Gaza Insisting on Life, Ramadan, Almond Season, Canaan's J-blend rocking at WFM, Upcoming Harvest Tour & Festival, and more!
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                         GAZA IS INSISTING ON LIFE
Our current newsletter comes in very sad and sorrowful times in Palestine. As we write this newsletter, the Israeli onslaught on Gaza have claimed so many innocent lives, devastated so many communities, and continues to strip Palestinians every where from the hope and right of a dignified life. While we continue to do our important work in planting more hope in Palestine and Palestinian lives, we ask our friends around the world to mount popular pressure to put an end to the madness unleashed against the people of Gaza. 

Our thoughts are with victims and their families in Gaza and hoping that the dire situation on the ground gets better really soon. 
Canaan’s Jerusalem Blend Olive Oil Rocking at
Whole Foods Market – US, Coast to Coast! 

Love olive oil? You're going to LOVE our new, Jerusalem Blend we now fill for Whole Foods!

We're very excited to announce the launch of Canaan's Jerusalem Blend Olive Oil throughout the US Whole Foods Markets nationally! Produced out of passion by the Palestinian farmers, this premium, fair trade and organic certified olive oil is a blend of early harvest green olive oil with late harvest ripe, sweet and buttery olive oil giving a textured blend that is suitable for all culinary applications. The olive oil bottle has a label that carries a painting of Jerusalem by Palestinian artist Ibrahim Shalabi, and the Arabic Calligraphy "Shajara Tayibah”, meaning Wholesome Tree. 

See Press release here.
Get the BEST of the Land of Milk and Honey in a bottle from any Whole Foods Market stores across the US.
Send us your ‘selfie’ with the bottle, and we’ll be happy to share on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  
In picture: a Canaan fan, Nick Losorelli
In picture: Canaan's director Nasser Abufarha at a WFM.
Have you always wanted to visit Palestine and looking for a good chance? 
HERE IT IS: We offer a very exciting, informative, cultural, fair harvest tour!
EXPERIENCE THE RICH CULTURAL, DEEP-ROOTED HISTORY, AUTHENTIC HERITAGE, BEAUTIFUL NATURE, DELICIOUS CUISINE, AND THE LEGENDARY HOSPITALITY OF PALESTINIAN PEOPLE. Pick olives with farmers, experience their life, sleep in their homes, eat, drink, and enjoy time with them and their families. Visit historical, archeological and religious sites, walk in the old cities, and hike the amazing landscapes. Eat incredible food and see another face of Palestine away from politics… a side full of life, positive-ness, good work and culture. Meet women coops, learn how to make the traditional couscous, and taste one of the best olive oils in the world. Celebrate with Canaan and the farmers the end of the blessed olive harvest season in our big ANNUAL OLIVE HARVEST FESTIVAL, which is taking place on November 7th this year, and where Canaan is celebrating its 10TH ANNIVERSARY!! ALL THIS AND MUCH MUCH MORE in an 8-DAY TOUR that will take place from November 1st-8th. Click here for the full program and see pictures from last year’s tour HERE.

Start planning your trip, because, we’ll be very happy to host you in beautiful Palestine! 

We work together…we cook together…and we eat together!
EID MUBARAK from all of us at Canaan to all our dear Muslim friends and customers around the world! 

In the spirit of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Canaan team gathered for a delicious Iftar meal to share God’s blessings. Thank you to our wonderful director and Chef Nasser Abufarha for the delicious meal, and for always bringing us together, and reminding us that we're not only a team, but also a family. See pictures of the Canaan team Iftar. 
Canaan is now available at Jones the Grocer – Abu Dhabi!

To all our dear friends and fans in the gulf region: you now could find Canaan’s Nabali, Rumi, Jerusalem Blend, and infused olive oils, along with Canaan’s Green Olive Tapenade, and Sundried-Tomatoe Capers spread at Jones the Grocers Abu Dhabi! 
Here’s the address:
‪Al Mamoura Building B
‪P.O. Box 107803
‪Abu Dhabi, United Arab

We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Elements India! Elements is to Fair Trade Alliance Kerala what Canaan is to the Palestine Fair Trade Association. Elements founded Fair Trade Alliance Kerala, a collective of 4500 farmers located on the Malabar terrain of the Western Ghats of India, and when it sought to launch its range of Fair & Organic products in the domestic market, it was particular that Palestine Olive oil formed part of its range. Currently they sell and distribute Canaan’s new fair trade and organic certified Jerusalem Blend olive oil in the Kerala region.
Here’s their address: 4/1418 B customs road, kozhikode, india  pin: 673 032
Tel/fax :  +91- 495 - 4040781/ +91 - 495 - 2765783
Guess what? It’s the almond season again, and it’s time to dream of all those wonderful ways to use these healthy-giving delights in many recipes!
At this time of the year, the farmers are busy in the fields collecting, sun drying, and shelling these fine almonds while the Canaan team is busy sorting, grading, packaging and exporting these flavourful local almond varieties to the world!
The harvest begins when the almonds become dry. After the picking process, the farmers remove the external green shell/crust, and then sun-dry them on their court yards or on the roof of their houses.  Two weeks later, Canaan buys the almonds from farmers, and takes it to be shelled; the organic almonds are shelled by the women cooperatives, and the conventional at a local shelling place. Then Canaan takes the shelled almonds for sorting, grading, and packaging at the Canaan facilities in Burqin, and then exports these fine varieties to the world!
We’re expecting a GOOD almond harvest season this year… farmers are excited for a good year, and we are just as excited for the success of the almonds in the market with our partners Inter Snack, Pakka, Ben and Jerry, and Lush cosmetics.
See these gorgeous pictures of the almond harvest season in Palestine.

Almonds have the perfect blend of essential fatty acids and vitamin E for the human body, making it a natural immune-booster and powerful ally for better health. Certainly almonds are high in vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium, and studies suggest that they offer cardiovascular benefits by reducing bad cholesterol and helping to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease–making them a great addition to our health-conscious diet.
In Palestine, the word “almond” means “Loz”, and it’s very common to use the word almond or ‘loz’ when referring to something nice or excellent. When someone is asked about how their day has been for example, they could reply “Loz”, meaning great! 
RECIPE OF THE MONTH this time will be in honour of Gaza:
GAZAN DAGGA - Gazan salad or salata ghazaweh
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 small onion chopped
2 hot chili peppers, roughly chopped
1 cup fresh dill, minced or 1 teaspoon of dill seeds
2 very ripe tomatoes, chopped
1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil


In a Gazan clay bowl or zibdiya (or a morter or curved bottomed bowl) mash the onion and salt into a paste using a pestle.

Add chilies and continue to crush.

Add half of the dill (if using fresh dill) or all of the dill seeds if using seeds and crush them to release the natural oils

Add tomatoes and mash (you can make the salsa as smooth or as chunky as you like.

If using fresh dill add the other half along with the lemon juice and toss .

Top generously with olive oil.

Serve with flat bread on the side for dipping

Notes and variations:
  • You can substitute minced garlic for the onions.
  • For a tahini salsa variable, dd chopped cucumbers and 1 tablespoon of tahini. (This variation is from the old village of Beit Jirja, north of the Gaza Strip.)
  • A small food processor may be used in place of a mortar and pestle. Make sure to “pulse” the ingredients—don’t purée them But if you want to experience the full flavor of this salsa, do take the time and effort to make it in a mortar and pestle.

Recipe is from Chef in Disguise 
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