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ISSUE 27  |   DECEMBER 11, 2015

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Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 27.

Would you believe us if we told you that everyone in the Inspirations office, has finished putting up their Christmas tree, adorned their house with sparkly lights, placed all the carefully wrapped gifts under the tree ready for the big day, and we’ve all been out enjoying Christmas lunches and soaking up the merry season with not a care in the world?

Nah… didn’t think so. That only ever happens in the movies or in a parallel universe we’re yet to discover!

Instead we’re hard at work preparing for the February launch of the next Inspirations issue #89, in production on issue #90 with photography happening this coming week and scheduling in all our deadlines and marvellous activities planned for 2016.

All that said, one should never be too busy, however, to stop long enough to be present in the moment, be thankful for all we have and enjoy this special time of year.

We hope you can also take a moment and enjoy more of the world’s most beautiful embroidery in this week’s issue of Embroidery News.

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We conclude our behind the scenes look at Inspirations issue #88 this week, and what better way to finish up than by taking a look at the enchanting project ‘Winter’s Song’ by Trish Burr featured on the front cover.

One of the interesting facts we wrote about in the article, was that the species of bird Trish has chosen is commonly known as the robin redbreast, yet the markings on their head and breast are actually orange. This is explained by the fact orange as a colour was unknown at the time the species was discovered, so it was described as being red and the moniker remains to this very day.

Winter’s Song’ is from a range of miniatures Trish has created with the finished piece measuring 6.5cm x 7.5cm wide (2.5” x 3”) and is a perfect introductory project. With ‘oh so easy’ to follow step-by-steps supplied by Trish herself, you really can’t go wrong bringing to life this much loved traditional symbol of Christmas.

While there were no animals harmed in the filming of this Robin, the same can’t be said for the Inspirations crew. We have it on good authority the uncooperative holly wreath featured in the photographs, received a stern talking to after it refused to shape itself into the nice circle required to surround the robin. Evidently by the time the wreath was finally tamed long enough to get the stunning shot used on the front cover, multiple fingers were scratched and punctured in the process. Thank you team we appreciate your dedication to the cause!

Winter’s Song’ is available for purchase as a ready to stitch kit. Complete with fine white linen cut to measure, all of the 33 different colours of DMC threads Trish used, and even the No 11 sharp needle, we’ve got everything you need to create your very own robin redbreast perched on a sprig of holly, lightly dusted with snow.

Order your ‘Winter’s Song’ Inspirations kit online here.

Looking for more Trish Burr?

The Trish Burr project ‘Robin’ from Inspirations issue #69 is based on the same adorable feathered friend, only this time in a slightly larger scale. ‘Robin’ is a more detailed and intricate piece measuring 10cm x 14cm wide (4” x 5.5”) and is a great follow on project from ‘Winter’s Song’ as it incorporates more shading and is a more challenging project.

You can purchase the pattern to ‘Robin’ as an instant digital download online here.

Also, as mentioned in Embroidery News #25, we’ve recently added the Trish Burr project ‘Symphony’ from Inspirations #58 as a digital download.

This is a terrific pattern to purchase because you get THREE stunning Trish Burr designs in the one project.

A delightful coordinating trio, these cushions are stitched in muted shades of lavender, violet and mulberry with a combination of silk, wool and cotton threads also using the technique of thread painting.

Click here to purchase this digital pattern.

Looking for even more Trish Burr?

Check out Trish’s website and marvel at her range of fabulous needlework here.

Beating Around The Bush 2016 –

Download a free copy of the Beating Around The Bush 2016 Catalogue here or order a printed copy here. Bookings open Feb 29th 2016.


Last week we pointed Rachael in the right direction in her quest to gather supplies, inspiration and get a feel for the local craft and embroidery scene in Singapore.

This week we continue our ‘destination Singapore’ conversation with our very own Ansie van der Walt who writes ‘Loose Threads’ in each issue of Inspirations Magazine.

A few weeks ago, Ansie was fortunate enough to have a stopover in Singapore on her way to Thailand where she visited Deborah McKellar who is a textile designer and artist.

Read all about Ansie’s visit and her Singapore experience on her blog ‘The Fabric Threadhere. Just as Deborah’s studio did for her, Ansie’s words and photos will transport you to textile heaven!

Photos courtesy of The Fabric Thread and Talking Textiles

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This week we get started with some interesting facts from the 1800’s:

Crinoline Ladies courtesy of The Sewing Bee

Did you know that a Crinoline is a stiffened or structured petticoat designed to hold out a woman's skirt, popular at various times since the mid-19th century?

Or how about the fact that the first known published instructions for the technique crochet appeared in the Dutch magazine, Penélopé, in 1823?

Nan Lepinath from Lavington NSW Australia has sent in a project which elegantly and creatively combines both Crinoline and crochet:

Dear Inspiration Magazine, I fell in love with the Crinoline pineapple lady and decided to do my own version. Not having a pattern I have worked from the picture on Facebook. I am passionate about Pineapple Crochet, love the Crinoline ladies and loved every stage of my Crinoline Lady development. Now that I am retired I have more time to concentrate on my Embroidery, Crochet and Paintings. Regards, Nan Lepinath.

Thank you Nan, your Crinoline pineapple lady is very beautiful indeed! As are these gorgeous matching dresses made by Linda Livingston of New Bern, NC, USA for newly born triplets from Denmark…

‘I made these smocked dresses for Danish triplets Marie, Caroline, and Julie who are the tiny daughters of a long ago exchange student we hosted. In 1975, their daddy came to Doylestown, PA from Kastrup, Denmark. Over the years our families have stayed in touch. Our son works for a Danish company and so the "boys" see each other when there is a visit to the head office. We hope these precious little girls will enjoy these dresses.’

That is a lovely story Linda and who would have known that all these years later, your kindness and generosity to an exchange student is not only continuing on but now passing on to the next generation.

Needlework touches us all in so many different ways, up next Christina Free from Sale in Victoria Australia, explains how she uses embroidery to express her creativity despite an accident taking away her mobility:

‘Hello, this is a piece I recently finished embroidering - it is my own design on a piece of hand-dyed indigo fabric (by Canadian textile artist Arlee Barr). The fabric reminded me of night time and I could see water and floating leaves so I went with that idea and used millions (literally) of French knots and some kantha-type stitching to produce this work that I call “Indigo Moon”.

Another piece that I made for an exhibition I had a couple of years ago is a table screen. I based this on abstracted tree bark and used many different stitches and threads.

I rarely work from other people’s designs or kits preferring to do the whole thing from concept to finished work. My husband does any framing or other timber work that I may want. Embroidery is very important to me; it is the only artistic pursuit I can still do since I had an accident many years ago which has generally restricted my mobility. Regards, Christina’

Christina we love how you have created such unique and original designs in such a completely different way than one typically thinks about embroidery. Brilliant!

Ann Martin from New Zealand has sent in a block of the month piece she’s been working on which is so very ‘Downton Abbey’:

‘HI team. I'm working on ‘M'ladies Dressing Room’ quilt by Lesley McConnell. It's a beautiful block of the month. Enjoy Ann Martin.’

Thank you Ann – you’ve done a wonderful job and we love Lesley’s designs, they are just fabulous. Her shop ‘Faeries In My Garden’ is a terrific supporters of Inspirations and if you are interested in the ‘M'Lady's Dressing Room quilt’ pictured below, check out her website here.

We finish ‘What Are You Stitching’ this week with some really stunning projects from Paula Pugh in Brisbane, Queensland Australia:

'I took a class in Spanish Moorish cutwork a while ago and this is one of the projects that I finished as a result. I really enjoyed learning about this technique as it was very different from any other I had learned. The class was held at the Embroiderers Guild Queensland with tutor, Ruby Ferguson.

I have had this Partridge in a pear tree pattern for a long time from a book called “Embroiderers’ Pattern book” by Search Press, and last year I got to wondering if it was possible to do in ribbon. So I tried and this is the result. I am very happy with it. Kind Regards, Paula Pugh'

Wow Paula what a terrific idea to use ribbon to create your Partridge in a pear tree piece. He/she looks like a very plump and contented bird and appears equally as pleased with your results – as are we all! Also a special shout out to the Embroiderers Guild Queensland for running terrific classes by tutors such as Ruby Ferguson that Paula attended. Deb Love, who’s project ‘Harmonies’ is featured in issue #88, is doing a super job as the president of the Guild up there, and if you live in the area and are not a member, you should give it go. Contact them via their website here.

Finally, if you are thinking about stitching a Partridge in a pear tree, Susan O’Connor’sTrue Love’ has been so popular, it is now officially the #1 downloaded pattern from the Stitch.ology website for this year.

The first in a series from the ‘12 days of Christmas’ Susan is working on, ‘True Love’ depicts the first day, with the project ‘On The Second Day’ just released in Inspirations #88.

To purchase the pattern for ‘True Love’ as a digital download, click here.

On The Second Day’ and ‘True Love’ by Susan O’Connor

What are you stitching? Send us your photos, details about your project, where you live and a little about yourself to:


New to the Stitch.ology website this week is this sensational blanket called ‘The Woolly Sheep’ by Libby Vater from Inspirations issue #18. This incredibly popular and easy to stitch design makes a very welcome return and it is sure to find just as many fans now as when the magazine was originally released. Anyone have a son or grandson, daughter or grand daughter who needs a blanket to take out on adventures?

Click here for more information about this project and to purchase the pattern as a digital download.


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Inspirations issue 88


In case you missed the news, here are some of the most popular projects we have featured in Embroidery News in recent weeks:

The pattern for ‘The Little Nut Tree’ by Susan O’Connor from Issue 11 has now been added making this the earliest Inspirations project available on the site.

This timeless design finished in thread painting, uses a combination of silk threads to create a rich cushion worthy of any castle.

Pattern is available for purchase here.

Something Special With Sue  featured ‘Spellbound’ by Carolyn Pearce which was featured in Inspirations issue #18 and has just been added to the Stitch.ology website last week as an instant digital download.

This gorgeous lavender bag is adorned with ribbon embroidery and would make a beautiful gift for someone, or just a touch of luxury for yourself.

Click here to purchase online.

Rejoice’ by Carolyn Pearce from Inspirations issue 47.

Featured in ‘Something Special With Sue’ in Embroidery News 23, this dazzling Christmas decoration by Carolyn Pearce has been extremely popular.

Printed copies of Issue 47 are available for sale here.

Inspirations issue 60 includes two projects recently featured in ‘Something Special With Sue’, ‘Natures Larder’ by Jane Nicholas and ‘Jingle Bells’ by Jenny McWhinney. Both these designers and their projects are always crowd favourites.

To purchase a printed copy of Inspirations #60, click here.

More of Jane’s Nicholas projects and kits are available from her website here. Jenny McWhinney also has a great range of products including kits and her latest book ‘The Redwork Circus’ all available here


So pretty



it is not real!




" In the rhythm of the needle,
there is music for the soul.
~ From an Old Sampler ~



Where: Swan Hill Regional Galley, Victoria Australia
When: 1 Dec to 26 Jan
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Happy Stitching
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