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October 2011 

Wangari Maathai

Last month the death was announced of an extraordinary woman, who through her courage and action and vision created a movement which has planted over 40 million trees in the past few decades. Professor Maathai founded the Greenbelt Movement in 1977 in her native Kenya, though its influence spread throughout Africa and beyond in the years that followed. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

I had the chance to hear her give a talk at the School of Oriental and African  Studies in London in the 1990's, and afterwards we spoke for possibly half an hour together. Often in such circumstances the person is such a focused individual, that they have little time for someone in my position that day - I was 'nobody' in particular, simply someone interested in her and her work and message. But there was no barrier to our conversation, I found no arrogance at all, but on the contrary a wonderful and interested human being. It was a delightful 30 minutes. Later she became a minister in the government in Kenya, but only briefly, as the endemic corruption was clearly anathema to her. 

I did not want to let her passing go without comment here, as I felt she did great things in her life, and showed a way of acting in relation to the Earth which is deeply responsible and caring.

Steve Jobs
There are 4 men who I can say, upon reflection, have shaped my life more than any others. My father (who is gratefully still alive and healthy at 85); Krishnamurti, who founded the school I attended in England when I was nineteen; Prof. David Bohm who was a trustee of that school, and whose dialogues were extraordinary hours in our days there; and Steve Jobs of Apple Inc.

I never met Steve Jobs, yet his intention to have computers be instruments which would empower the individual has had a pervasive impact on the trajectory of my life and work. I honestly doubt that our flower essence business would have been able to survive if Apple had not created the computers we have used over the past 15 years. And I am sure I could not have written my book so easily, nor designed our brochures and labels for our essences and sprays with a PC. Our data files, bookkeeping, spreadsheets - Apple have provided the essential & reliable tools over the years which IFER uses day in and day out.

I am not a lover of all things Apple - for one, I feel that their complete embracing of wifi with their equipment is deeply unfortunate. The health hazards that all this microwave radiation presents to our bodies is enormous, as we know that the effects of microwave radiation on tissues are cumulative. Could that technology have contributed to Steve Job's early death? Of course. It is entirely possible and plausible.

Yet it was his passion to create very attractive & impeccable equipment which is easy to use - and thereby empowering to the individual - that I will always think of him. His legacy is enormous, and the sadness so many millions of people felt upon hearing of his death was surely largely due to knowing that this extraordinary man had to depart while absolutely in his prime.

- Don Dennis
Fruits of Love

At the tail end of September and the first 6 days of October, a group of some 26 people came to Gigha to attend a seminar with our good friend Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle, to learn more about his kinesiological approach to working with the orchid essences. (He doesn't work only with the LTOE, but they are the principal essences he uses in his work.) And as it happened, one of the orchids in magnificent bloom in our greenhouse called out loud and clear to Adrian for an essence to be made with it. Adrian and I discussed it, and we both had the same sense around the timing: it was to be made on Saturday October 1st. So while Adrian was teaching on that day, I brought the orchid into the house, to the room I prepared for the essence making.

This orchid has an unusual characteristic when the bud is developing. The buds seem to become fully grown, but then remain closed for several weeks, before finally opening. I had bought this specimen nearly 3 years ago from Jerry Fischer at Orchids Limited in Minnesota, and when it bloomed last year, I was perplexed by this behaviour, which is unlike any other orchid I have known. But it did the same thing this year, and opened up just before the large seminar group arrived. When the buds are fully formed but not yet opened, there is an air of expectancy, akin to that of a pregnant woman. Then the blooms open, facing the earth, offering a gentle and exquisite fragrance. Dendrobium alexandrae grows in the highest branches in lowland forest in Papua New Guinea, often exposed to much more sunlight than most orchids would tolerate.

The essence has a strong impact on the root and sacral (2nd) chakras, as well as the heart chakra; there is also a reach into the Crown chakra and above. It is an essence of conception, and of nurturing the state of pregnancy, as well as overlighting the birth process. It acts in complimentary ways to the action of Purity of Soul in helping to clear further energetic pathways in the 2nd chakra relating to birth. It is also about bringing in our highest light, found in the top branches of our soul, so that we may fully incarnate our highest potential.

After the essence was made, Adrian had the entire seminar group meditate, taking drops of the mother tincture. One participant described the meditation as being so profound and wonderful as to be "life-changing". She told the group that it was "Rebirth at the deepest level", and heard the orchid being say to her, "We are the fruit of our labour".

Fruits of Love is now also able to be seen as one of a trio of essences which all connect clearly with conception, the other two being Moon Child, and Love's Secret. Of course there is always more to us than meets the eye, and much of Adrian's work in his kinesiology has been to do with exploring what he calls "Dead Pelvis Syndrome", in which the energetic pathways of the pelvic region are shut down. There can be many different causes of this, with the stresses and strain of modern society, but in any case he has found the Living Tree Orchid Essences to be very helpful in healing and correcting this condition of the etheric pathways in the body.

Fruits of Love is ready for sale now, and will be available very soon from our various overseas Distributors.

New LTOE Brochure
In the coming days our UK customers will receive a copy of our new brochure about the Living Tree Orchid Essences. Should anyone wish to receive extra copies, please simply email us or call to let us know, and we will be happy to send more along. 

If you are outside of the UK, then you may like to know that the following countries have distributors who will have copies of the new brochure arriving at their doors within a few days: Australia; Singapore; Hong Kong; Canada and the United States. If you would like a copy of the new brochure and are not in one of these countries, please email us and let us know - we will pop one in the post to you.

Achamore House
Isle of Gigha

October 13th 2011


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