we’d love to hear about your activities on the day too.

For now, enjoy this very welcoming issue of Embroidery News.

Do you have something to share?  We’d love to hear from you!  Email us at


On Saturday July 30th we celebrated World Embroidery Day and in last week’s issue of Embroidery News we encouraged you to take up your needles, hit the streets and show the world what real stitching is all about.

You may remember this time last year in EN issue 11, Carla Crowther from Canada shared how she celebrated World Embroidery Day 2015 and in the process introduced us to Peggy Kimble

World Embroidery Day 2015

‘A group of five of us celebrated by joining together for a delicious potluck picnic at noon at a lovely little park on the shores of Georgian Bay.  We had a wonderful 'share and show' and then onto some stitching.  For some of us, it was the first time meeting each other, but already we plan to spend time together over the coming year. Our mentor is Peggy Kimble, 91 years young, who now lives in Thornbury.  She invited us back to her home which abounds in beautiful handwork that she has both created and taught over the years. All agreed it was a wonderful celebration and we are now inspired to continue learning and exploring many more hand embroidery techniques and projects.  We will mark the date on next year's calendar and celebrate with many more kindred spirits.’

World Embroidery Day 2016

Well, mark the date in this year’s calendar they did indeed! Above is a photo of Carla, Caroline, Clare, June, Nancy and Peggy in Ontario, who celebrated World Embroidery Day 2016 by ‘stitching in the park and sharing with the world.’

It is great to see their tradition continue and even adding a new member to their group. We look forward to seeing what World Embroidery Day 2017 holds in store for them!

Let us know how you celebrated World Embroidery Day by emailing us


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Last week we gave everyone a warm welcome to issue #91 with the project ‘Warm Welcome – The Blanket’.  This week the welcome continues with ‘Warm Welcome – The Bears’ which is a compendium project to the blanket.

The ‘Warm Welcome’ projects in issue #91 are perfect for celebrating the arrival of a newborn into the lives of our family and friends.   From the gorgeous monogrammed blanket by Susan O’Connor we looked at last week, to these cute adorable teddy bears by Nancy Lee, these enchanting pieces are well worth adding to your repertoire of baby gifts,

‘Warm Welcome – The Bears’ by Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee is in fact renowned for her tradition of creating spectacular ‘welcome baby baskets’ for her close family and friends and presenting the new arrivals with all manner of gorgeous embroidered and smocked delights she creates herself.  From smocked bassinette frills, cot accessories, bibs, clothes, blankets and of course teddy bears, Nancy pours generous doses of time and love into her cherished gifts.

Warm Welcome | The Bears’ is just one of the amazing projects that can be found in Nancy’s baskets and is a lovely way of personalising the gift by adding a monogram.  Issue #91 includes all the instructions for both a pink and blue version of the bear, with the pattern sheet featuring all 26 characters of the alphabet and the design outline for construction complete with stitchlines.

The bears measure 24cm x 17cm (9 ½“ x 6 ¾”) and use only 5 different stitches, so this is a terrific project for anyone looking for a quick to finish project, or an entry level piece.  The most challenging stitch required is the Bullion Knot which is certainly worth your while conquering if you are yet to do so, as it allows you to create the stunning roses decorating each bear.


Warm Welcome – The Bears’ by Nancy Lee is featured in Inspirations issue #91.  Complete with project requirements list, detailed step by step instructions and pattern sheet, printed copies of issue #91 are now available to order.

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An Inspirations Ready To Stitch Kit is also available for ‘Warm Welcome – The Bears’ both in Pink and Blue. 

Kits contain: Fabric; Safety eyes; Bead; Ribbon; Threads; Needles

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This week’s Can You Help? is all about Destination Needlework Adventures. We head back to Ireland to add to our travel itinerary from last week, jump over to Scotland as we point Barbara in the right direction for her upcoming trip to Edinburgh and then close in France as we hear from a very grateful Isabel who put your suggestions to good use during her recent trip. So buckle up - we’re off and travelling!

This week we heard from one of our Embroidery News travellers who started our Destination Ireland conversation‘I've made notes for our trip to Ireland in September.  We have already planned 3 days in Galway so I'll have time to do some investigation. What a wonderful global resource Embroidery News has become.’

Well, Carolyn Woods has now added to the wealth of information she shared about Ireland last week by suggesting . . .

‘I forgot two addresses for Ireland - more for fabric than embroidery, but also good resources - the White Room in both Kenmare and Dingle are fantastic spots for buying magnificent Irish linen by the metre.’

‘In the North, in Carrickfergus, just a short distance from Belfast, you will find Craftswoman Fabrics. Quite successfully hidden away on 1st Floor, Unit 1 Kilroot Business Park in an industrial estate, it is well worth the visit for every kind of material from patchwork cottons to the finest bridal silks and laces and everything in between, with an excellent stock of notions and trims, truly a great choice of haberdashery with some books as well. I visit every time I'm over, like a moth drawn to a flame!’

Further to Carolyn’s suggestion, Lynn Padgett from Beaufort in South Carolina USA made mention of the Kenmare Lace & Design Centre that can be found at The Square in Kenmare. . .

‘I love reading the travel section in Embroidery News and finding information on where to find embroidery sites. Thank you for this wonderful online resource! I visited Ireland last year and before going, I searched for places to view Irish hand embroidery as my grandmother made beautiful tatting and crochet, and I was interested in learning about these skills.

I found a museum showing Irish lace in Kenmare and that was the highlight of the trip for me. Found in the centre of town, a wonderful wee museum contains the history of the convent and the nuns who opened a school for girls in 1862.

The girls were schooled by the nuns who also taught them the skill of lacemaking from which the girls were able to earn money for their family. Above the museum is a lovely shop where we met Nora Finnegan who demonstrated several types of lacemaking.’

We also heard from Rosemary who able to add the following shops to our Irish itineraries . . .

‘The best craft shop I have come across is in Cork City. It has a wonderful selection of fabrics, wool, ribbons, embellishments and lace.  The shop is called Vibes and Scribes and can be found at 3 Bridge Street in the centre of Cork.’

‘There is a shop in Dublin called WM Trimmings who can be found at 137 Capel Street in Dublin.’

Now from Ireland to Scotland where we point Barbara in the direction of stitching joy . . .

‘If Barbara can manage to get a trip out of Edinburgh and over the Forth Bridge, she would find The Wemyss School of Needlework ( in Coaltown on Wemyss, Fife. The School was formed back in 1877 by Lady Dora Wemyss who wanted to improve the employment prospects of the daughters of the local mining community by giving them skills to enable them to become ladies’ maids and seamstresses.  Inspired by the Royal School of Needlework in London and originally located in just one small room in the Castle, it soon moved to a purpose built premises in 1880, where it resides to this day. There is a fantastic archive of both patterns and needlework treasures as well as kits at the little shop. I would certainly recommend a visit by anyone who may happen to be in this area during the summer holidays.  It is a little known gem which could keep you busy for hours.’ Jacquie Harvey BEM.

image courtesy of

As promised, we finish in France with a note from Isabel Leininger . . .

We met Isabel in Issue 45 of Embroidery News when she started a conversation about a short trip she was taking to Northern France in early July. Isabel was hoping to find a ‘make-it-herself’ souvenir and was also hoping to be pointed in the direction of fabric and/or needlework shops. Well point her in the right direction we did indeed!

map courtesy of

‘I had a wonderful trip to France, and I had a delightful time seeking out places that our Embroidery News friends suggested!  We went to Bayeux and saw the Tapestry, something I’ve been wanting to see for years. I went through twice! It was wonderful, and so astounding to think of embroiderers more than nine hundred years ago working on it.  The stitching was finer and more delicate than I had expected, and I loved the way those long-ago stitchers told their story through words and pictures. 

As I left the museum, I went straight to Bayeux Broderie, full of inspiration to make my own piece of history.  Imagine my dismay when I found that the shop was closed that day!  I tried not to panic, and checked their website, where I found that the shop was closed while the owner was exhibiting at a needlework show at Hampton Court, and would be back the next day.  After some hasty rearranging of our itinerary, I managed to be there early when the shop re-opened, and I bought a kit depicting one of my favorite parts of the tapestry.  Chantal James very graciously explained how to do the Bayeux stitch, and the beautiful woollen yarn and linen fabric are calling me to get started!

In Paris, I went first to Maison Sajou, where I did see gorgeous scissors; although I was very tempted, I did not buy any - I have twenty-eight pairs already - I did buy some quaint, charming boxes of very fine pins, and some needles.  And I found a completely unexpected delight there.  One of my other hobbies is making and collecting dollhouse miniatures, and at Maison Sajou I found that they have miniature replicas of some of their displays and products.  I bought some tiny spools, only two or three millimeters tall that can be wound with thread to put in my dollhouse sewing room.

Not far from Maison Sajou, I discovered a wonderful little fabric shop known for their ‘Tissus Haute Couture’ – High Fashion Fabrics - called General Diff, at 44 Rue de Clery. From the outside, it doesn’t look fancy, but inside, I found a treasure trove of gorgeous silks and cottons at very reasonable prices.  Downstairs, they had woollens at real bargain prices.  I could have filled a suitcase (or two) with all the fabrics I wanted, but restrained myself, knowing how full of fabric my sewing room is already. Many thanks to everyone who helped to give me such a delightful trip, and who helped give me the pleasure of re-living it while making my own souvenirs!’

Couture Blue Tulle Fabric – A Corner of Blue Sky

After closing our travel diaries for Ireland and Scotland for now, next week we’ll open up new conversation starters and see what journey they take us on!

If you have a conversation starter for Embroidery News Community, please email us at


More 'Warm Welcome' ideas

‘Sweet Hearts’ by Carolyn Pearce

Two sweet little bears in softest ivory wool blanketing.

‘Petite Fleur’ by Kris Curtis

Fine linen, lace and exquisite embroidery make this a special gift.

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You’ve read about them and emailed about them, asking… where can we buy the Dandelyne Mini-Hoops featured in issue #91?  FINALLY they are now on our website!

Dandelyne™ Mini Hoops are tiny replicas of the real thing that are just begging for you to stitch something to put inside. It can be as simple or as complex as you like as long as it’s small enough to fit!  The best thing is, they come as either a wearable brooch or can hang from a chain so that you have a perfect, personalised piece of embroidered jewellery. 

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Beautiful Needlework.  Sold


Last week in What Are You Stitching we had a ‘Welcome Back’ week with several contributors returning to share their most recent pieces.  This week we transition from ‘Welcome Back’ with another returning contributor to ‘Warm Welcome’ as we met three new talented stitchers from our community. 

Let’s begin with our returning contributor, Lynn Gibson from Corlette New South Wales, Australia who, in Embroidery News issue #08, introduced us to ‘Lizzy’ her frilled neck lizard that Lynn embroidered using real shed snake skin.  This time Lynn is back with another unique character for us to meet… Hermit!

‘Dear Embroidery News, I have just been reading your latest weekly newsletter and as usual I am very inspired with all the beautiful work shown.

I thought you may like to see my latest work Hermit the Frog which I created using the same material as my lizard - Shed Snake Skin.  This unusual technique is fascinating and it produces a natural appearance which is very rewarding.  Surface embroidery and Stumpwork has interested me for many years and experimenting with a variety of textures becomes very rewarding, the shed snake skin has been one of these experiences.

I hope you enjoy seeing me latest work.  Kind regards, Lynn Gibson.’

Hermit is magnificent Lynn, he makes a terrific companion to Lizzy and your shed snake technique really is marvellous.  I’m sure many readers are also thinking you are very brave to work with a material that, for some, would make their own skin crawl! 

Now let’s give a warm welcome to Irene Barnett who lives in Tuakau, New Zealand:

‘Dear Embroidery News, I just completed my first ribbon embroidery and wanted to share it. I made it as a present for my Mother-in-Law (my husband chose the design). I was amazed by how quickly it stitched up and also how robust the embroidery is.

The design is “Petites Fleurs” from Inspirations 81. Because I was working to deadline I bought all my supplies from my local LNS (The Ribbon Rose in Panmure, NZ). I used Colour Streams Silk in 2 shades of green, 2 of purple, and Dawn for the roses.

Thank you for the inspiration your beautiful magazine provides and the clear instructions which made this possible. My MIL was very happy with her lavender sachet. Irene.

Congratulations on your first ribbon embroidery piece Irene, it’s superb.  You have really picked up the technique well and the quality of finish is excellent. 

Up next we have a warm welcome for Margaret Grigsby from Wodonga ,Victoria Australia:

‘Hi Everyone, I am sending a photo of my recently finished fox. He is a design of Tanja Berlins'of Calgary,Canada. The class was an online one, and the tuition given by Tanja was exceptional. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot about the thread painting technique.

I have been a sewer for at least 50 years and am now enjoying my retirement from nursing and spending more hours with my embroidery. I have every copy of Inspirations magazine and look forward to getting it for a lot more years.
I am a member of the Albury Wodonga Embroidery Guild and enjoy the varied techniques we try at our monthly meetings. Congratulations on such a great publication and I wish you every success for the future.  Cheers Margaret.’

That is one fantastic fox Margaret, your 50 years of sewing experience really shines through here with such intricate level of detail achieved and a perfect selection of colours for the shading, all of which really bring your thread painting to life. 

We’ve saved our last warm welcome this week for Arlene White who is currently from… well actually no fixed address, as she explains below:

‘My husband and I are now retired and after leaving our home town of Townsville, Queensland in January 2015, we are travelling Australia in our Fifth Wheeler and house sitting along the way. 

We have travelling with us our beagle Rosey, who loves to spend time with me while I stitch. One of the photographs attached shows Rosey leaning up against one of my Embroideries.

Whilst travelling around I share my love of Embroidery with Craft groups and conduct classes where ever able.

We are currently house sitting in Burrum Heads, near Hervey Bay, where I have become involved with the Monday Crafters, teaching them my beaded Stumpwork Beetle, Embroidered Cushion cover (Spring Blooms) and CQ Covered Boxes.  As you can imagine travelling and having a ‘Craft hobby’ is not easy as weight and storage is our biggest enemy, so I have to be very careful not to ‘Stash up’ as we travel!’

Arlene firstly as all the dog lovers will testify, we’re glad you got your priorities right and took your trusty embroidery companion Rosey on the journey.  No doubt her contribution to your needlework is significant!  Secondly what a wonderful dream retirement plan… travelling around Australia sharing your love of needlework – it really does sound magnificent and we love all your projects, they are very creative and wonderfully rich in colour.

To see more of Arelene’s work, check out her Etsy store HERE.

‘Good Scents’ featuring ‘L is for Lavender’ and ‘Petites Fleurs’

If you liked Irene Barnett’s lavender pillow project from Inspirations issue #81 printed copies are still available. 

This issue includes ‘Good Scents’ a pair of gorgeous linen sachets ‘L is for Lavender’ and ‘Petites Fleurs’ both by Lorna Bateman.

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‘Picnic Time’ by Kris Richards

Gorgeous blanket with teddy bear’s picnic embroidered design.

‘Sahara’ By Jenny McWhinney

Blanket featuring an exotic threadpainted camel.

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Inspirations Issue #54 Now Added

Magic Carousel by Kris Richards – issue #54

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #54, featuring this gorgeous soft ivory and pastel baby blanket by Kris Richards, are now available for purchase.

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By Mayuka Oyanag


Just beautiful


Woven flower


" Slow stitching means setting aside time to find myself somewhere in the thread and spread myself out on a piece of fabric."
~ Kelly Martinez ~


What: 62 Group of Textile Artists Exhibition | Making Spaces
Where: The Silk Museum | Roe Street Macclesfield, UK
When: to 3 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Wollongong Group of the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition | Through the Eye of the Needle
Where: Wollongong Art Gallery | Burelli Street Wollongong, New South Wales
When: to 11 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Making the Australian Quilt: 1800 to 1950
Where: National Galley of Victoria Australia | Federation Square – Flinders Street & Russell Street Melbourne, Victoria
When: to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: Embroiderers’ Guild of Queensland | Southport Branch Quilt Show
Where: Guild House | Mick Veivers Way, Southport
When: 5 to 6 Aug

What: The Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair
Where: Exhibition Park | Flemington Road & Northbourne Avenue Mitchell, ACT
When: 11 to 14 Aug
Details: Click HERE

What: Slipstitch
Where: Castlemaine Art Galley & Historical Museum | 14 Lyttleton Street Castlemaine, Victoria
When: 20 Aug to 24 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Ighali 2016 | Stitching in Paradise
Where: Belvidere Manor Hotel | 169 Lower Duthie Drive Knysna, South Africa
When: 25 to 29 Aug
Details: Click HERE

What: NSW Embroiderers’ Guild | State Exhibition
Where: Masonic Hall | 315 Concord Road Concord West, New South Wales
When : 26 to 28 Aug
Details: Click HERE

What: 2016 Buda Contemporary Textiles Exhibition 2016
Where: 27 Aug to 10 Sep
When: Buda Historic Home & Garden | 42 Hunter Street Castlemaine, Victoria
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
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