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ISSUE 71  | December 2, 2016

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This week we go back in time and create a sequel, all at once!  No we are not talking about the Back To The Future movie trilogy, but about a new accessory Carolyn Pearce has created for the Home Sweet Home work box.  Plus we see what’s on the December page in our calendar and enjoy the talents of you guys… our very own needlework community.

Before we get started, let’s see what our town crier has for us: ‘Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Stitchers from far and wide, don’t be dawdlin, don’t be fussin, the number 3 is upon us!  3 weeks till Christmas, so   get on with it!

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In Embroidery News issue 65, we featured the phenomenally popular book ‘Home Sweet Home’ by Carolyn Pearce.  If you missed it, check it out HERE.

This week we take a behind the scenes look at the brand new accessory for Home Sweet Home, aptly named ‘Welcome Home’ which Carolyn created especially for Inspirations issue #92 to celebrate the book coming back in print.

WELCOME HOME by Carolyn Pearce

‘Welcome Home’ by Carolyn Pearce – Issue #92

The gorgeous needlework workbox ‘Home Sweet Home’ has captured the imagination and hearts of thousands of stitching enthusiasts the world over.

When the opportunity arose for Carolyn to revisit the workbox and create a brand-new accessory for inclusion in Inspirations Magazine, she immediately had something in mind.  With 9 accessories already included in the original book (emery block, needlebook, pincushion, scissor keep, spool holder, tape measure cover, thimble holder, thread counter and thread cutter cover) Carolyn went back in time and drew inspiration from 1886 and announced the 10th Home Sweet Home accessory would be…. a bodkin holder!

Now some of us may not be entirely sure what a bodkin is, or what it is used for.  A bodkin is essentially an oversized sewing needle that has a large eye and a blunt point.  Its purpose is to act like a draw string and enable the threading of ribbon or elastic through a seam or casing without it catching.

Like many things in life, bodkins come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the required task.  The bodkin shown in the magazine is a flat style bodkin, whereas for the ‘Welcome Home’ kits we include a round style version.

‘Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries’ by Nerylla Taunton

For the design of the bodkin holder itself, Carolyn had been inspired by a project from 1886 she saw in Nerylla Taunton’s spectacular book ‘Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries’.  This in turn led to her fashioning the shape of ‘Welcome Home’ after bellows, as in the fireside tool.

You can see how the outline of ‘Welcome Home’ forms the shape of the bellows and when the bodkin is in place, the point creates the air pipe at the front and handles at the back. 

This enchanting little case is designed to hold a bodkin, pins and on the inside, a few precious needles.  Stitched onto fabric to match that used in the HSH workbox, it has a single heartsease on the cover and an embroidered initial on the back.

The pattern sheet included with Inspirations issue #92 features a complete alphabet so your bodkin holder can include a personalised monogram, or if for a gift, that of a friend/family member.

All of the Inspirations team really enjoyed revisiting ‘Home Sweet Home’ and were so excited to see the stunning new accessory Carolyn had created.  It is always a great privilege to work with any of her projects and whether you are new to the HSH phenomenon, or already have your own finished work box, ‘Welcome Home’ is a gorgeous project we’re sure you’ll enjoy stitching.


Step 1/. – Purchase Inspirations Issue #92

Welcome Home’ by Carolyn Pearce is featured in Inspirations issue #92.  Complete with a comprehensive project requirements list, detailed instructions, step-by-step diagrams for heavy chain stitch and knotted pearl stitch, as well as full construction details and design templates included on the pattern sheet, everything you need to know is included.

> Printed copies of issue #92 are now available to order HERE.

Step 2/. – Purchase Welcome Home Kit

Kit contains everything you need to re-create bodkin holder shown in the magazine with the finished size measuring 5.5cm x 4.2cm wide (2 3/16" x 1 11/16").

Ready To Stitch Kit contains: fabrics; bodkin (round); pins; wadding; interfacing; template plastic; ribbon; embroidery threads; needles

MORE KITS ARRIVING SOON – After selling out in the first weeks of release, the ‘Welcome Home’ kit will be back in stock early in the near year.  Limited quantities available, so place your order now to ensure you don’t miss out.

> Purchase ‘Welcome Home’ Kit HERE.


The collection of Carolyn Pearce’s work featured in Inspirations Magazines and Books over the years is prolific. With well over 20 projects appearing in the magazine alone, not to mention the hugely successful project books ‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘Patchwork Bear’ and ‘Embroidered Village Bag’, there is no shortage of glorious projects to choose from.  Here are a few favourites you might like…

Sweet Hearts – Issue #42

These two sweet little bears are made from the softest ivory wool blanketing, each gently embellished with dainty floral embroidery and finished with a satin neck bow.

> Purchase Digital Download of ‘Sweet HeartsHERE

Home Sweet Home – An Embroidered Workbox

This charming English cottage, beautifully decorated with a garden of stitches, opens to reveal 9 gorgeous accessories and includes storage for all your notions.

> Purchase Printed Copies Of The HSH Book HERE

The Embroidered Patchwork Bear

Delight in this richly illustrated single project book, combining the crafts of embroidery, patchwork and bear making.

> Purchase Printed Copies Of The Patchwork Bear Book HERE

English Rose  - Issue #76

Precious possessions deserve a special resting place, and few places are more special than this exquisite thimble holder.  A bouquet of soft pink ribbon roses is worked on the lid of the holder, and a sparkling gold lattice decorates the sides.

> Purchase Printed Copies of issue #76 featuring ‘English RoseHERE
Purchase Digital Download of ‘English Rose HERE

Gentle Thoughts – Issue #66

Delightful pansy embellished needlecase, stitched onto wool and cashmere velour with a multitude of silk, wool, cotton, rayon and metallic threads.

> Purchase Digital Download of ‘Gentle ThoughtsHERE
> For more digital patterns by Carolyn Pearce, click HERE.



If you haven’t yet, it’s now time to turn the page on your Inspirations 2016/2017 Calendar to December.

The project featured for the month of December is ‘Waratah’ by Jennifer Kennedy from Inspirations issue #80, a charming redwork pinwheel or ornament worked in easy stitches.

Waratah’ features the spectacular bloom of the native Australian shrub Waratah at the centre of this charming redwork pinwheel. Including instructions for making a twisted cord and a full left and right alphabet, the pinwheel can easily be made into a Christmas ornament and the reverse of the project embellished.

The Inspirations calendar is not just beautiful needlework eye candy, the instructions for each project featured are also available for purchase.

Inspirations issue #80 Print                              Digital Download ‘Waratah’


To coincide with Waratah’s being featured as the project for December, the digital pattern has now been added to our website.

> Purchase Printed Copies of Issue 80 featuring Waratah HERE
> Purchase Digital Pattern for Waratah HERE



Be inspired all year around with the World’s Most Beautiful Needlework Calendar.  Purchase one today and have it shipped directly to your door anywhere in the world. 

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Beautiful Needlework.  Sold


Are you ready to admire and be inspired with more amazing needlework from our community?  This week we start by welcoming back Ann Martin from New Zealand with some super cute quilts:

Dear Inspirations team, I'd like to share two projects I've just completed.  I was in the UK at the end of August looking after my granddaughter Annaliese while my grandson was having surgery for his epilepsy, and I had the opportunity to visit the Quilt Room in Dorking. Annaliese saw this Owl Family design and… well it came back with me to NZ so I could make it for her!  It was a joy to make and put together.

This Seamstress quilt is a Mums Moment design which I've enjoyed adding my own extra bits and bobs.  This is a gift for my stepmother who enjoyed making bridal gowns, bridesmaids dress and evening wear, however due to her advanced age is no longer able to sew like she used to. Seamstress will take pride of place on one of her sewing room walls.

Thank you for your interesting newsletters, I look forward to reading about what's going on the world of embroidery. Ann Martin 

So lovely to see your new projects Ann and wow, have you been busy!  Your granddaughter is going to be so thrilled to receive that Owl Family quilt, what an exciting day it will be for her when that arrives!  Very kind of you to create these quilts as gifts for others, the Seamstress quilt sounds like a very fitting gift for your stepmother.  Terrific job all round.

Up next is Collette Bonnet from France who has sent in some needlework on behalf of a friend:

‘Hello, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share with you the wonderful work of my friend Marie-Ange, who has just made this cushion with my initial, as well as the reticello piece.

Marie-Ange lives near Poitiers, France. She has been embroidering for only 5 years. She does reticello, sewing and a lot of other things, her favorite technique is Les Jours d’Angles.   Angles is a very pretty French village 50 km from Poitiers and is famous for Les Jours d’Angles needlework which is a pulled thread technique typically worked on linen with 19 or 22 threads. She loves white embroidery and has fairy-like fingers as you can see.  Have a good day, Collette.’

We’re so pleased you sent in these photos on behalf of Marie-Ange Collette, and yes we agree she does have fairy like fingers indeed as these pieces are exquisite.   We have not heard much about the technique Les Jours d’Angles and it’s so wonderful that even though we may be separated by thousands of kilometres, we can all share and learn new things together. 

Now for a project by Kim Hardie from Cotwolds in the UK:

‘Hi, I have just finished this piece of silk shading of a hawk on dupion silk. Really enjoyed the challenge of the feathers and the talons. Kim Hardie’

Kim this piece is AMAZING!  Your hawk’s feathers look incredibly realistic, the textures and shading you have achieved is stunning.  Congratulations on what would have to be an award-winning piece, we can’t rave enough about it, brilliant work.

Speaking of award winning, we finish up this week with a follow up piece to the blackwork Angel piece featured a couple of weeks ago in EN 69 by María del Valle.  Firstly Maria pointed out to us that she actually lives in Spain and not France, and then she reminded us that she is in fact the Maria del Valle who won a prize in the Rising Star 2012 competition.

Her extraordinary piece ‘Rosita’ appeared in Inspirations issue #75 along with the news that not only did she win the Cotton & Silk category, but she took out the grand prize that year for her masterful blackwork design and needlework skills.  So we leave you this week with a reminder of why Maria is a very deserving award winning stitcher:

‘Rosita’ by Maria del Valle, Spain

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to


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‘White Linen’ by Deborah Love

10 weeks ago we launched our brand new book ‘Inspirations – A Passion For Needlework’.  At the time we made this bold statement:

Our mission is to create the ‘world’s most beautiful needlework book’.    

Whether we achieved this feat would ultimately be decided by you, our awesome needlework community, and the results are in.

‘David Smyth’s Garden’ by Susan O’Connor

‘I've just received my copy of "A Passion for Needlework" - what a beautiful book!   I've been a subscriber since Inspirations' beginning and have quite a few Inspirations books, but this one is the very best.   Sincere congratulations to all involved.   And may you all continue to inspire all needleworkers for ever.  Monica Pook, Victoria Australia.

Thank you for the kind words, Monica we’re thrilled you like the book.  We are also humbled to have another fan who has graciously taken to her blog to review APFN.

Here is an excerpt from Mary Corbett’s website ‘Needle N Thread’:

‘Prepare yourself for Something Stunning.

I’m telling you, this book is all about beauty and presentation! If you want a needlework book to drool over, to sigh over, to practically cry over – this is it.

When I opened the package, I just wasn’t prepared!

I don’t know if I’ve ever been flabbergasted by an embroidery book. But I think this one did it. It’s just that pretty.’

Inspirations does "beautiful" in the needlework world like no one else, that's for sure!

‘Forest Kingfisher’ by Trish Burr

Mary you are making us blush!  Thank you so much for your very kind words, we are so fortunate to receive such a high commendation from a respected and trusted industry great as yourself.

We encourage everyone to read Mary’s full review HERE, and if you don’t already receive her outstanding email newsletter, sign up HERE

‘Serendipity’ by Susan O’Connor

If you are yet to experience the pleasure of reading ‘A Passion For Needlework’ for yourself, the good news is we haven’t sold out just yet!

> Printed copies of the book are available for purchase HERE.


Betsy’s stunning and extremely popular needlework pieces have featured in numerous issues of Inspirations over the years, some of the highlights include:


Exquisite cross stitch etui, stitched in a rainbow of silk threads and filled with a collection of dainty sewing accessories.

> Purchase Digital Download of ‘Tiny TreasuresHERE.


Stitched onto lilac evenweave linen, this scissor etui is lined with lavender silk and uses a combination of solid colour and variegated threads and ribbons.

> Purchase Digital Download of ‘Sweet SouvenirHERE.

SEASONS – Issue #87

No matter what time of year it is, this sweet pin cube and scissor fob will keep your embroidery essentials safe and close at hand.

DID YOU KNOW Issue #87 also features the article ‘Meet Betsy Morgan’ where she talks about her needlework adventure to date and showcases more of her work.

> Purchase Printed Copy Of Inspirations Issue #87 HERE.


What are they sharing?



It looks just magical


Christmas decorations 


" Embroidery has continually played an integral part in the history of man and woman. It not only signified certain status and wealth through the ages, but it has also given countless hours of satisfaction to those who could create something of beauty with a needle and thread."
~ Margaret Pierce ~


What: Opus Anglicanum | Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery
Where: Room 38 | Victoria & Albert Museum
When: to 5 Feb
Details: Click HERE

What: Undressed | A Brief History of Underwear
Where: Room 40 | Victoria & Albert Museum
When: to 12 Mar
Details: Click HERE

What: RSN | Stories in Stitch Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When: to 31 Mar
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
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