Aerospace corporates. Mobile health startups. Drones across industries.
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Healthcare Horizons: Startups And Technologies Poised To Have The Greatest Impact On Healthcare
In this report we take a look at cutting edge developments in healthcare, and the startups behind them that are just beginning to impact the world.

The Venture Capital Funnel: Analyzing The Top Startup Tech Hubs For Raising Funding — And Exiting
The venture capital funnel highlights the natural selection inherent in the venture capital process.

With Ola’s $2B Round, Uber Rivals Further Expand Their War Chests
India-based Ola secures an additional $2B in funding as SoftBank pours billions into the ride-hailing industry.

Investors Flying High: Where Aerospace Corporates Are Making Private Market Bets in Auto Tech, IIoT, and Drones
We dug into the private market bets made by large aerospace companies, including the venture arms of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Honeywell, and more.

Why Do So Many Hardware Startups Fail?
Hardware businesses are brutal. Here's what consumer hardware startups can learn from failures like Jawbone, Juicero, Pebble and others. Using intelligence on financing trends, failure rates, and exit activity, we analyzed why so many hardware startups fail (and some succeed).

Meditation, Medications, And Digital Therapeutics: 80+ Mobile Health Startups In A Market Map
Mobile health startups are targeting mental health, respiratory care, ophthalmology, and many other sectors in healthcare.

Amazon Looks To Deploy Drones To Recharge Electric Cars And Other Vehicles
Amazon has patented a way for drones to provide "in-flight refuel" to vehicles — which might help resolve the charging-infrastructure challenge facing EVs.

Goldman Sachs Strategy Teardown: Goldman Attacks Lending Club & Prosper, Courts Main Street
As its bond trading revenue plummets, Goldman has undergone a major strategic shift, looking to grow the revenue opportunity from its consumer digital finance operation. We analyze how this shift is playing out in its hiring, investments, M&A, and product development.

Video: Can Technology Startups Save Brick-And-Mortar Stores?
In a presentation first shown at the FT Future of Retail Summit 2017, senior analyst Zoe Leavitt dives into the ways tech startups are leveraging AI, IoT, virtual reality, and more to revive physical retail.

30 Big Industries Drones Could Disrupt
Military operations and photography aren't the only areas benefitting from drone technology. Energy, insurance, telecommunications, and many other industries could also have drones in their future.

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